little jane and maura

It's a little past 1am here and it just hit me that in less tha 20 hours, the very last episode of Rizzoli and Isles will premiere.

I don’t care how shitty the show has gotten. This is a show I have literally watched since the first episode premiered seven years ago. This is gonna hurt. My hopes aren’t high for any great Rizzles moments, but still, there’s that little glimmer of hope that I’ve held since the first episode premiered.

Teaser for my new one shot that may or may not get finished. Idk I’m just trying to get back into writing and I need some encouragement

“Oh, this? It’s from my kid.” She touches the pink yarn around her neck, adorned with painted macaroni. “She’d be heartbroken if I took it off. ” Jane laughs a little, touches a piece of penne.

Maura smiles, her lips around her straw, before nudging a piece of chicken with the nose of her chopstick. “What’s her name?”

“Alexis. Lexi, I usually call her. Little spitfire. Three-years-old. I have a picture, if you want to see.” She reaches for her phone. “But if I’m talking too much about her, just say so. I promise, I’m not one of those moms.”

“No, I’d like to see.” Maura doesn’t offer merely out of courtesy. There’s something about Jane, something so genuine. She drinks it all in.

Maura takes the phone. Jane’s daughter is a tiny little thing, with dark curls, dusky skin, eyes wild with life. “She looks like you.”

Jane smiles, taking the phone back, glancing fondly at her phone before tucking it back in her pocket. She cracks open her fortune cookie, unravelling the small sheet of paper and brushing the crumbs away.

This could be an almost perfect day. Enjoy it.”