little gold dress


Most Memorable Dresses: Farrah Fawcett’s glamorous gold chainmail tank dress designed by Stephen Burrows at the 50th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, California 1978. It appears that Fawcett would have even been highly on trend today as “chainmail clothing” is predicted to be the biggest fashion trend of 2017 by Vogue Magazine.

Beauty And The Beast Tag Thing

I’ve seen a bunch of these things going around online, so I figured I would make a Beauty and the Beast themed one.

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champagne kisses

A little Chlila drabble for @lila-bourgeois-cesaire, who lamented that there wasn’t enough out there in the world. Hope you like this! :)

Lila’s sitting on the school steps, legs swinging and mind racing, when Chloe lands next to her, smelling of hairspray and the new perfume that Lila modeled for last month, wearing a curious look on her face.

It’s a late summer evening and everyone in the mansion is gone, including her parents, who have left on yet another ‘diplomatic trip’, which Lila knows actually means is a trip to Monaco without her.

They were supposed to have dinner together as a family for the first time in months, but they left without so much as a goodbye, and her mother finally sent her an apology text halfway there.

Lila’s used to this; she can’t remember the last time her parents have actually been honest with her about any of their plans, and she’s learned well from them. 90% of everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, a beautiful, well-constructed lie, lies that everyone always falls for, lies that make them fall in love with her.

It’s far too easy to do it; it just takes a little bit of observation, to notice what topic makes the other person light up and to run with it. Rose’s eyes sparkle at the mere mention of Prince Ali, so Lila made up a story about getting invited to dinner with her parents at his palace. Nino mentioned in passing that he was a huge fan of Steven Spielberg, so it was easy enough to say that she met him at a movie premiere and hit it off with him, and that she exchanges emails with him every month.

The stories are so wild and fantastical, and there are so many of them, that it doesn’t occur to anyone to double check, and sometimes Lila can lie with such conviction that she can make some of them turn into reality. It is true that she was at a movie premiere with Steven Spielberg; it is not true that she spoke to him. But nobody has to know that.

The one person who always sees through all of her lies (except for that stupid Ladybug) is Chloe Bourgeois, and it pisses her off.  

It pisses her off, along with those perfectly pouty pink lips, along with that platinum blonde hair that falls in perfect shiny waves and especially along with those ice blue eyes that cut right through all of her lies.

What pisses her off the most, however, is how Chloe has carved a little hole into her heart and nestled into it.  Because Chloe wasn’t part of Lila’s perfect plan, and now she’s here, messing with Lila’s headspace and intoxicating her senses.

She’d written off their first kiss as a mistake, an accidental brushing of lips that was a result of a little too much champagne at the fancy diplomatic dinner Chloe’s father had hosted in her parents’ honor, when they both found themselves in the same dark corner, trying to hide from the web of lies their parents were weaving with their polite dinner conversation.  

But even as she lied to herself that it meant nothing, Lila knew that kiss was the most honest thing she’d done in months.  

And she knew that despite the initial look of confusion on her face afterward, Chloe felt the same way. So they’ve continued meeting up after school, kissing in dark corners and empty parks, sharing meaningful looks in class when other people aren’t looking, and Lila’s not quite sure if she can put a name on whatever this equation is between them.

But it feels real. It feels right, and it feels a little weird. Lila isn’t used to feeling this vulnerable around anyone, let alone the only other girl with a tongue as sharp as hers when they’re around other people in public.

But maybe it’s good. Maybe it’s not so bad, to be a little honest, at least with one other person. Even if that other person is Chloe Bourgeois, who Lila has figured out comes along with her own set of problems.

Maybe…just maybe…they can work on them together.

So Lila tries to fight her natural instinct to scowl as Chloe sits down beside her on the steps.

She doesn’t succeed.

“You look angry,” says Chloe, with a little grin. “What is it this time?”

She looks down at Lila’s phone, which is facedown on the stone steps.

“Oh, it’s your parents again, isn’t it?”

She waves her arms dismissively. “Why don’t you just yell at them? That’s what I always do with Daddy. He listens to everything I have to say if I say it in a loud voice.”

Lila rolls her eyes. “I would yell, if they were in the same country. But lucky me, they’ve gone to Monaco again on a little holiday, and I’m going to be completely alone again in the mansion for the third weekend in a row.”

A mischievous glimmer enters Chloe’s eyes, and she reaches up and bops Lila’s nose.

“You don’t have to be completely alone, you know.”

Lila raises an eyebrow. “What are you suggesting?”

“I’m just saying…you could invite someone over for dinner. And maybe dessert, if you’re in the mood.”

Lila narrows her eyes. “Okay then.  Come over tonight, 7pm. Bring champagne.”

“I will, as long as you wear red lipstick. I like how it looks on you.”

“I will, as long as you wear that little gold dress of yours. I like how it looks on you.

“I will.”



Chloe gets up from the steps and walks away with a little smirk as she blows her a kiss.

“Till then, Volpina.”

“Till then, Antibug.”