little kitty feet


So, AU where ‘Inked’ Bendy is replaced by the little doll you have to collect to turn on the machine. I call him Plush. With input from @sapphireclaw

- Is very smol, only a foot tall. Is still very dangerous. Do not underestimate.
- Squeaks when he runs and when squeezed, also squeaks as he pleases.
- When he does speak his voice is very deep and has an echoing quality to it. Usually just squeaks.
- Probably uses scissors and sewing needles as weapons.
- The mended, red area of his bow is red because he killed a person to get the fabric to fix it. Was very disappointed in them for leaking all over the nice, white fabric.
- Killed Sammy because he kept saying he would set him free. Sammy should have been more specific about not wanting to be freed from the mortal coil.
- Probably likes to lay around pretending to be a normal doll until some poor sap picks him up.
- Little kitty feets and hands. Probably has itty bitty claws hidden in them pawsies.
- Very soft and fuzzy. Probably made of minky or a very fluffy fleece.
- Has no genitals due to literally being a living stuffed toy. Do not try to do the sex with the Plush. He’d probably try to kill you.

wouldn’t call him a prince

Princess and the Cat AU. Ladynoir/Adrinette/Love Square?

for day 3 of @mlstaffappreciation week! :)

A/N: This is sweet, silly, and totally insane lol

Chicken sizzles with a pop in a searing hot pan. The local station is currently on commercial break, but that doesn’t stop Marinette from singing the latest jingle.

“Meow mix, meow mix, you’re my jam.”

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