little kid jack and hic

this was based off the dumb idea I had of Hiccup pranking Jack with a pregnancy stick… it’s super dumb soo…

Warnings: None, just talk of pregnancy but there’s no Mpreg or anything.

I apologize for any mistakes made!

Jack was a little surprised to say the least when his long-term boyfriend came rushing into their bedroom waving a pregnancy stick around like it was on fire. Hiccup shoved the stick in his face, green eyes wide. “Jack, read it,” he demanded. 

The white haired male, confused, took the stick into his hands and looked at it. “There’s a plus sign?” Hiccup nodded. “And this means what exactly?” 

Hiccup looked at him with a straight face, freckled cheeks slightly flushed. “I’m pregnant.” 

Excitement was the first thing that ran through Jack’s mind. It was no secret that he was great with kids and even wanted a few of his own, but to have some with his partner was amazing. He didn’t even worry about how expensive it would be. All he could think about was Hiccup holding their child in the delivery room. A little human made from their genes. 

He gathered the freckled male into his arms and kissed him deeply. “Oh, wow, okay. Okay.” He moved away, running a hand through his hair as he glanced down the stick in disbelief. “W-We need to call our parents-Jesus, we need to call Astrid or she’ll kill us.” He kissed Hiccup again, laughing. 

Hiccup laughed too, shaking his head. Jack was pulling out his cellphone, about ready to dial his parents when Hiccup’s hand covered his. “Jack, honey?” Jack looked at him with a wide smile. “Remember biology class back in high school?” 

His eyebrows came together. “Uh, yeah, why?” 

“Do you remember sitting through those videos that told us how babies were made?” Hiccup looked a little reluctant as he spoke. As if he was pulling a bandage off slowly. 

Jack snorted. “I’m not stupid, Hic, I know how babies…” He stopped and looked down at the pregnancy stick and then to Hiccup. He sighed and rubbed a hand down his face as he checked the date. April first. “Fuck, you got me good.” 

Hiccup placed a hand on his arm. “I didn’t think you would be so excited,” he admitted. He actually felt a little bad now. He wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck and hugged him. “I’m sorry.” He pulled away to look into Jack’s eyes. “Probably the worst prank to pull…” 

Jack shrugged and kissed him. “It could have been worse. You could have faked your own death.” Hiccup smiled and the taller male kissed him once more. He looked down at the pregnancy stick and waved it between them. “Where did you get this anyways? Digging through the trash near the gas station?” 

The freckled male rolled his eyes. “I bought it online, some joke website.” He made a face. “Guess we should be careful when we throw it out, don’t want any neighbors coming up with rumors.” 

“Or,” Jack drawled, “we could maybe prank a certain blonde to get back at her for last year.” He did not like to recall the whole -Astrid luring Jack out to the lake for a swim only to steal his clothes and swimsuit while he was changing so he had to do the walk-of-shame to his car while trying to hide himself from other lake goers-incident. He nearly got arrested for public indecency. 

Hiccup eyed him. “You’re playing with the devil.” 

Jack smirked. “Ah ah, we’re playing with the devil. You’re going to be my accomplice as an appeasement for pranking me.” He handed Hiccup the stick and held up his phone, going to the camera app. “Now hold it up and smile like we’ve just won the lottery.”