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The first episode of Bright Summer Night has landed! We hope you enjoy it :)

The Candle Wasters new series is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Episode one follow mischievous Puck as they navigate their way to and through a midsummer night’s party. 

Movin’ on Up

We know our Etsy Wholesale sellers are super stars, and these three are no exception. First exhibiting with us at NY NOW in 2014, they made the leap this year to exhibiting on their own. Showing their lines across the Handmade Designer Maker and Baby & Kid sections, we chatted with each of them to learn more about the decision-making process for showing on their own and how their experience was in the Etsy Wholesale pavilion last year.

Exhibiting at a trade show for the first time (ever) last year, Molly Goodall of Little Goodall, ventured out on her own this year. Showing in her own booth in the Baby & Kid section, she was confident she’d have a successful show, due to how last years’ show went. 

“70% of the people who bought from me last year, came looking for me –– excited to buy again –– this year,” says Molly. “Not to mention, a lot of people came to find me because of my piece hanging on the gallery wall in the Etsy Wholesale Pavilion.”

Caitlin McClain, of Little Low Studio, was prepared to show on her own this year, after exhibiting in the Etsy Wholesale Pavilion last year. And being accepted into the juried, Handmade Designer Maker section made the decision that much easier.  

“My tip for future exhibitors would be to walk the show first. It’s so important to be able to get an understanding of the layout,” says Caitlin. “These shows are a huge investment and it’s really important to make sure that you know what you’re getting into first. Had I not seen this show last year, I probably would have been taken any spot available, which can be a huge mistake.” 

After last years’ show, Amy Hamley of redraven studios, had a very busy Fall producing items for all the orders she received. This year will be no different, we bet.

“However much planning you think you’ve done for your booth, you can probably always plan more,” says Amy. “If you are a brand that shows your work best by using wall space, get a hard wall booth or create your own hard wall solution. The cost of showing at NY Now can be a big investment for a small business, but if you’re committing to it, go all in with your display.”

“I tried to cut some corners with cost this time around and I really wish I hadn’t –– a more polished booth display is everything at the show. But it’s all part of the process; we’re always learning!

Um… it’s quite difficult to choose a highlight. But maybe it’s “From the Doctor to my son Thomas”: the short YouTube video that Peter Capaldi made for a little boy called Thomas Goodall who’d just lost his grandmother.
Quite apart from the fact that it illustrates the tremendous kindness of Peter Capaldi (although I know that all of the other Doctors have done similar things), it reminds me that Doctor Who exists not only to be entertaining, but to help children understand the world and its difficulties, and by extension, to remind us all to be a bit kinder, more imaginative and more human.
—  Peter Harness on his Doctor Who highlight.