little konoha

headcanon: naruto


Boruto carries little scented sachets with him on missions. they’re filled with anything from cinnamon sticks to dried lavender and vanilla. all the scents and smells that remind him of home, especially his mother, and he puts them underneath his pillow or beside his head so he can sleep better. the warm, familiar smells always calm his anxiety and make him less homesick.

Top 10 Male Characters

10.Shizuo Heiwajima From Durarara

9.Ensign Ledo From Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet

8.Kuroha From Mekakucity Actors

7.Haru Yoshida From My Little Monster 

6.Killua Zoldyck From Hunter x Hunter

5.Kaneki Ken From Tokyo Ghoul

4.Yato From Noragami

3.Yogi From Karneval

2.Hideyoshi Nagachika From Tokyo Ghoul

1.Konoha From Mekakucity Actors

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“Who are your top ten favorite male characters?”