little jack and meg

  • crowd cheering when meg sang in the cold cold night
  • meg in the bunny costume
  • meg singing along even though no one could hear her
  • her little “meg” cushion
  • passive manipulation
  • jack having an extra microphone next to the drum kit
  • dancing with jack on stage
  • the amazing number of meg inspired songs
  • “this is my big sister meg”
  • tesla coil huh
  • i’m quiet
  • meg crying at the end of under great white northern lights
  • i miss meg white so fucking much

Been lurking the Ryan Haywood tag, and no one seems to be freaking out over this.

Ryan Haywood as the main character in 11 Little Roosters!! WATCH. NOW.

Stockholm Syndrome.

Request: Hey I love your writing! I’m wondering would you write something with lucifer in it? I would really appreciate that:) + Maybe some fluffy smut Lucifer??
Author: AimeeRose
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: no idea :P
Warnings: Being kidnapped??

A/N: I’m really sorry if this isn’t my best, guys. I haven’t edited it yet, coz I just wanted to get some thing else up for ya’s to read. But, regardless of that, I hope you enjoy!!


You were angry at yourself. Beyond angry, even. How you had managed to get caught, you have no idea. One second, you’re fighting off some bitch of a Demon ranting about some doomsday bullshit, the next, something hits you from behind, knocking you out cold. And you woke up here. Tied to a chair in what seemed to be a basement. The floor was simple cement, and the air was thick with the scent of dust. Boxes scattered all around the space were layered with it.

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