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I’ve seen a lot of you pointing fingers at Toby and being all like “Maybe Toby is AD” “What if Toby is AD”

let’s be real, after the failure to make ezra evil, this show went downhill at an even pace, then went full speed barrel-rolling after the doll house, and then the cece reveal proceeded to shove said barrel containing us fans into the water, and seasons 6B-7 be like



Before this trash show ends

I need to point out that in the season one episode “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”, Hanna asks Aria why she won’t go out with Noel, wondering if she’s stuck on a boy from Iceland, and in this scene, she says fjords PERFECTLY FINE. 

BUT then when she’s talking to Holbrook in the season four episode “Bite Your Tongue”, she pronounces it fuh-jords. 


PLL GAME OVER - My Top 10 Uber A/A.D Theories

Hey guys,

I’m back again. Counting down with the rest of you to the PLL series finale *le sigh*!!!. So my previous post was a theory on who I actually think could be Uber A/A.D. This post is going to be my Top 10 theories.

I have been thinking that Uber A/A.D has to be two people working together or one crazy ass person with a couple of helpers.

This post is long, so get comfy and Enjoy!

1) Haleb (view my previous post here

2) Bethany and Hanna are Twins >> ties into my Haleb theory above, view previous post.

3) Ezria >> Aria has multiple personalities and Ezra is helping her get revenge on Ali and the other girls; or Aria is in Radley, Ezra is her doctor, and this is some random story she is telling him; or Ezra is writing a book with the help of Aria.

4) Emison >> Alison is very manipulative and likes to play games. Emily is in love with her and Alison can get her to do pretty much anything.

5) Paily OR Emaya >> Emily/Paige are in love and both are crazy and wanted to get revenge for how Paige was treated or Emily/Maya because they have been in a relationship this whole time, Maya is not really dead and wants to finish what she initially came to do in Rosewood, get revenge (for what, IDK).

6) Paige and Lucas >> Paige is in love with Emily and Lucas is in love with Hanna. Both have been tormented by Alison at some point.

7) Twincer >> Spencer and Melissa are twins. This could be quite possible seeing as how throughout the show, people have said they look alike, almost like twins. This also could be why Wren is back.

8) Mona has a Twin >> two different Mona’s running around, Loser Mona and Confident/Crazy Mona or Loser Mona and Crazy Mona switched places in Radley so that Crazy Mona could torture the girls just like Loser Mona was (I know, this is a stretch).

9) Alison and Mona >> they are actually friends and this is their game they created together to get revenge on the other girls (again, for what, IDK….maybe for not looking for Ali’s “supposive” killer when everyone thought she was “dead”, we all know Ali likes attention).

10) I AM A.D!!!(lmao juuust kidding!) But what if it’s Maleb >> Mona and Caleb…they both are very capable of pulling it off….it very well could be!!! I’m hoping not though!

P.S: I really love me some Caleb!

Random Theory >> what if….just what if it’s the Boyfriends!!! Ezra, Caleb, Toby, and maybe Paige getting back at the Liars for them screwing up their lives…..??? (it’s a long shot but…) LOL

Here are the people I don’t think are Uber A/A.D (it would be too obvious and slightly annoying tbh):

Jenna or Jenna’s possible twin - we feel bad for Jenna, but let it go

Sara Harvey - dead and played out story line

Jason DiLaurentis - we really haven’t seen him in forever, plus what would be his motive?

Cece/Charlotte/Charles (or whatever name she goes by) - again, dead and played out story line

Sidney - why?…and more importantly, why? what would be her motive?

Any of the parents - i highly doubt they would torture their own children

Ali’s twin - i really hope not….


As I was responding to a comment from @high-up-in-the-cl-0uds, I thought of one final theory, one that I‘ve never thought of before, but would be awesome!

Mona and Hanna >> they have been friends since the show started…it would be amazing actually!!!

Okay now I’m officially done with the theories.

Thanks again for reading! Let me know who you think Uber A/A.D could be!!!

The end is near!

                                PRETTY LITTLE LIARS FOREVER!


Pretty Little Liars 7x20 “Til deAth do us pArt” Season 7 Episode 20 Sneak Peek #2 (Series Finale) - Seven seasons of secrets come tumbling out in the two-hour series finale of Freeform’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, June 27th.


i love this cast with all my heart. i’ve been watching pretty little liars since I was about 13, and I’m now 20 and it’s coming to an end. they’ve been such a massive part of my life for so long and I can’t quite believe they’re leaving me on tuesday 💔 I’ll probably write a longer goodbye ‘letter’ on tuesday, but for now let’s just pretend it’s just another series finale.