little khloe


Heyy @taylorswift So this is us and we’ll tell you our story. It all started in 2013 in our first year of college, where we both moved to the SAME CITY, SAME APARTMENT BUILDING, went to the SAME COLLEGE and went to school in the SAME VAN) and had NO IDEA that the other was also a SWIFTIE. We met in the elevator on our first day and instantly clicked! Then on the next day we went to a party and started talking about you (Taylor) and discovered that we were both swifties and we couldn’t believe it! Then I (Sthephannye) asked her (Flavia) to add me on Facebook and immediately as she did, I saw her profile pic and thought to myself: “I remember this girl from somewhere”. I asked her if she tried to win tickets to see you when you came to Brazil and she said YES!!! And so I finally remembered where I knew her from!! There was this radio contest to win tickets and we both tried so hard and I remember telling my mom that I deserved to win and so did she, and I didn’t even know her! But neither of us won 😔 lol. After that we became inseparable and did everything together! I found out that she played guitar and asked her to go to my house (which was only 2 floors down) everyday to play and sing for me and once we knew it we were already in love but so confused??!! Three months later we went to a party and Flavia was going to sleepover and went to her house to get something first and that’s when I texted her: “come back, be here”. Then she came back, we had our first kiss and it was magical 😍 We started dating but we hid it from everyone cause we were afraid of people’s reactions. And then the drought was the very worst when everyone found out and our parents almost killed us. Both our parents teamed up and did everything they could to separate us. They took away our cellphones, almost moved Flavia to another city, wouldn’t let us out of the house and even beat us. They were the hunters and we were the foxes lol. But we fought really hard for our love and didn’t stop until we could overcome all of this and we even got a little dog named Khloe.
And here we are now, 4 years later, both graduated, happy, still together and still loving you like we did ten years ago ❤️

You’re definitely already invited to our wedding, when it happens!

Ps. To everyone seeing this never give up on your love, never give up, things will get better eventually.