little guitar things

There’s no turning back
I get on the bus
Thinking about us
It’s been a week
Since we could speak
As I hear your husky voice
I know I have no choice
My eyes light up
And I stand there like a pup
My tongue is tied
If it’s not been clarified
When it’s you
There’s nothing I can do
The silence is filled by your laugh
I wish I could photograph
To don’t let it disappear
And to keep you near
As my cheeks turn to a soft lilac
I know there’s no turning back

You invite me over to your place
And my heartbeat speeds its pace
You open the door
And I keep wanting more
As we walk into your room
I know this is where it will all bloom
I notice the little things
Guitars, posters and drawings
Then we sit on the windowsill
And together we just chill
You begin to tease
I just feel at ease
As I cast a thirsty look at you
I wonder if you did so too
This, my beautiful captor,
Is just the first chapter
Of time we lose track
And there’s no turning back

We go in the kitchen for a snack
But it’s only of you my body lacks
You casually hand me a beer
You already know me so well, dear
We act as fools
As I try to play cool
We talk about cheese and keys
You ask me and do as I please
We play with thousands of kinds of spice
And we act as they will never suffice
From toasties and talks
To rap and beatbox
I do my best and at least try
You seem to not notice, I found my guy
At the door we hear someone ring
She walks in and I’m no more your king
I told myself I wouldn’t do this, fuck
But there’s no turning back


there’s no turning back.

Just a short poem I wrote about Evak chilling at Even’s.


and can you smile~

10 Little Things That Make Me Happy

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1. Izzy Stradlin. His sole existence makes me happy.

2. The smell of coffee all over the house.

3. A long rainy morning in bed with nothing else to do.

4. Discovering new little things (a guitar riff, a bass line, some backing vocals…) in a song that you already knew.

5. Long road trips through empty roads with nice music.

6. Wandering into the woods with my dog.

7. My nephew asking me to play rock songs for him and playing my guitar.

8. To sit by the window on a rainy day. Book, cup of coffee, cozy socks…

9. My plants growing everyday #crazyplantlady.

10. To see my people happy and healthy.

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What’s wrong with him?
Why he is so sexy and romantic at the same time?


I couldn’t help but notice this little guitar/banjo thing Elsa has laying around in her room the second time I’ve seen the movie. It makes me wonder how musically inclined she is. We all could assume that she could be a bibliophile (I mean come on, did you guys notice how many books she has in her room and the hours she must have spent studying Arendelle’s history and everything that she needs to know to run her kingdom?…and to kill time since she’s basically in her room 95% of the time?), probably a chess master, and just incredibly smart. But that little instrument. It’s just so fascinating. AND THAT SHIP ON THAT TABLE NEXT TO IT, when she sees is, does she cry because she remembers how her mom and dad died? Why does she have it there in the first place? To keep their memory alive or to keep blaming herself and beating herself up for not being able to do anything about their deaths?

I wonder if she composed songs. Songs about loneliness. Songs of apologies to Anna. Songs for her mom and dad. I wonder if she had a notebook laying around in her room with some of the music she’s written. Or if she allowed a music tutor to teach her how to play. And if she did write songs, I wonder if she would eventually let Anna hear them now that they’ve reconciled. What was life like inside Elsa’s room? There’s that chess board, a plethora of books, and that little guitar. How many times has she frozen those strings in frustration if she didn’t get a chord right just to allow it to thaw back again because there was really nothing else to do but to keep trying? Did she ever try to strum softly for Anna when Anna is slumped against her door, fallen asleep, waiting for her to open it? 

13 years of isolation. Surely, the Queen had ways to entertain herself. Books. Music. Chess. Things that she could’ve been sharing and learning with her sister. Looking out her window, trying to do the things people from outside the gates can do. Sing. Play. Touch. Embrace. But instead, she indulges herself in her books and probably wished and imagined herself as the characters in it and living their lives of freedom and adventure in her head. She probably pictured herself and Anna as those characters so she can feel that they’re together going on adventures and mischief. She created a world of her own. So she can feel normal. Human. Not alone. Not a monster. 

jackfrostismydrug, thank you for the correction. I did go over some clips and also read that excerpt you posted from the screenplay. Minor details…that were not so minor. Hah. THIS is Elsa’s room. You can clearly see the bed frame on the right side and the noticeably lighter shade of purple as her wallpaper. 

I circled the bell in WHITE. If you noticed, this was where Anna was singing “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” hence the grandfather clock and her legs flying up. So no, this wouldn’t be Elsa’s room because Anna wouldn’t be in Elsa’s room at all. That same bell was present during Elsa’s pre-coronation scene as well. And the little guitar thing I pointed out before…is trumped by a bunch of violins. Circled in RED, you can see a bunch of them hanging on the wall. Which makes me want to think that the girls were taking violin lessons. Making them BOTH musically inclined. 

So there! Sorry for the confusion, guys! Regardless, I stand by my imagination that is where Elsa liked to hang out and read books in the wee hours of the night or because this is where she has her lessons (not the same time as Anna has hers, of course.)