little grown man

Widget’s cere is getting more and more blue! Little grown up man. The litter patch of pink he still has left is getting smaller and smaller.

I’m surprised he doesn’t have lighter irises by now though, but they’re still really dark. I know recessive pieds don’t get lighter irises, but I was pretty sure Widget was a dominant pied, and I just expected them to have appeared more by now! 

I also love the way he’s only molted his cheek spots on one side, haha!


i’ve been watching this for like three hours straight

I just wanted to draw Deacon doing finger guns…gun

that’s it that’s the only reason I made this


kevin hart little grown man

That was from author J. K. Rowling herself. Now I’m not putting words in her mouth but if Hermione’s “white skin” was never specified, I do not think that automatically means she’s black either. But that’s my opinion. She can be whatever you want her to be and thus whatever casting directors cast her to be. Heck, Harry himself and by extention his mother as well, did NOT even have green eyes because the green contacts they had for Daniel irritated his eyes. People were upset over it initially but that little boy, now a grown man, blew us all away. Hermione’s canon “frizzy hair, brown eyes, and cleverness” does not make her black nor does it make her white. It means she has those characteristics about her. Last time I checked, those could be applied to anyone. They picked the actress for her acting ability and chemistry with her fellow actors. Calm your tits, everyone, this will be awesome regardless. And in the event that it’s not, I’m sure it will be for more reasons than the ethnicity of actress portraying Hermione.


Hi guys! 

So apparently tumblr user parryhotterman has been making quite a few horrible posts about me (which I didn’t know about because I blocked him but a friend sent these nicer ones to me) 

And as hurtful as his comments are, it’s honestly more than a little concerning that a 41 year old man is spreading so much hate about a 19 year old girl just because he doesn’t agree with me 

I personally reported him when he told a friend of mine (who is a minor) that the world would be better off if she had never been born, and I have a few friends who have reported his hate and bullying of myself and others

But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s apparently been defending me to him 

Thank you so much for speaking up for me when I can't 

You have no idea how much it means to me 

All my love,