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- Everyone knows Liu Xuan is a pervert. So we sent our beauty, Shan with a modified tail. She’s gone through intense training always sneaking into the human world and getting our daily supplies. She’s very experienced. She’s fearless. See how good she is at dancing. I think she dances better than MacDonald.
- It’s Madonna!

The Mermaid (2016) I Dir. Stephen Chow

Recommended Reading

The Forever Freebatch series by alexxphoenix42 takes on my fav head canon that b & m had a little Hong Kong rendezvous. This series is well written and fun and sexy and I want part 3 now.

Forever 1895:

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are working hard at both filming the Sherlock special, and keeping all its secrets under wraps. Somehow along the way, they stumble onto new developments that need to be kept just as private. 

I’ll Meet You In Hong Kong:

Benedict and Martin’s busy, busy schedules have them grabbing a few nights together in Hong Kong during Ben’s Doctor Strange junket. They both have news to share.

Canada & Hong Kong B-day Head canons :D


  • He has been super pumped for his big 150! He started planning a small party for himself and Kuma because he thought everyone forgot
  • It gave him quite a shock when he got a call from England the day before, He was told a family emergency meeting was taking place and he needed to be there ASAP.
  • The entire plan ride over freaked him out, What happened? Is everyone okay? What caused the meeting? He is so anxious about this he is shaking 
  • When the plane lands he doesn’t waste a second. He is sprinting to the car sent to pick him up and nearly lost Kuma along the way.
  • Poor Mr.Taximan (the driver I don’t know either XD) is going to be bombarded with questions by the Canadian, even if he says he doesn’t know anything Mathew is both apologizing to him and questioning everything
  • When he arrives at England’s house he forgets about his bags and knocks on the front door like his life depends on it, Kuma pats the door too.
  • The second the door opens he bear hugs whoever opened it for him and probably falls over with the intensity of the hug 
  • Is apologizing so much to poor uncle wales who opened the door for him, he gets a pat on the head before they both stand up and head to the living room
  • He gets very confused when he walks into the room, funny? Why are all the lights are off? Where is everybod-”SURPISE!” He will physical jump when everyone jumps out and wishes him a happy birthday!
  • He might cry because he’s so happy. All of his family and friends are here and remembered his birthday, every present he got he loved and every joke, song and conversation filled him with joy. He couldn’t ask for anything more on his special day.

Hong Kong:

  • He had been at England's house for the last week and has been talking about his birthday non-stop, he’s so exited to see what everyone has got for him!
  • Has planned out his entire day, he knows it’s also Canada’s birthday so he helped out that stuff.
  • Has opened every social media account he has and had posted something along the lines of “Bros, guess what day it is~” 
  • Saying that he has fully prepared for the mountains of happy birthdays he has been given and somehow made a personalized message for each one. Somehow, no one knows how he did it but he did.
  • N O B O D Y is allowed to make his birthday meal except for him. Everything must be prefect so that when he posts a picture on Instagram and Snap chat everyone knows his day is going perfectly.
  • Very happily gave hugs to everybody, for every hug he received he gave his face became one shade brighter. It can easily be said he was a blushing mess for a little while.
  • When the countries outside his family came over he acted like he was completely used to all the love he was getting, he even put shades on and did a little dancing with a couple of his closer friends.
  • Will set firecracker off outside. Despite his best efforts of hiding them in a locked room and around England’s house all of them were around found. He got a little slack from England and was allowed to set them off on the patio
  • Takes a bunch of selfies with everyone that came over, he even took a few silly ones that he will later print and hang on his picture wall in his bedroom
  • He might even deside to be a bit cheeky and have a bit of alcohol, I mean he is in the UK and you can drink here when you’re five (fun fact). So as long as a parental figure is watching he’ll have a small glass of champagne to celebrate!

Together (because I feel like it :p):

  • They will have separate birthday cakes. Canada’s cake will be in the shape of a maple leaf and will have cute little animals on each point. Hong Kong’s cake will be a double layer cake with the bottom having egg waffles around it. (yum)
  • They’ll have a shared birthday party that was planned by Hong Kong so that he could surprise Canada.
  • Will take a brotherly photo together, It will be one of those cute ones with Canada’s arm around Hong Kong and Hong Kong doing a peace time with a monotone face, but if you look very carefully you can see a faint smile.
  • They try to have a little alone time together to catch up, they barley get the chance to talk anymore and a little catch up!
  • Gets gifts for each other, Canada gets Hong Kong a little moose plushie with a card that might have a little money in it. Hong Kong will get Canada an expensive phone case with a maple on it. His card to Canada will say something along the lines of, “you’re old, old man ;p. Nah JK big bro, love you”

It got better!!
Princess medley with Rapunzel, Ariel & Merida has me dying!!!