little kshamenk

About Kasatka's baby/ Little Kshamenk

I’m getting kind of tired of everyone saying “Oh, he’s getting so independent! He leaves his mother’s side to swim around the middle of the pool sometimes!” and things like that.

First off, these Orcas are living in a concrete pool, it’s not like she can’t see him at all times, whether he’s by her side or on the opposite side of the pool. I really doubt she or the baby are concerned about getting separated.

Second, Is being 30 feet away from his mom really “independent?” In the wild Orca babies will go a couple hundred feet or so away from their mothers to explore or play with their siblings or family members. That’s independent.

There’s not any possible way to see if he’s independent or not when he’s living in a concrete box that is less than 1% of his natural habitat, so saying that really doesn’t make sense whatsoever.