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Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook react to : Liking a girl but having trouble talking to her because her Korean isn’t very good pt.2

Requested by an anon: So i really liked that reaction in which they tried flirting with a non-korean speaker and even though I didn’t request it i was wondering if you could maybe do a part 2 with yoongi, tae, and kookie?


YOONGI:(He’s in his favorite coffee shop looking at you)

YG:’Fuck I really like her but she doesn’t even know me, how the fuck am I supposed to talk to her’ Fuck it, let’s give this a shot *walks towards your seat in the coffee shop
Y/N: ‘Hmm that cute guy from before is coming towards me!!! OMFG HE’S SO CUTE ACT NATURAL Y/N!!’*burns her tongue with her coffee* Oww  ‘Real smooth dumbass’
YG: ‘Ahh she’s so cute’ Uh may I sit here?
Y/N: ‘Fuck I have no idea what the fuck he said so let’s just nod and find out’
YG: My name is Min Yoongi it’s nice to meet you, what’s your name? *smiles*
Y/N: What the fuck is he saying?….. 
YG: ‘Did she just curse at me in english?’
Y/N: ‘Fuck I said that out loud’ Ahh I’m sorry but I don’t speak korean
YG:‘  Fuck how do I ask her out if she can’t understand me?’ Umm are you a f-foreigner?
Y/N:‘Aww his english is so cute’ Yes, I am a foreigner
YG:Uhh would y-you like…. date with me?
Y/N: ‘Is he asking me out?’ On a date?… Sure let me give you my number *writes down the number on a napkin and hands it to him* There you go, I have to go now but call me to have that date*winks at Yoongi and leaves the shop*
YG: ‘Fuck yes I fucking got her number’ *Smug AF* -A little kid is looking a Yoongi as if he were a weirdo- What ?
LITTLE KID: *Just keeps staring at Yoongi*
YG: Kid I’m gonna teach you my ways to scoring the girl okay… First thing is ….. You need some $3 chains ….

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TAEHYUNG:(You’re at a  party and he’s been staring at you for a while now)

TH:’ Hmm she’s alone now’s my chance’*walks towards the beautiful lady* *clears throat* What’s a beautiful girl like you doing all alone here? *gives you his famous boxy smile*
Y/N: ‘ God damn he’s hot but what the fuck did he say?I don’t speak korean, only english*frowns*
TH: ‘Fuck that’s not korean :(’ ‘English huh? this is what happens when you don’t pay attention to Namjoon’s english classes’ Uhh I have your number?
Y/N:You have my number?? Why I don’t even know you?
TH:No, no, no  you give me your number?
Y/N:Ahh you’re asking for it…*motions him to give you his phone*
TH:Oh*hands over his phone*
Y/N: *saves number in his phone* There you go *smiles*
TH: *Looks for you in  his contacts* Y-Y/N? 
Y/N:Yup, that’s me, You’re very cute you know that? *winks*
TH: Ahaha*starts blushing*

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JUNGKOOK: (He’s finally able to go to a club and he’s felling confident as fuck)

JK:*Sees you getting a drink at the bar thingy* I’ll be back guys *smirks and starts going towards you*
Y/N: *Grabs drink* Thank you *smiles* 
JK:’Ohh is that english I hear hmm ’ *taps on your shoulder* Hey baby my name’s Jungkook *smug as fuck*
Y/N: *turns around to see who is tapping her shoulder*‘Damn this guy is fucking hot ohh he speaks english too?’ *Laughs* Okay then Jungkook my name is Y/N*Smiles*
JK:’okay so she speaks fluent english then huh?’ ‘Let’s keep our cool and keep talking’ Hey so I like you 
Y/N: ‘WTF straight forward lol’ Don’t you think it’s a little soon to be saying that because like is a strong word for someone you jut met?
JK: *stares blankly at you* … Pardon…

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Hopefully you guys like this one

Words: 2,132
Dean x Reader
Warnings: angst, anxiety, description of loss of family members
Requested by sunkitchi (“Hi! This is my first time actually submitting a request and I was wondering if you could do a Dean x Reader oneshot where Dean finds out that Reader has an intense crippling fear of thunderstorms?”) and shesgotnoworriesintheworld (Song fic based on Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars).

Your name: submit What is this?

”How’s the research coming?” Dean kicked the door closed behind him, arms filled with a case of beer and a paper grocery sack.

”Uggggggh,” you groaned and put your head down dramatically on the book that was splayed open in front of you.

Dean chuckled at the action. “You look like you could use a beer,” he said, setting the load of snacks down on the remaining space on the table that wasn’t occupied by piles of paper with your scribbles or stacks of old books.

You rubbed your hands over your face. “What I could use is some time out of this frickin’ hotel room. Sometimes I wonder if I should get trained up to go on the actual hunts with you guys,” you said, standing and stretching. “Research really isn’t as glamorous as it sounds.”

Dean frowned as he watched you sit down on the end of one of the beds and start pulling on your boots, starting to lace them up. “Yeah. But research is much safer than the actual hunts,” he said. He shut the door to the mini-fridge after he crammed the case of beer inside.

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Everybody Loves a Clown - Part 2

Word Count: 2873

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader like…so soon you could reach out and touch it. 

Warnings: CLOWNS- FUCK CLOWNS, Language (obviously)

Tagging: @letsgetoutalive@aprofoundbondwithdean@spnfanficpond@pb-5minutefanfiction@faith-in-dean@blacktithe7@supernotnatural2005@paolathedragonichuntress@nothingeverdies@thegirlwiththeimpala@queen-of-the-unbroken-hearts@abaddonewithya@deans-cherry-pie1@lilyoflothlorien@holywaterbucketchallenge@nanie5@fandommaniacx@dreamer-lover-laughter@a-girl-who-loves-disney@jodyri@novaevelenekim@carrielc32@starlingfalls@whatdoesntbreakyoumakesyou2k12@jotink78 @klizbeth
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Series Rewrite Masterlist

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. A killer clown?” Dean asked rolling his eyes. Sam was sitting with the research open in his lap and you were rewrapping your ribs.

“Yeah.” You said. “He left the daughter unharmed and killed the parents. Ripped them to pieces actually.”

“And this family was at some carnival that night?”

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First time with Louis and your a virgin

So I was going to write a Zayn blurb, but when you’re a writer and you have inspiration for something you write it before it leaves. I will post a Zayn blurb soon. I suppose it’s a Louis kind of day. Also, I thought this was going to be better than it is, so I apologize in advance.

I sneak into his car’s cracked leather seat / The smell of gasoline in the summer heat… / …It’s all too sweet to last / It’s alright / And I put myself in his hands… / …And you / Maybe you’ll remember me / What I gave is yours to keep / In white houses.

You bit your lip as you drove through your old town. It had been nearly six years since you had been back. But you were back, your friend was having a bridal shower so you had no choice. Not that you minded. You did like it here. But there were just a lot of memories and you weren’t entirely sure you wanted to remember them.

Passing all the familiar sights started to become a lot. Pulling to the side of the road you got out and almost immediately someone said hello to you and that you looked amazing and you were just so beautiful and no longer the little girl they knew.

It was overwhelming so you started walking about. The shower wasn’t for another few hours so you planned on walking around anyway—you didn’t plan on bumping into the same familiar people.

And it hurt. It ached to see that while you disappeared from this beautiful town, nothing had changed.

Nothing but you.

School took over your life for four years. You had gone to big exciting places traveling all over America, leaving behind all of this. But now you were twenty two. You were home and you had to admit there was something to say about a non-changing environment while the rest of the world was spinning.

You just hoped you wouldn’t see him.

But you didn’t have that kind of luck…and you should have known that.


You ended up in your old neighborhood. The small cookie cutter buildings, with the cute flowers and fences. Little kids were staring at you and you knew a couple, they had gotten so big. Then there were some younger ones that you had never met; that saddened you a lot. You smiled at them as you parked outside your old house. You knew your mum was away (as she had just seen you in the states) but you were back here and this was all so odd.

So you parked, got out and watched as a few little ones raced over. “You’re home!” A little girl screamed and flew into your arms. You grinned. “Hello, babes,” you cooed kissing her cheek. “I missed you little one,” you smiled. “How are you?” You asked.

They all started rambling about what’s going on and you were giggling as they told you about school before the older ones started looking to see why the little ones in the neighborhood were gathering at your house.

You heard a scream—your name tied to Louis’.

Your heart jumped into your throat as Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson bolted from their home and came to say hello to you. They felt you were there oldest sister—technically, you were like their sister-in-law. You were Louis’ best friend. And they loved you.

You hugged each of them and as the oldest of the group in front of you, they introduced the little ones. Just three and younger. You crouched down to the tiny ones and told one you liked his shoes because they lit up and another that you liked her shirt because it had a purple cat on it.

“Hey beautiful,” he said. You looked up, met Louis’ bright, smiling blue eyes. He looked so amazing—like a man. And you thought he was much of a man when you last saw him. The two of you had been in your last year of high school and he was taking care of four younger girls and helping them get through life. He was very manly to you. So to see 22 almost 23 year old Louis, with no longer a bit of a bowl cut look—more of a feathery, spiky, bedhead look. He had stubble along his cheeks and over his upper lip. He was beautiful. “What no hug for me?” He wondered.

The little ones all seemed to hold their breath. Like they all knew that you were mum and dad of the neighborhood and it was important that the two of you hug. So you stood up and wrapped your arms around him. Louis smelled the same as he did four years ago, and again you were overwhelmed with how amazing it was to find things unchanged when everything else was changing.


Louis honestly could have cared less if you had a date or not. He had a date, but she had an early curfew—something about being able to do more stuff closer to graduation. Your date, supposedly some prince of princes was going to make your fairy tale prom come true. You should have known all along that Louis was your prince. But that’s the thing about high school—you make mistakes and you learn who’s there for you when you need them most.

So when you left the venue and sat on the picnic tables outside and you stared up at the sky bitterly cursing all those teen movies you and Louis watched growing up. “Hey babe, what are you doing?” Louis asked.

“Thinking,” you mumbled.

“Don’t do that, that’s not fun. You should be having fun,” he sat beside you, his head perching on your shoulder as he smirked up at you. “What’s the matter?”

“My date’s a dick,” you grumbled. He nodded.

“Yeah, I know. But that’s alright, you still have me,” he promised and sat up to peck your cheek.

You couldn’t help but smile because through 18 years Louis was still here. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

“What’s really wrong, babe?” He wondered.

You shook your head. “It’s stupid,” you told him.

He sucked his lip into his mouth. He thought he already knew, because you said it once after one of the many stupid chick flicks you watched. And when Louis finally told you he had sex for the first time he saw the look on your face. It was the same look now. “You don’t wanna do that,” he whispered quietly. “Especially not with him,” he contended.

You looked at him and closed your eyes before biting your lip and leaning against your best friend and he wrapped his arms around you tightly. “Will you take us home?” You asked.

He nodded. “Of course, darling,” he whispered.

The two of you walked hand-in-hand to his car and it wasn’t awkward, the two of you had been friends since diapers. There were no secrets. It was just you two when you were together. Nothing else.


You were letting the wind blow through your hair as you shouted the lyrics to your favorite songs while Louis drove and drove for miles. You laughed and he laughed as well. Everything was so free and amazing because he didn’t want to go home just yet. Not that you minded.

And so that’s how you ended up parked in a hidden pull off on the empty country road beneath some trees but still had a view of the stars through the sunroof.

Suddenly your mouth was on Louis’. His hands were all over your body, pulling your dress off and getting you comfortable against the back seat of his car. His lips hardly left yours, but if they did it was only to say “I love you,” and “You’re so beautiful.” His fingers were stroking your skin gently, everywhere. He couldn’t touch you enough. It was all he wanted to do.

Nothing felt awkward, rushed, or uncomfortable when you unbuttoned the seemingly hundreds of buttons it took to get Louis into this stupid tux but once it was off—and you were no stranger to your best friend shirtless—it was all very real. And yet you still kept going.

Louis didn’t want to stop either. And so you didn’t.

He quietly whispered logistics and told you to just say the word and it all stops and that more than anything, he loves you and wants you to be safe and comfortable.

And he promised with everything in his heart that this was safe and comfortable.

You nodded and his lips pressed to yours again. It was amazing to kiss your best friend. It should have been exotic, but back in the third grade the two of you wanted to know what French kissing was so you looked it up online—and then you were both grounded from screen time for three weeks, but you think it was well worth it, because you were very certain Louis kissed like a pro.

His hands were warm and he gently pulled your thighs from each other and he settled between your legs before he gazed into your eyes longingly. “I love you, sweetheart,” he whispered. “Don’t ever forget that, yeah?” He asked.

“I love you too, Louis,” you whispered breathlessly.

It was everything you wanted to be and more.


Louis managed to get the blanket he had in the backseat around you so you would be freezing when he pulled away. He rubbed your arm, kissing your forehead and letting his heart settle. As soon as it was settled, he wanted to tell you that he was never going to stop loving you and that everything in the world was going to be wonderful because the two of you were meant to be together for the rest of your lives. You were the lucky kinds of people that know their true loves for their entire lives.

But then Louis remembered that you were going far away—off and away from him and he almost lost it right then. But you were still holding his hand and clinging to him. So he didn’t say anything, even though he was breaking.


Until the next day and he said that the night before was a mistake. And yeah, he shouldn’t have started with that, but your entire body froze, you felt dirty and terrible. You wanted to kill Louis for making you so vulnerable. For taking something from you—something he didn’t even bother to give you (not that it was really his fault, but you were angry, irrationally angry). Still, you didn’t speak to Louis for a long time.

Not the following day.

Not the day you left for university in the states.

Not until you returned home, four years later.


After introductions, saying hello to a few of your neighbors, Louis was in your home with you. He was smirking as he looked at the pictures of the two of you spread about the house. While was now one of seven, you had been an only child. But being in your mother’s house and looking at the pictures, you never would have known. “You look amazing,” he whispered.

You blushed. “Thank you. So do you,” you said politely. It felt awkward, and maybe that’s what bothered you most because it was never supposed to be awkward. Not with Louis. That was the entire basis of your friendship. But what were you supposed to say? Hey, I know you regret taking my virginity, but I can’t exactly ask for it back…so…do you still regret it?

“What did you end up majoring in?” He asked.

“Developmental psychology,” you told him.

“Yeah?” He smiled. “You did it,” he said. It sounded like he was proud and it made your heart flutter.

You nodded. “Yeah, I did…and you?”

“Music management.” You laughed and then covered your mouth. Louis loved when you did that. It made him think of all the laughs you shared. “Why are you laughing at me?” He pouted cutely. And you didn’t mean to but he was just so cute and you were so proud of him.

“Nothing, I’m just proud of you, is all,” you shrugged. Louis wasn’t that impressed with himself but your pride meant the world to him and he almost lost it right then.

He was beaming. “So you’re back for the shower, right?” He asked. “Mum’s been talking about it,” he shrugged.

You nodded. “Yup, shower today. Wedding in a couple weeks, and then I’m starting at the clinic; it’s very exciting.”

Louis’ ears perked up. “You’re living here?” He asked.

You bit your lip. “Yes.”

“So you’re actually back?” He wondered his eyes were so hopeful.

You nodded. “For the foreseeable future, yes. Although, I might commute in from a town over or something.”

“Why would you do that?” He questioned his eyebrows pinched together.

“Well, I don’t really wanna be here,” you admitted.

He pouted. He didn’t even try to hide it. Why would he? You were his best friend. He couldn’t hide from you anyway.

“Why not?”

You didn’t look at him for a few moments before you glanced at him. “I have a lot of memories that are unfortunately burned to my head from this town that I wish I could forget. If I stay here, they’re just going to fester and make me madder until I resent this place,” you explained coolly.

Louis wasn’t an idiot. He knew you meant him. He wished with all his heart he could fix this. He imagined a world in which the two of you stayed together, even through school and everything else. “Do you have a boyfriend?” He wondered. He’d only had three girlfriends since you were gone. The longest only of nine months. And they broke up a year before you returned. Louis liked being single—mostly because he knew that there really was no one else.

“No. Not anymore. He didn’t want to do long distance,” you shrugged. “I’m unfortunately used to that.”

His head snapped up. “Used to that?” He repeated.

“With you…stupid,” you added the insult for good measure.

Me?” He practically gasped. “You wanted to date me?

“Um. Yes.” Obviously.

Louis didn’t speak, he didn’t move, you weren’t even sure if he was breathing. But then all at once you were pressed to your fridge, some pictures from school falling off the magnets and fluttering to the floor. “You wanted to date me and you just left?” He asked pressing his torso flat to yours.

You blushed, your breath catching and you nodded. “But you regretted having sex with me, and taking my virginity,” you mumbled. The entire time he was shaking his head and the more you spoke the worse you felt. Like everything was a huge, huge mistake.

His heart shattered again because of you and he thought he was going to crumple to the floor. “No, no, baby, I regretted it because you were leaving me,” he practically whine. “Oh darling,” he moaned and started to kiss the side of your face and neck. “Goddammit.”

Your heart was sprinting. “Y-you?” You stammered. Your eyes filling with tears. All that time wasted without someone who loved you as much as Louis did. “Louis,” you croaked and gently lifted your arms until you were holding him tight.

He couldn’t wait any longer, so he didn’t. He crushed his mouth to yours, his heart bouncing in his tummy and nothing felt so good and perfect. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered against your lips and he lifted your legs up to wrap around his hips. Once you were firmly wrapped around him, his hands were gently cupping your bum holding you around him as he carried you upstairs to your bedroom.

He had you on your back, his forehead pressed to yours as he looked through you. It had been so long since he got to gaze at you and see through you, get to your soul, and just figure you all out.

“You’re so stupid,” he teased with a small smirk. “Of course I was happy to lay my best friend,” he winked.

You snorted. “You’re a pig,” you said shaking your head. “You weren’t even that good,” you mumbled.

You could swear that his eyes changed colors at that. “Oh, baby girl, you have no idea what you’ve done.”

You giggled and bit your lip as you tugged his lips back to yours. “Hopefully I incited something that I won’t regret.”

He grinned and kissed you again. “M’still so in love with you, even after all this time,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Louis. Probably for the rest of my life,” you said quietly.

He smiled happily. “Good.”