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yeah go little goalie go

Bitty is lounging on the couch in Jack’s apartment when his phone buzzes and Chowder’s sweet face appears. Jack’s asleep already. The life of a professional athlete such as he is. He’s intense about his schedule and maintaining it. Bitty however, is a bit more lax about it all, so he’s downstairs, flipping through channels since he’s not tired yet. He can guess why Chowder is calling. The Sharks are tied in the series for the Stanley Cup Final. Chowder has called him after every game to either cheer or weep.

Bitty swipes the screen and answers. “Good game tonight, eh?” Bitty’s picked up a few of Jack’s sayings. Shitty absolutely loves it. He sometimes calls Bitty and demands “Say eh! Please! I need a pick me up. Fucking law school.” Bitty always obliges. Jack says Shitty calls him and demands to hear some of Bitty’s Southern phrases in what Shitty calls “Jack’s dulcet Canadian tones”.

Chowder is out of breath. Probably from running around the block in celebration. “I’m gonna propose to her. When they win,” he exclaims. His voice is excited and kind of hoarse.

Bitty sits straight. “Pardon?”

“Farmer. Caitlin. I’m gonna propose when the Sharks win.” The absolute joy in Chowder’s voice is just adorable. But Bitty is too shocked by this news to really appreciate it.

“WHAT?!” he finally shrieks.

Chowder laughs, assuming that Bitty is as excited by this plan as he is.

Jack appears, blinking against the light, wearing nothing but a pair of baggy shorts and a confused frown. “Bitty. What the hell?” he whispers.

Bitty just holds up a finger and shoots him a look that screams, “Do not question me right now, Mr. Zimmermann.”

Jack holds up his hands and slides into the chair opposite. He kind of wants to see this play out. Also, he’s still confused as hell as to what’s even going on.

“It’ll be great, Bitty,” Chowder begins his explanation. “Farmer will be here tomorrow and Game 7 is the day after that. We’re going to have a big party to watch and it’ll be great.”

Bitty is just shaking his head now. “Oh, no. Oh no, no, no, no, no. You listen to me right now, Christopher Chow. If you propose to Caitlin Farmer at a party full of rowdy Sharks fans during the Stanley Cup Final, you will never get another pie from me again.”

Jack’s eyebrows shoot up and he blinks a few times before a slight smile appears.

“But, Bitty,” Chowder begins to argue.

“No, you listen to me. Caitlin Farmer is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing woman. And she deserves better than a proposal surrounded by drunken sports fans. This is like a jumbotron proposal. Don’t you do it, Chris. Don’t do the most cliché thing imaginable.”

Jack’s laughing now. Well, not so much laughing as shaking a bit silently while trying not to giggle.

“I love her, Bitty. I want to do this,” Chowder finally says after a long silence. His voice isn’t overly happy now. Now it’s nervous and soft.

“Chowder. Don’t put her on the spot in front of a bunch of strangers.”

“My family will be there,” he attempts to argue.

Bitty sighs. “That’s intimidating. Imagine being proposed to in front of a bunch of people who absolutely adore the proposer. Caitlin is a very laid back girl. She can handle a lot. But you can’t do it like that.”

There is an exhaled breath of defeat from Chowder. “I just want to marry her, Bitty. Isn’t that good enough?”

Jack makes a gesture to put the call on speaker and Bitty eyes him, wondering what’s going on in his gorgeous head. But he does it all the same because he trusts this beautifully awkward man.

“Hey, Chowder,” Jack says.

“Jack! Hey! Bitty said he was gonna visit you for a few days. I’m kind of jealous. You guys get to do so much cool stuff together,” Chowder starts rambling like he always does when talking to Jack.

Jack smiles. “So what’s going on? Proposing to Farmer?”

Chowder sighs again. “Bitty thinks it’s a bad idea.” The pain is clear. He just wants Bitty to approve of his plan.

“Well, what’s your idea?”

“I wanted to propose to her after the Sharks win the Stanley Cup.”

Jack’s face relaxes into that smirk of his that Bitty both loves and hates. “Ah. Well, I have to agree with Bitty on this one, Chowder. It’d be like proposing to her at an Epikegster. Everyone will be drunk and keyed up and she’ll feel obligated to say yes. Do you want her to say yes because she feels she has to? Wouldn’t you rather she says yes because she really wants to?”

The silence at the other end has Bitty fidgeting nervously. This is his sweet baby Chowder. He just wants the little goalie to be happy. As happy as he is with Jack.

“Yeah. You’re right, Jack,” says Chowder, his hoarse voice quiet and less chipper now.

Jack’s still smiling however. “Hey, Bitty. Mind if I take this from here?”

Bitty eyes his boyfriend with distrust. “What are you planning?” he whispers quietly.

Jack winks. Normally this makes Bitty swoon, but right now, it just makes him more suspicious. “Fine,” he stands. “But I’ll be in the kitchen. Waiting.”

Bitty scoots out of the room as Jack takes Chowder off speaker phone. His boyfriend is speaking too quietly into the electronic for Bitty to eavesdrop so with a huff, he slumps to the kitchen and pulls out the ingredients for pie. He’s too wound up to sleep so late night baking it is. To Bitty’s immense surprise, Jack doesn’t come into the kitchen until four hours later. He’s grinning and looks happy if not a bit tired since it’s now the middle of the night and Jack Zimmermann has a schedule, y’all. One he does not deviate from.

“Good Lord, babe. What did you and Chowder talk about for four hours?”

Jack shrugs. “Just some stuff,” he answers, purposely vague. He doesn’t manage to hide the slight sparkle of mischief in his blue eyes before he pulls Bitty into his embrace.

“What did you do?” Bitty mumbles, his words muffled by Jack’s chest.

“Do you think you could make a bunch of pie before Friday? Six should be good. Think you can handle that?” his boyfriend asks. Bitty glares and scoffs. Of course he can make six pies before Friday. Who does this handsome fool think he’s dealing with? Bitty ain’t no amateur. Bitty is about to make that clear, as well as grill Jack on what he’s been doing for the past several hours with Chowder, when Jack kisses him in that way he does and Bitty sort of forgets his own name.

On Friday, Jack loads the pies into his car and Bitty eyes him but he doesn’t ask. He’s been grilling Jack for days. But Jack Zimmermann is like a vault when he wants to keep a secret. Nothing, absolutely nothing (and Lord did Bitty try everything) would get that boy to talk.  Thankfully, Jack did convince Chowder not to propose after the final. The Sharks won. Farmer sent a video of Chowder sobbing with joy in front of the TV before grabbing a sparkler (from God knows where) and running through his parent’s neighborhood in full Shark regalia scream singing “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIEND!” The whole team had a good laugh. Everyone chirped Chowder but the goalie was too happy to even care. He just sent a few “thank you” response texts.

Bitty continues to say nothing as he and Jack drive down to Samwell and pull up in front of Faber. Jack is trying to look innocent which only makes him look more guilty.

“What are we doing here?” Bitty questions, eyes narrowed.

Jack just climbs out. “You’ll see.”

They grab the pies and walk into the quiet rink. A janitor winks at Jack as they pass and Bitty just frowns. What is his boyfriend planning? Bitty is even more surprised when they see who is waiting in the benches.

“Bitty and Jack!” Shitty calls from the bench. “I’ve missed this fucking place.”

“Shitty was just telling us that he thinks you guys should have a round of naked hockey,” Lardo laughs and Shitty winks at her. She rolls her eyes.

“Dude. Naked hockey sounds way too dangerous for uh, certain parts of me,” Ransom flinches.

Holster agrees.

Dex and Nursey are arguing as usual but Nursey smiles and gets Dex in a light headlock which makes Dex laugh and roll his eyes. Everyone is happy to see the pies. Shitty especially. “OH GODS OF FOOD AND LOVE! I HAVE MISSED THIS!” he crows before immediately claiming an apple pie from the stack in Jack’s arms.

Bitty eyes the group and the bags at their feet and sides. “What’s all this?”

Ransom grins. “Jack had us grab some stuff on our way in.”

Shitty steps forward, eating his previously claimed pie with his hands. “So what now, Zimmermann?”

Jack smiles and immediately starts giving orders and the gathered team sets to work. Soon the ice has flower petals making a path to the goal beneath the massive windows. There are candles along the edges. There is soft music playing through the speakers. And on the score board, the names displayed are Chow and Farmer.

“Oh my God,” Bitty exhales once he realizes what’s happening. Jack just smiles. He doesn’t say a word. Instead, he keeps checking his phone.

As the sun is about to set, Jack’s phone buzzes. “Alright! Everyone hide!”

The group ducks behind the boards of the bench. Bitty finds himself squashed in between Holster and Shitty. Shitty takes this moment to pull Bitty into a busting hug. “Man, I’ve missed you, Bits. Say eh! Please!”

Bitty sighs. “Eh,” he says. Shitty laughs silently.

The team watches, peeking over the edge of the boards as inconspicuously as possible, as a very nervous looking Chowder leads Farmer out onto the ice. Luckily, Farmer has her back to the boards and doesn’t see the seven sets of eyes, watching silently. Farmer is laughing and making jokes. “You went to all this trouble to commemorate that time we did it on the ice? I don’t have a blanket this time. We can’t have sex on the ice without a blanket, babe.”

Holster and Ransom hear this and high five silently. “Get it, Chowder,” Holster whispers.

Shitty just smiles and wipes away fake tears. “They grow up so fast.”

Bitty just watches as Chowder mumbles and stumbles, so clearly nervous. Bitty sees Jack, hidden but still videoing the moment.

“So, I’m doing this here because this is where I realized I love you and told you and,” Chowder starts to ramble. He’s clearly terrified and Bitty just smiles. Farmer looks confused but she’s still looking at Chowder like he’s the most wonderful thing in the world. “After that game against Yale. I realized I loved you and I was so afraid because I’m well, not that cool, and you’re so amazing. And I was going to do this after the Sharks won.”

“Go Sharks!” Farmer cheers and it takes everything for the group watching not to make cute “Aw!” sounds.

Chowder beams and Bitty is just floored at how romantic this is. The first place Chowder realized he loved her. The first place he told her that he loved her. The setting sun casting a gorgeous pink and orange hue on the ice. Bitty feels a moment of jealousy. This was the proposal he thought he’d get from Jack.

“Caitlin Farmer,” Chowder takes a knee and the gasp from Farmer is loud. “Will you marry me?”

There is a long moment of silence. Chowder glances around, clearly terrified. “Um. Caitlin?” he presses.

“Yes!” Farmer shrieks finally. “Oh my God, yes!”

She tackles Chowder onto the ice and the group all stands and cheers. Lardo is wiping tears. Shitty is openly crying and shouting, “Fucking beautiful, man!”

Ransom and Holster are the first on the ice. They high five Chowder, telling him how proud they are. And impressed. Ice sex is cold and challenging. Who’d of thought that Chowder had it in him? Dex and Nursey tackle Chowder in a bear hug.

Jack turns off his camera and stands next to Bitty. They’re both watching the chaos. Farmer is asking Chowder for a long engagement. They’ll get married after they graduate, okay? Chowder agrees. Someone mentions pizza. Shitty mentions a celebratory kegster. Bitty just laughs.

“Thank you for helping Chowder,” Bitty finally says to Jack. “I love that sweet kid.”

“I know. That’s why I did it.” The admission makes Bitty melt a little. And here he thought it was impossible to fall more in love with this man. Though there is something that is still bothering him a little…

Bitty nudges Jack as they all begin the walk out. “I didn’t know you could be so romantic,” he jokes, though still sort of sad that Chowder got HIS proposal.

Jack slows his walk and the rest of the group moves on, leaving him and Bitty farther back, well out of earshot. “I learned from the best,” he kisses Bitty’s hair.

“I always thought,” Bitty begins but his voice tapers off and he can’t quite finish what he was going to say.


Bitty sighs. “I thought that you’d propose to me like that. You know? On the ice, with the sunset.”

Jack tenses. For a moment, Bitty wonders if he’s pushed Jack too far too soon. But really. They’ve been together for a while. It’s only natural that Bitty’s mind would go there. But then Jack’s eyes soften and his lips quirk up and he looks superior. He pulls Bitty into a long, drawn out kiss. The kind of kiss that makes Bitty wish they were in a much more private place. Or at least had a blanket. Good point, Farmer.

“Don’t worry, Bitty,” Jack says, his breath warm on Bitty’s mouth. “I didn’t use all my romantic cards tonight. I have something better planned for you.”

With that, Jack pulls away and begins to walk down the hallway, leaving a blushing, hot Bitty to recover. It doesn’t take long. “Jack Laurent Zimmermann,” Bitty snaps as he rushes to catch the long legged stride of his boyfriend. “You can’t just say things like that and walk away! Good Lord.”

Jack just laughs and Bitty slaps him on his glorious ass, making Jack laugh more.

Frederik Andersen - What did you say?

Request: Can you write an imagine where you have to tell Freddie Andersen you’re pregnant?

Word count: 1322

Thank you,


I blink.

“I’m pregnant. I am really pregnant,” I whisper to myself, tears forming in my eyes.

After trying for months, Freddie and I are going to be parents. I don’t know how far along I am or what I am having but, nothing will make me happier than I am now. It has been a rough and long road but it will all be worth it.

I quickly find my phone to check the time. Practice should be almost over so, I have two and a half hours, give or take, to figure out how to surprise him. I go to the Pinterest app on my phone and look up, “Ways to tell your husband you are pregnant.” I looked for a few minutes seeing examples of shirts, signs and even the pregnancy tests. Nothing seemed good enough until I found it. It was an easy, quick way to have fun with it.

By the time I found out how and when I would tell Freddie of the news, he was due home in 30 minutes. It was a bit of a time crunch but, I think I could get everything set up in time. I pull out my laptop, put on the particular YouTube video I had in mind. Lastly, I had to figure out exactly what I was going to say.

Finally, I figure out what to say to the ginger I proudly get to call my husband. I feel giddy with excitement. It is really happening.

I hear footsteps come up to the door, keys being put into the lock, and the door being swung open. I quickly put the laptop in front of me with headphones in. I play the video in the middle and act like I had been watching it the whole time.

Freddie puts his practice bag down in the entryway and begins to take off his shoes and jacket. Once he is finished, he makes his way towards me on the couch and plops down. I pretend giggle at what was said in the video, to pull his attention to what I am watching.

“What are you watching?” the tall ginger says, leaning on my shoulder.

“You know that YouTuber that I always watch? The one from New York?” I said, not taking my eyes off the screen.

“The one with the funny brother?” He asks.

“Yeah, he posted another video with his brother in it and it’s pretty funny,” I say pausing the video and taking off my headphones, “They are playing a game where one puts headphones on with music playing so you can’t hear anything, while the other says something. You have to read their lips to understand what they are saying.”

“Oh yeah? I want to watch,” he says, repositioning himself so he can see the screen. I unplug my headphones and start the video from the beginning once more. As the YouTuber begins his intro I feel myself begin to get nervous. For the duration of the 7-minute video, anything and everything came running through my mind.

“Are we ready to be parents?”

“Am I going to be a good mom?”

Freddie’s chuckles break me from my thoughts; I look up at the ginger and smile. I couldn’t ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with and start a family. I love everything about him, every little crinkle by his eyes when he smiles, every freckle, and every laugh.

My husband looks down at me, a confused look on his face, “What?” he asks.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” I turn my attention to the outro of the YouTube video. “We should try to play the game ourselves. Come on it will be fun,” I say plugging in my headphones once again and begin looking for a song to play.

“Okay, I guess I down to play,” the ginger shrugs.

“Okay, you put these on first,” I say handing him the headphones. I pretend to think about what I am going to say to him, “Okay, I’m ready. Can you hear me?”

“What?” he yells back

“Okay, I take that as a no,” I laugh to myself. I point my index finger out, gesturing that it is only the first word, “Because”.

Freddie scrunches his eyebrows, I repeat myself, “because”.

“Becca’s?” he yells. I shake my head laughing.

“Because,” I say lower.

“Oh, because?” he smiles. I nod my head indicating he got the word right. I show him two fingers, word two.


“Door, poor, no. You’re?” I quickly nod my head at the last word he says.

“A great.”

He doesn’t say anything, staring at my mouth; I repeat, “A great.”

“Grape?” he says, causing me to laugh once again.

“Great,” He gets it right.


“Husband,” he yells.

“I am,” I say as I point to myself.

“dime?” he laughs. I shake my head laughing along with him.

“I am,” I point to myself again.

“I am?” I nod to him.

“Promoting you,” I smile at him.

“Pro bono due?” he says confused. I can’t help but burst out laughing, Freddie laughing along, knowing he was completely off.

“Promoting you,” I repeat.

He pauses, moving his hand in a forward circle, asking for a repeat. I do as he asks.

“Promoting?” I nod. Pointing at him, I say, “You” once again.

“Me?” he points to himself. I shake my head, repeating myself.

“Oh, you?” he says smiling. I nod.

“to daddy,” as I say the last part I wait, anticipating his reaction.

He smirks, “Oh, so I am a baddy now?”

I facepalm smiling, he was so close. We chuckle together, “Sure babe, whatever you want,” I say laughing.

“to,” I bring up my two fingers to indicate the number two.

“Two?” he says. I nod my head vigorously. One more word.


He leans back in spot on the couch, scratching his head.

“Daddy,” I repeat slowly.

“Daddy?” he asks.

I jump up and down from my spot on the couch, one hand pointing at my husband and the other on my nose.

“I got it?” he says standing up smiling from ear to ear.

“Yeah, now say it all together,” I smile nodding.

“Because you’re a great husband, I am promoting you to da—” he pauses, his face drops, realization hitting him. He gives me a once over. Then a twice over.

“No?” He says in disbelief.

I smile at him, tears forming in my eyes, my hands on my stomach, nodding, “You are going to be a daddy, Freddie”. He takes two quick strides towards me, lifting me in the air, spinning me around.

“I am going to be a dad? Are you serious? We are going to have a little goalie coming?” he asks still spinning me.

“Yes, now put me down before you make both me and the baby dizzy,” I say laughing.

“Right sorry,” he puts me down, “but really? We are going to have a baby”

“Yes, Fred. And, you are going to be the best dad this world has ever seen,” I say looking up at him. He looks down at me, hands on my hips.

“No, you are going to be the best mom. You are going to care for this child the best way you know how to and that is everything that I can ask of you. Thank you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving our child. Thank you for being everything to me and more. My love, we are going to be the best parents this world has seen,” Freddie kneels to be eye level with my belly, “Hey buddy, I don’t know if you can hear me yet. But, this is your daddy speaking. I just want you to know that your mommy and I love you very much. And promise to do everything in our power to keep you safe.”

Min skat - Frederik Andersen

Requested by anon: I would love to have a sidney crosby and a Frederik andersen one shot….i love both.

A/N: Thank you @carey-pricemas for the idea. I hope you guys like it.

Word count: 1014

Warnings: none.

Master list

Originally posted by rollingdux

You are incredibly jealous. You are also very pregnant, but jealous nonetheless. Today is your little girl’s birthday and you wish you could join her and your fiancé on the ice. Aila has been playing hockey since she was two and a half and could stumble on the ice by herself. Freddie had wanted to put the pads on her since the first minute, but you didn’t want your baby to be in front of the net stopping pucks so, after countless discussions over it, Freddie and you decided that when she would try the ‘goalie thing’ when she turned 4… Today is the day, and Freddie hasn’t wasted a minute in putting his little girl in full gear.

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Dramatic- Carter Hart

Originally posted by dyllarkin

Ok so here we go! A little baby goalie loving for you all! And if this isn’t me idk what is so I hope someone can #relate as well! Lol! Enjoy guys!

Warning: drama, mentions of death

@santa-fes Request: Hello fren, could u pls write me somethin bc I am not havin a good time atm. If u could it would be much appreciated. Thank you katie 💕


              You were laying on the couch, your arm thrown over your face, taking deep breaths when Carter came home from practice.

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The Bus Accident

@sadghostfish asked:
I have a new headcanon, if you’d like to hear it. hc: chowder is great in crises/emergencies well once he gets past the initial panic of the situation. Like He is the person you want there during an emergency. How the team or specific characters find this out is totally up to you. (Feel free to ignore this I just wanted to share this with someone)


•So our sweet baby son chowder maybe a cute little ball of goalie sunshine, but Christopher Chow handles his business.
•he knows first aid, cpr, the heimlick, etc.
•his friend almost died in a tragic car accident when chowder was little, and if it weren’t for the EMTs quick action his friend wouldn’t be here today
•Chowder was inspired and 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and a shit ton of certification classes later chowder is capable of saving everyone’s life
•But no one knows this until on the way back from an away game one night
•the bus driver falls asleep and crashes into a tree. There’s glass, LOTS of glass. Cuts bruises a little blood. Nothing Chowder can’t handle.
•So our son gets to work, using the tweezers, anti bacterial spray, and band aids out the buses first aid kit to patch up the bros cut by glass, gives the frogs mini ice packs for the bruises.
•He puts r&h on clean duty to try and sweep out all the shattered glass so no one gets hurt for a second time, and orders bitty to call the police and report the accident.
•Chowders calm demeanor and swift instructions kept everyone even the coaches from panicking.
•And now every time something slightly life threatening happens in the haus they call Chowder for help because he always knows what to do in time of a kinda crisis. He’s the most useful at kegsters. He keeps hundreds of college students from getting alcohol poisoning (he patrols more than parties tbh)
•And now the new frogs call Chowder Doc Chow just to make him smile

Freddie Andersen- Little Goalie

“Freddie! Max! Time to go!” I call to my husband and six year-old son, soon after hearing them running down the stairs.

“Okay, lets go.” Freddie says as he grabs Max’s little hockey bag. While Max got his goalie pads and sticks.

“Are you exited to practice with your dad buddy?” I ask as Freddie makes sure Max is buckled up.

“Yeah!” Max yells as I start reversing out of the driveway.


“Okay boys, we have a special guest.” Freddie says as he leads Max onto the ice. The small boy beaming through his mask the whole time.

“Hey Little Andy.” Mitch says high-fiving Max. While Max stays by his fathers side. Still intimidated by all the big hockey players.

Though as practice went on Max got more confident and comfortable, slowly separating from his dad to talk to the guys.

“babe?” Freddie asks while skating over to me.

“yeah?” I ask from my place sitting on the boards in front of the bench.

“Can we have another?” He asks hugging as best he could with all his gear on.

“Already ahead of you.” I reply with a wink.

“what?” He asks not understanding.

“I’m pregnant again.” I reply. Shortly after I am no longer on the bench but in Freddie’s arms as he gives me a light kiss on the lips. His smile taking up his whole face.

“how far?” He asks while setting me on the ice his arms around my waist and putting his forehead to mine.

“A month.” I reply looking into his eyes.

“I love you.” He says giving me another kiss.

“I love you too.” I reply then burst out laughing. This was because Mo had shot a puck at Freddie’s butt.

“There is a child here.” He says pointing to Mitch.

“oh and Max is here too.” Jake chimes in laughing.

Just then I feel a small hand tugging on my shirt. I look down and see Max.

“Why are they so mean to Uncle Mitch?” He asks with a child’s curiosity.

“We aren’t being mean. We are teasing him buddy.” Freddie chimes in.

“okay daddy.” Max says as he skates back to the net.

“he’s just like you, you know.” I say tapping Freddie on his nose.

“you think so?” He asks wrapping his arms around my waist.

As we look on I see him trip one of the guys when they get to close to him. Making Freddie and I laugh along with the rest of the guys.

“Yeah, he’s definitely like you.” I say turning around in his arms kissing him again. His hands coming to touch my stomach.

“I can’t believe we are having another little Andersen.” He says tears in his eyes. I see one of them fall so I quickly wipe it away. Kissing him quickly.

“Well we are-” I start to day only to be cut off by a hand pulling my shirt again. As I turn around I see Mitch.

“Freddie, Max tripped me.” Mitch wines like a small child.

“nobody likes a snitch, Mitchie.” I reply petting his head. Everything feeling to good to be true. I mean, I have a wonderful husband and son. I’m surrounded by amazing guys. Plus I’m having another little one.

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

‘Are you going to stop rushing my goalie, little mouse?’

‘You know it’s impolite to talk about another man while you got your hands on my ass, right.’

They’re at a club after the match. They’re drunk. It started as a joke and the punchline is breakfast the next morning.

Alright this picture is my payment for the bet  about what color Parse eyes would be. This is dedicated to  @dexydex @omgpornplease @fabbittle @chyeahnursey @bittyybee @jacksbits @taddietango @limeadepeelsand and @sufferbot

Since there were so many winners I chose the pairing myself, to honor those two interacting on screen for the first time!

AUTOPROMO TIME: I’m starting to post my comic this month, so keep tuned!