little green pea

Bruce Banner attempting to pick up Mjolnir and then pretend hulking out and being judged by the rest of squad is the best thing of life. Not just because it’s adorable, but it shows the progression of his mental and psychological health. Banner is finally at a place where he feels safe and comfortable around these people to joke about something which previously isolated him from everyone and everything and that’s beautiful.


18 Weeks Checkup 👶🏾 💕

Today’s appointment went pretty smooth and all is right on track. Had to give blood, got the results of genetic testing and went over the final birthing plan wit my doctor. @clydetherabbitgreen and myself also got a peek at our Peanut! Well what he/she allowed us to see, it was hard to get a good new because Peanut wouldn’t stay one place. Here are a couple views we decided to share. 

We also found out the GENDER!! We’ll be sharing soon 💗💙

Hyung Jun Instagram Post (Translated by 501wangja):

Effortlessly giving, treasuring and loving us for such a long time, thanks to everyone that we have reached a very handsome 10th anniversary. Happy memories that we’ve made together, those happy days, there’s really a lot, I felt that i’m someone whom had received a lot of love.

Looking back, compared to what i’ve received, what i’ve given seem to be lesser, regretful heart, regretful moments, seem to be flashing in the head. True-heartedly the five of us will do our best, be at the best spot, everyone please give us a lot of support. Thankful that SS501 can be together in the past and also looking at the same place, everyone who are with us. Accompanying each other forever till the end.

Like family now, also like friends, and little sisters our green pea princesses Triple S!

Praying that no matter where you are, what you do, will have good outcome, will only have good things :)

2005.6.8 ~ forever we will be -ing (ongoing)!
Celebrating SS501 10th Anniversary