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Fushimi's a girl again, thanks to a Strain. The effects aren't going to be wearing off any time soon, so cue Munakata taking Fushimi on a clothes/shoes/accessories shopping trip (where they can spend as much money as they want from Scepter 4's budget). Does Fushimi complain the whole time or does she not mind being kind of spoiled by her captain boyfriend? (Or maybe Fushimi prefers to be spoiled by being showered with electronics instead. Upgrades PDA, laptops, gaming systems, etc.)

Munakata would totally be enjoying shopping with Fushimi, like he figures well they don’t have any spare clothes for Fushimi to wear and her own normal clothes are too big (and Fushimi categorically refuses to wear any of Awashima’s spare teeny miniskirts) so the only choice is to go shopping. Fushimi is not pleased about being dragged along to store after store, like Munakata is not going to let this opportunity for putting Fushimi in a variety of cute dresses go to waste. So say they’re dating in this scenario too and Munakata is using this as yet another opportunity to dote on his boyfriend, like normal Fushimi would never let Munakata buy him clothes but since girl!Fushimi needs something to wear he gets to take Fushimi on a shopping spree. Maybe Fushimi’s also a bit less grumpy about it when Munakata admits that he’s enjoying doing this for Fushimi not simply as her King but as her boyfriend as well, like he wishes to request that Fushimi allow Munakata to spoil her a bit in this particular circumstance. Fushimi crosses her arms and clicks her tongue like fine fine whatever but of course she can’t be completely annoyed about it and ends up letting Munakata have a bit more of his way, actually agreeing to try on a few dresses though she still just ends up buying pants and a simple non-cute shirt. Also Fushimi does figure that if Munakata wants to spoil her at least do it with something interesting so she probably does suggest they check out the electronics store, where Munakata gets to watch Fushimi get about as excited as Fushimi is capable of being over a variety of new tech and computer equipment, which of course Munakata buys for her (and then there are all these random shoppers telling Fushimi how sweet her boyfriend is while Munakata smiles sparklingly and Fushimi sighs and rolls her eyes but doesn’t necessarily disagree).


Some doodles I saved up of the HTTYD girls

When you think about it, from the moment that you’re born, it’s really laid out who you’re supposed to be. Someone else is naming you, buying you clothes - maybe there’s a nursery or room or bed, all decorated with toys on things for your arrival. The first couple years of life you’re just learning how to walk, and talk, and breathe, and move, and be a human. As you get older and your spirit comes out, then you start to gravitate towards certain things whether is music, or people or certain ideas. But the moment that starts to stray from what the “norm” of you has been, then you’re start getting told “well, you’re not being yourself”, “that’s not you”, “you’re not being you”, “you’re trying to be this person”, “you’re trying to be what you saw on TV”, “you’re trying to be this youtuber” or something different. That’s something that I was told a lot. Bottom line, no one can tell you who you are, but you. No one know you, but you. Life is all about growth and character development, and you growing and finding new things, living and breathing like that’s normal, that’s me. (…)

Wear whatever you want to wear, and not everyone’s gonna be on board with it. Not everyone’s gonna be your best friend. At the end of the day you just gotta make sure that you like you. And then all the good people are gonna come out the woodwork ‘cause you’d never seen them, or known them if you haven’t been honest with yourself. 

This is really important, always be yourself! It can be hard, but worth it <3

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what's Amun's opinion on the variety of dog breeds today? and does he have a pet?

he’s absolutely enchanted by the variety of dog (and cat) breeds in the modern day! here’s the first meeting with one of angelo’s friends’ little furballs, all tiny and yappy and fluffy and cute! 

amun had a palace cat back in ancient egypt named nebet, but no pets of his own now. fortunately, there are lots of others around for him to fuss over!