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Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour

I’m sitting in my hotel room, skillfully eating some leftover chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel with a coffee straw cause I don’t have a fork, putting off taking off my makeup, and writing this post while everything is still kinda fresh in my mind.

I had the most amazing time tonight at the show! I honesty wish my brain was working better now so I could write better words but this is all I got lol

The show was SO GOOD!! I had so much fun and the Louisville Palace was beautiful!! Like wow it was a gorgeous theater and I’m so glad I got the chance to go! I appreciate so much what everyone did to put this show together for all of us and it all went so well! 

I had VIP seats so I got to see Mark sing before the show started and I am honestly so proud of him for facing his fear of singing in front of everyone and doing so well! Sorry the phone lights threw you off a little but tbh it really added to the moment. And I’m glad you got your little guitar clamp thing back lol Thank you so much for doing that for us~

I had seen little clips of the show here and there from June and I thought it looked amazing but I was not prepared for how much more fun and amazing it was to actually be there and participate in the show! Every second was so funny and fun and I think my favorite part was the dance off! Sorry Ethan but Mark won this one lol The fan participation was so cool!

I love the whole team so much it was awesome to see them all perform in person. ALSO AMY AND KATHRYN!! Shout-out to them for being awesome and beautiful and going around to get questions from people!

Okay I better wrap this up cause I’ve rambled too much at this point. I might write more tomorrow if I can think of more to say. But thank you Mark, Ethan, Bob, Wade, Tyler, Amy, Kathryn, and of course Dan the Music Man for putting on a fantastic show that I won’t forget~


P.S. - My mom also loved the show and thought you all did amazing!

little things from nsp’s “wish you were here” music video

○ the look… the calm brown, earthy colors… the gentle, spacious recording studio… the simple everyday outfits… it’s perfect for the song

○ dan’s ponytail

○ brian without his mask

○ you just know brian is spouting off nonsense in every shot he talks, and the guys had to redo shots so many times because they laughed at what he was saying. you know there has to be in these final non-laugh shots a sense of accomplishment that brian didn’t make them laugh

○ the janky, brandless shot of them skyping the guitar bros looking edited af but it still somehow grows on you and fits the video

○ close ups on the guitars and the piano keys and the soundboard just looking so satisfying

○ dan sitting all quiet in some shots just looking angelic

dan signalling the piano with a weird pistol hand motion

○ dan playing the chords with his hands in the air??? and tapping the door or patting things in time with the chords??? it goes so well???

○ close up face shots…. just, close up face shots

○ dan playing the base!!!

○ how into the music they look. dan sings with such passion, brian plays so seriously and focused. it’s gorgeous in its own way

○ dan holding his headphones as he sings

○ back shots of dan… his shoulder blades…. his pony… he looks so good

dan singing in the background of conversations

○ dan’s glasses!!!!

○ the shot where dan sings into the camera and brian just stares in his ninja stare

○ dan’s weird stance at the mic where he kind of spreads his leg and rocks his knee like a rock star, even with the relaxing song. you do you boo

○ blurry shots moving into focus so beautifully

○ dan drinking his water bottle next to brian at his piano all chill like “yeah i finished my part, have fun playing piano bitch”

○ brian. in. dan’s. glasses. he just tries them on for no apparent reason and it’s really cute

dan nodding and patting his thigh to the music, even his mic like has this boy ever tried drums i feel like itd be fitting

○ shots of dan’s jaw/mouth while he’s singing aaaa

○ the shot where it blur-to-focuses on brian and he’s like “oh shit gotta play” for a moment like i dont know why but it’s just really funny to me

○ close ups on brian… this man… his stubble suits him so well and he just looks so into the music and its really really nice

○ dan at the piANO WITH BRIAN

○ in the shots of the piano keys you can see brian’s silver wedding ring aww

○ DAN HITS ONE CHORD. piano duet. perfect.

○ like you 100% know he probably just hit random notes and it sounded awful but they had to keep a straight face, and there was many shots of them just breaking into laughter over it

○ OR imagine dan insiting he play the right chord. he learns the chord from brian and gets really excited about it and he tries a lot and messes up a lot but he finally hits it right in that final shot and he’s just beaming with pride for the rest of the shoot

○ brian dramatically looking up to over where dan is as he plays the last few notes as an ending



80s Movies that I Love

@moderateslytherin asked me to recommend some 80s movies, so I thought I’d make a post with my favorites. 😊

- Heathers

The dark humor appeals to me, also can’t go wrong with Winona Ryder. Plus Christian Slater’s JD is swoon-worthy. 

- The Lost Boys

Vampires as they were meant to be. Stellar cast. Some sexy mullets. Classic 80s flick.

- The Breakfast Club

Cult classic 80s flick. I loved every character. Especially Bender. It wasn’t overly cheesy like some of the other 80s cult classics.

- The Outsiders

Was my favorite book when I was younger. Perfect casting.

- St Elmo’s Fire

80s nostalgia. I related to the characters. I fell in love with that asshole Billy Hicks.

- Die Hard

My absolute favorite action flick.

- Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This movie is so fun. It’s ridiculous and I love it. I do the little air guitar thing to this day.

- The Fly

This is a horror film, but it’s so heartrendingly beautiful. If you don’t mind gore, I highly recommend.  

- Dead Poets Society

So inspirational. I always cry at the end. My favorite Robin William film.

- Earth Girls are Easy

This one is trippy and weird but I love it. Classic Jim Carrey and Jeff Goldblum.

I know I’m going to think of more I should have added after I post, but oh well.

I’d love to know which 80s movies you guys love :)

There’s no turning back
I get on the bus
Thinking about us
It’s been a week
Since we could speak
As I hear your husky voice
I know I have no choice
My eyes light up
And I stand there like a pup
My tongue is tied
If it’s not been clarified
When it’s you
There’s nothing I can do
The silence is filled by your laugh
I wish I could photograph
To don’t let it disappear
And to keep you near
As my cheeks turn to a soft lilac
I know there’s no turning back

You invite me over to your place
And my heartbeat speeds its pace
You open the door
And I keep wanting more
As we walk into your room
I know this is where it will all bloom
I notice the little things
Guitars, posters and drawings
Then we sit on the windowsill
And together we just chill
You begin to tease
I just feel at ease
As I cast a thirsty look at you
I wonder if you did so too
This, my beautiful captor,
Is just the first chapter
Of time we lose track
And there’s no turning back

We go in the kitchen for a snack
But it’s only of you my body lacks
You casually hand me a beer
You already know me so well, dear
We act as fools
As I try to play cool
We talk about cheese and keys
You ask me and do as I please
We play with thousands of kinds of spice
And we act as they will never suffice
From toasties and talks
To rap and beatbox
I do my best and at least try
You seem to not notice, I found my guy
At the door we hear someone ring
She walks in and I’m no more your king
I told myself I wouldn’t do this, fuck
But there’s no turning back


there’s no turning back.

Just a short poem I wrote about Evak chilling at Even’s.


and can you smile~