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Happy holidays, escapism-artist! I have interpreted “literature” and “artifact hunting” and “AU” extremely broadly here (“S5 never happened” is, however, the literal truth)… also, it’s not the shortest of stories. If you prefer more-succinct holiday madness, you might check out yesterday’s Visit. Or I will happily write you something else; just ask. Anyway, without further ado, let the merriment, or whatever, commence!


Myka was finding it extremely difficult to concentrate on her book, for pieces of her hair were being wrapped around a finger (not her own) and tugged with some energy. “You are annoying me,” she said to her traveling companion.

“No, I’m attempting to determine the tensile strength of each curl in your hair.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re annoying me.”

“Then I’m multitasking,” Helena announced.

“I don’t think you understand what that word means. Didn’t you bring a book?”

“Of course I did. But reading seems far less interesting right now than attempting to determine the tensile strength of each curl in your hair.” As if to emphasize her interest, she began using both hands.

And so Myka was, at least momentarily, pleased when her phone rang.

Helena admonished, “I told you to turn that off. We are Christmas-vacationing in the tropics.”

“We are not Christmas-vacationing in the tropics yet. We are sitting in the airport in Sioux Falls, I am trying to read, and you are annoying the living daylights out of me.” She answered the phone. “What’s up, Steve?”

In response, she heard a slightly panicked, “Are you on the plane yet? Please tell me you’re not actually on the plane yet.”


“Well…” And what tumbled out was a difficult-to-follow tale—made even more difficult to follow by the fact that Helena plastered her face next to Myka’s so she could hear too, and that was extremely distracting—about Pete and Claudia having seemingly disappeared from their snag-and-bag mission, and Mrs. Frederic having done a similar vanishing act. “She was standing right here talking to me about shelving artifacts, and then she looked around and said, ‘Tomorrow is Christmas! It’s practically here!’ And then, poof!”

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