little kitten knows what the heart speaks of

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How about something with Scott Ryder and Jaal? Like- Sid makes some kittens or smthn and gives them to scott and JAAL IS INTREGUED BY THE SMALL SQUEAKY BABES


Ever since Vetra told Scott about Sid getting the genetic blueprints for cats, he knew he had to have one.

Ever since he was little, his father had kept telling him he couldn’t have kitten and it broke his little heart, so when this chance arose, he didn’t pass it up. He went directly to Sid and BEGGED her, (yes begged, on hands and knees it was a sight, but Scott didn’t even care) to let him have one.

After all he DID help her with that whole helping those people escape to have a second chance business, so he thought he could get a favor in return. Luckily Sid happily agreed and within several weeks he got himself two little kitties, a maine coon and grey tabby. He damn near cried when the little kitties squeaked in his hand as Sid put them there. He looked over to his lover, Jaal, who came with him to pick his little babies up, glowing with excitement.

“Look at them Jaal! They’re so tiny!!“

They are so tiny…“ Jaal repeats, his voice full of wonder as he reaches out to touch one of the little fuzzballs carefully

Scott smiles at the scene affectionately, Jaal and kittens? Possibly the cutest combination in the world, no the UNIVERSE. Stars, he loved this man. The kittens peeped in confusion at him but didn’t hiss, so Jaal began to stroke one ever so gently.

“So soft…what are these thing again?“

“Kittens Jaal.“

“Do they stay this size forever?“

“No they get bigger.“

“So these kittens…do they have another name when they get bigger? Because Sid said something about cats but these are…kittens.“

“Well that’s what kittens grow into, cats.“

“Oh.“ Jaal respond simply, gently scooping the maine coon in his hand and the kitten let out a loud meow, he blinked in surprise

“What is that noise they make?“

“It’s called meowing, and it can mean all sorts of things. You know, like when you speak with different tones, that’s basically what kittens and cats do to speak to you.“

“So you know what it said?“

Scott laughs, “Not exactly, I can’t understand what they are saying, but I can take a good guess and say this little guy wants you to pay attention to him.”

“And how do I do that?“

“Well you can stroke him like you were doing, or you can let him cuddle up with you.“

Jaal decided to let the kitten hide in his cape, and it immediately started purring. Scott’s heart swelled with affection and he turned back to thank Sid, then walked back to the Tempest with their two new fluffy companions.