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Mukami's reaction to their s/o giving them a love bite?

Ruki - *tenses and grips your chin sharply, puling your head away from his neck* “Livestock. Must I remind you your place? Get on your knees. Now.” *his eyes don’t seem to be promising any form of sexual delight*

Kou - *giggles* “Oh, is my little kitty mad~? Hehe, m-neko-chan, your bites barely hurt a fly~” *his voice lowers suddenly* “Now put out your neck before I get mad~”

Yuma - *groans softly* “Oi sow, don’t do that shit!” *smirks, chuckling* “It’s my job to mark ya.”

Azusa - *moans softly, tilting his head more for your access* “Mm.. Eve-san… More… Bite harder… please…” *his cheeks are red with the sensation*


I found a pile of cats and now there’s 3 in my lap and it’s kinda heavy but so warm 🐱💕

A little edit:

All this cats are homeless and living in a park in Peru with lots of other cats and kitties. If you would like to help a kitty out, this is the organization that takes care of all their needs and adoptions:

This is the link to the donations page, where you can donate to all the kitties. It’s all in spanish, but you can even “adopt” a kitty in particular to help them with food and vet bills even if you can’t give them a home and other things as well. If you don’t know spanish I would love to translate anything for you, just shoot me a message.

The kitties of parque Kennedy are the lovelies group of animals I’ve ever meet and if you ever go to Lima I recomend paying them a visit! They’re very friendly and cuddly 🐱💕