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The Forever Freebatch series by alexxphoenix42 takes on my fav head canon that b & m had a little Hong Kong rendezvous. This series is well written and fun and sexy and I want part 3 now.

Forever 1895:

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are working hard at both filming the Sherlock special, and keeping all its secrets under wraps. Somehow along the way, they stumble onto new developments that need to be kept just as private. 

I’ll Meet You In Hong Kong:

Benedict and Martin’s busy, busy schedules have them grabbing a few nights together in Hong Kong during Ben’s Doctor Strange junket. They both have news to share.


Ice: Talk with friends and meet other nations, I guess…

Ice: And I won’t choose! Dan won’t either!

Bonus: also drew Denmark’s Great Northern War uniform here lol Position First Line Right Wing Dragoon [I think]


((Hong Kong during 1700s: By the end of 1699 it was a wasteland and then by 1711 it was governed by the Xin’an County and it was one of Imperial China’s military forefront. Only in 1800s that HongKong got his name officially on documents.

Australia during 1700s: during the 1600s a dutch explorer mapped the land & called it “New Holland” and around 1700s a british explorer called it “New South Wales” for GB.

Welp. Just researched all this shit. Sorry for mistakes.))


It got better!!
Princess medley with Rapunzel, Ariel & Merida has me dying!!!


Sorry some pictures are blurry! It’s very wet after the typhoon, so I’m nervous about holding out my phone for too long. There are some captions in the photos.

Taiwan has had its ups and downs mostly with family drama, but all the granduncles are cool. After Typhoon Nepartak passed yesterday, we went to release lanterns into the air at Shifen. (The typhoon barely grazed Taipei, so I was a little sad that I didn’t get to see it, but southern Taiwan would beg to differ.) 

The lanterns are huge! Like almost 5-ft tall and color-coded with paper to resemble things like wealth, health, family, success, education, marriage, popularity, etc. We were mostly having fun with the lanterns that day, so we made some “joke wishes.” My joke wish was for more HongIce (and later added Macau at the end). Lots of families wrote long wishes and set them off into the air. 

My brother wished for a successful marriage with a 2D girl. Some Dutch and Hong Kong tourists passed by and were very confused as to why it was 2D and not 3D? 

Disney Movies

The Nordics were asked what their favourite Disney movies were.
Here are their responses:

Denmark: The Little Mermaid, for obvious reasons. Though he is disappointed it’s not as close to the real story as it could be.

Finland: Brother Bear. He thinks it’s great and sad and could watch it for hours. After the third or fourth time though Sealand turns it off ‘cause he gets so fed up of hearing “tell everybody I’m on my way~”
Finland knows that song by heart.

Norway: he actually likes The Princess and the Frog. He finds the use of magic in it very intriguing, and likes the ending. It makes him smile (which results in him leaving the room before anyone can see)

Sweden: because he’s actually a really mushy person, it would be Oliver and Company. Finland’s lost count how many times Sweden’s cried at that.

Iceland: Mulan. He loves it and often watches it with Hong Kong. They both can literally repeat the whole film.

(Thanks to @hetahopelesschina for helping me with these)

In case you missed it over on Huffington Post, here’s “C.B. Cebulski’s 24 Hours in Hong Kong”, the first in a series of food & travel videos I had the pleasure of recording in HK last year.

baroganatanatda: This is dawn, and I have to take the plane already. Raining…and cold.. And I have been korea for a while and then I’m going to Hongkong!! Im ready for meet #hongkong fans!! We’ll have a good time!! One second!🖐🖐 And Japan bana!! See u soon, Thank you for make a good memories to me!! Take care untill we meet again!! 🎈 이번 일본일정 너무 재미있었어요! 금방 다시 갈테니까 조금만 기다려주고 홍콩바나!! 오래 기다렸죠, 우리가 내일 갑니다!! 😎😎 재밌게 뛰어봐요 같이!! 한국바나들도 조금만 기다리면 좋은소식 가지고 갈게요!!! Bye🙏 #baro #b1a4

🎈 Our schedules in Japan this time were so much fun! We’ll return again soon so please wait a little bit, and Hong Kong BANA!! You’ve waited long right, we’re going to come tomorrow!! 😎😎  Let’s jump with fun together!! Our Korean BANAs too, if you wait just a little bit we’ll come to you with good news!!! Bye🙏 #baro #b1a4

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up here on the nineteenth floor

Title: up here on the nineteenth floor
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1.6k
Summary: A brief little holiday in Hong Kong before the next chapter begins. Thank you to BisexualShoeMarriage for beta reading! [Read on AO3]

[part of the road trip mix tape 2016 series]

The heat is sticky, clothes glued to their bodies with sweat that’s formed and dried half a dozen times as they slip in and out of buildings for respite from the weather.

“Hate this,” Dan says, walking away from another smiling face.

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