little hotch moment


- Little Hotch Moment: 9.10 The Caller

I know this is inconsistent with my previous episode post (dialogues lack personality in this episode), but whenever I can get some information about Hotch I’d get it.  So this is my thought from the scene.

When I first watched this scene, I felt Hotch’s dialogue was a bit off for him and felt more like Reid’s dialogue.  But then I remember in “Revelation”, Hotch immediately noticed Reid’s Genesis 23:4 verse was wrong.  He remembered random bible verse enough to notice it was wrong or right.  I think its continuity here.  That he recited verse from Exodus thinking about the connection from the crime scene.  And this made me think about Hotch’s childhood.  I never thought and still don’t think Hotch is a religious person.  Several episode when the team talking about death and afterlife and evil throughout the series made me believe he is not a religious person and his thought of life and death and human are very realistic he sees what he sees and doesn’t add special effect like God and Satan and Heaven and Hell in it (that’s why I analyzed the dream of Route 66 the way I did.  I don’t think Hotch thinks he actually talked to Haley the person in his dream and he knows all of the dream is from his own mind - which is confirmed with TG’s interview).   So then I thought about why he knows bible verse so well and I thought maybe his parents were Christians and he went church every Sunday when he was young.  And then, I realized, WE REALLY DON’T KNOW ALMOST ANYTHING ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD!!  We know he met Haley in high school.  We know he was sent to boarding school at some point because he was “screw up”.  We know his dad died when he was maybe teenage?   But we don’t know his mother is alive or not (I assume she’s dead?).  We don’t even know for sure what he thinks about his parents.   How he was raised.  And we also don’t know what kind of lawyer he was.  What kind of sports did he play or not during high school or college.  How he was in law school.  We really don’t know why he is who he is.  I mean, it’s almost to the point of crazy that amount of things we don’t know, after 8 and a half years.  

I really want season 10 to be Hotch’s season and reveal his past, from childhood to during lawyer years and how he ended up to BAU, piece by piece throughout the season.  I know it’s one Hotch-fan’s crazy dream but I mean…!!!

Side note:  About the scene of “Revelation”.  It’s interesting that while everybody else was all “OMG, he chose Hotch” and frozen, Hotch was the only one who concentrated on what Reid was saying and trying to figure out Reid’s message (and he’s the only one who thought -believe in- Reid was not in panic and cohered enough to send message).


- Little Hotch Moment: 9.11 Bully

“We don’t know exactly what we’ve got here, but I think it’s worth taking a look.”

This is classic Hotch.  People often say Hotch is “by the book” person, but truth is, he values people’s opinion more than “rules” when he believes it’s worth it.  When he believes there might be another victim who needs their help,  another serial killer who need to be caught before there’s next victims.  And he never actually forces into local jurisdiction with authority.  He convinces them with discussion and facts and their work.  He doesn’t easily back down and doesn’t give up on when there might be serial killers and victims.  And his (and team’s) sincereness that always reach to locals at the end.

Side note:  this scene is interesting and character’s dialogues feel like their own words.  Like Rossi does sound like voice of reason he usually does in these kind of situation.  JJ’s thinking about jurisdiction like her old liaison self.  Morgan goes against JJ.  This bit of battle (?) between them feels like old days (used to be usually JJ’s the one who push the case and Morgan’s the one who opposed) and it made me smile somehow.


- Little Hotch (and the team) Moment: 9.06 In The Blood

This is totally my Hotch-fan-mind-rambling so be aware.

On the case, Hotch is the rock and the shield of the team.

He does everything to get rid of all the political obstacles so that his team can focus and do their job on the top of their games.  He sometimes pushes his men (including women when I say this) to bring their best ability.  He doesn’t overlook when his men make stupid moves and get themselves or others at risk.  He compliments and appreciates his men.  He trust his men with his life.  He cares about his men’s well-being both mental and physical.  He respects his men’s privacy and doesn’t interfere, but he is there when they needs help and does everything to help them.  He stays strong and unwavering for the team.

But when it comes to himself, he is a bit shy in front of the team.  He seems to not like getting attention.  When the team get-together, he seems to be one step back (usually).  He doesn’t really talk about himself much.  

He is very private person and really doesn’t want to show his vulnerability.  But his team had to witness most private and most vulnerable moment of him.  

When I watched the episode and see the team’s interaction with Hotch, I felt their feeling of “I want to protect this man”.  With his strength and unwaveriness in the field and his shyness in person, in addition, all the horrific event happened to him they had to witness, I felt their feeling of “I want to protect this man”.  Of course, they feel it for every member of the team each other.  But maybe because he is the leader and rock in the field and he seems not expecting to be protected, (and of course because I am Hotch’s fan and well, I want to protect Hotch myself if I can, you know?), I feel it strongly (make sense?).  Especially from Morgan.  Next comes JJ and Garcia.  Rossi is more like pure “I’m your best friend” act.  Not so much from Reid.  I feel his respect and care for Hotch very much but not so much the feeling of “I want to protect this man” from him, at least from on screen (just my analysis).  Not from Blake (and that’s perfectly reasonable because she is still new).   It show how much they’re going through as a team, and, just, feeling of it makes my heart warm.  It makes me feel they has become real “family”.