little lannisters

Arya started playing the “game of faces” as soon as she entered the room

The game consists in making a lie sound like a truth. 

Arya’s lie became obvious the moment she said she wondered what it would feel like to “wear those pretty dresses” and “be the lady of Winterfell”. Arya would never do such as wearing dresses and she has never before expressed any wish to rule over anything, not even her home. 

The moment Arya handed her sister the blade (pointed towards her stomach and not Sansa’s) the game was over and she hinted that what she said (the “threat”) was a lie. ARYA WOULD NEVER KILL SANSA.

Arya did this not because she “despises” or fully mistrusts Sansa, but because she doesn’t trust LF. SHE IS WELL AWARE THAT LF IS THE ENEMY.

Arya was playing the game and winning, and you’re all bitching about her being just a murderous psychopath 

|||[ Episode 6 Grievances]|||

I love that Gendry’s back, but what I can’ t comprehend is why he went beyond the wall. Wouldn’t he have been of better use at forge? Preferably the forge at Winterfell, ya know where his dear friend Arya is. If this war against the dead is such a threat, shouldn’t he be using his talents forging obsidian tipped weapons. I mean, what’re they mining dragonglass for? AND he’s yet to mention Arya!Now, Jorah and Jon’  s conversation about Jeor was nice, and the Hound was great. AS ALWAYS. On a side note: he doesn’t hate ALL gingers. Tell me he wasn’t thinking about his littlebird in that moment……Loved Arya’ s story about Ned, but again wished they both would have got a bit teary eyed. I don’t see how they couldn’t, but then Arya flipped as switch to a completely different character. Now, I get her being upset and accusing of Sansa. In my head, she would have went about it a different way. I feel like, she would have been just as harsh, but if Arya has this talent to read people, she would have realized that Sansa regretted what she did. Sure Arya still would have been angry, but she would have been compassionate as well. And Jon hadn’t written Sansa in weeks,like what the hell? Has he been writing her while he was at Dragonstone. And Sansa was just…did they turn Arya into bitch to make Sansa look better? They both managed to look like brats and the faces, my word that could have been filmed a different way. And when she was playing the game of faces, was Arya lying or, I didn’t get it……Tyrion and Daenerys was fine, with the exception of us watchers being told Jon Snow is automatically in love with her. It’s just not believable. Poor Gendry spent 3 seasons rowing, only to be brought back to run. When she finally decides to beyond the wall all I could think about is, why didn’t she go in the first place? She’s not doing much……Now, onto the action. When Jon slashed through the wight, all the wight walkers fell. So how is the wight walker they captured still living? Did we get an answer yet? When the wightwalkers start storming the islet, Sandor smashed the ice in. Now look, Sandor Clegane isn’t stupid, short tempered yes, but not dumb. He would have start breaking up that ice all the entire islet.  And of course, the dragons come in the nick of time and ol’ uncle Benjen comes out of no where. But Jon just takes off rather than getting on the dragon. It’s like he met Daenerys and she gave him moron lessons. Poor Viserion but, like how did that happen? And they’re really hammering in the Daenerys can’t have kids, wanna bet she’s gonna have a kid, Lastly, how’d they get the chains around Viserion’s neck? The dragon was at the bottom of a lake…….The best thing about this episode was Sandor Clegane and his attitude, and as ooc as Arya is I still love her. I’ve only stuck around for those two characters but they’ve assasinated Arya’s character… The acting was great, but overall I have a bad taste in my mouth.

can you believe the game of thrones fandom waited a whole week to pirate the sixth episode of season seven even though it was accidentally released ahead of schedule? i mean talk about royalty

7 Problems I Have with Game of Thrones Season 7 *Spoilers*
  1. What even is time on this show anymore? This one I sort of understand there aren’t as many characters for extra scenes, and the show does a good job at not having filler. However, it’s still jarring to see a character dance round the  entire map in a single episode.
  2. Literally, Jon and a dozen other guys beeline it for the arctic straight toward an army of the dead without any sort of plan, no horses, barley any men, and (again) WITHOUT A PLAN. 
  3. The drama between Sansa and Arya. It feels forced and unnecessary. Arya should be smart enough to be focusing on Little finger and Sansa shouldn’t be being so trusting of Littlefinger all of a sudden.Both woman just seem to smart for this. Maybe its a play?
  4. What has happened with the Unsullied? It was dropped so quickly it doesn’t even mention if they are alive. are they still battling the Greyjoy fleet? what happened? we’re shown this battle early on in the season and then it just leaves us hanging?
  5. How did the Night King know to wait for Dany? 
  6. How did he manage to down a dragon in a single blow? Also, where the hell did the undead army get three large chains???
  7. Will Jamie realize that Cercei is beyond saving? He keeps defending her but seems to be slowly realizing he’s on the wrong side. I want to root for him but he’s fighting with The Mad Queen. (and now the Queen of Thornes is gone because of it!!! *crying*)
The Signs As The Happier Moments from GOT (Spoilers from seasons 1-6)
  • Aries: The two scenes where Tyrion slaps Joff
  • Taurus: Brienne and Arya's little chat
  • Gemini: Jon killing that white walker at Hardhome
  • Cancer: Sansa feeding Ramsay to the dogs
  • Leo: Jaime saving Brienne from the bear
  • Virgo: just any scene between Davos and Shireen
  • Libra: Jon waking up
  • Scorpio: Hot Pie's direwolf bread for Arya
  • Sagittarius: Dany getting her army and Drogon doing the "dracarys"
  • Capricorn: Joff's death
  • Aquarius: Tormund's heart eyes for Brienne
  • Pisces: The revelation of Jon's lineage

Lawful, implying honor and respect for society’s rules; Chaotic, implying rebelliousness and individualism; and Neutral, being the middle ground between the two extremes.

Good, implying altruism and respect for life; Evil, implying the absence of altruism and no respect for life; and Neutral, the middle ground between the two.

GoT 7x04 *Spoilers*

I am so frustrated with the GoT fandom right now. For SEVEN FUCKING SEASONS we been itching to see Dany use her dragons in Westeros.

We finally get the first sight of it and everyone flips! Not because it was awesome (it totally was) but because now people wanna act like she’s turning into the mad king.

Like really?! She could have burnt all of Kings Landing, but she went straight for a strategic military operation. Unlike Cersi, Dany found a way to achieve her goal without slaughtering unarmed non-combatants.

The battle was amazing and exactly what we have all been waiting for for years!

I am worried about drogon. I assume someone is going to fish Jamie out and take him captive.

On the Stark side….

HOLY SHIT ARYA!! Another reunion and lots of badassery. Bran giving her that dagger was some cold shit. We all know that he knows Petyr is a worm and Arya doesn’t like him. He knows that she will use the dagger to end the man that started so much of this shit.

That fight with Brienne was beautiful! I’m not sure how much more shock poor Sansa can take lol. Little Finger is clearly shook. And Arya is just told ya so!


This episode was amazing and I am still processing.

Jaime discussing politics
  • <p> <b>With Brienne:</b> *says they shouldn't argue about it but tries to compromise anyway* *sad longing heart eyes* *lowkey love declarations*<p/><b>With Cersei:</b> *gets shut down at every opportunity* *gets calloused reply abt their son* *overall unpleasant and negative emotions* *wine is power*<p/></p>