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Little Moon and Stars

↳  ghostl!au  

  • pairing: namjoon x reader 
  • genre: angst  
  • word count: 2.3k  
  • warnings: major character death
  • synopsis:  Things were never supposed to this way. This was not supposed to happen to him. This happened to other people but not him. He was supposed to be there for you, why wasn’t he there? Things wouldn’t have ended this way if had been there…right? 

                                   “Within death, there is a birth”   


Hazy. Everything felt hazy, like a dream. You felt your eyelids get heavier as the bright lights in the room dimmed. Wailing. You heard wailing, it was loud and clear. Your babies. You tried to sit up and look for the sounds but were quickly pushed down by nurses with pitiful looks on their face and that’s when it hit you. There was only one baby crying. “W-What happened?” You spoke in broken slurs “Where are my children…Where’s Namjoon?” It was getting harder to keep your eyes open, your arms feeling to hard to pick up and reach out for someone. They parted just enough for your eyes to find Namjoon being held back by two unknown figures, his voice faint to your ears as he screamed for you with tears streaking his face. You smiled a bit to yourself, thinking “He always was such an ugly crier.” Heavy and cold. Two things you felt all at once until there was nothing.  

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Searching for the missing thief, Ashley cautiously crept through the darkened corridors. Her ears perked at the sound of a distant giggle, and she darted to investigate.

Her trail led her to a wooden door with a frosted-glass window, that shed a fair amount of light from within. A gentle push gave way to a meadow-themed nursery, with a thickly diapered Natsumi in the center, absentmindedly playing with a doll. The tanuki looked up at her old companion with glazed eyes, as she giggled and began to flood her diaper.

The husky’s expression of excitement to see her friend gave way to concern.

“Natsumi, what have they done to you? Are you alright?” She asked, hurrying over to the oversized toddler.

“Good girl,” cooed an unfamiliar voice as the door shut and locked itself behind the bard. “I think you earned a treat!”

Ashley gasped as she wheeled about, reaching for her dagger. A cold blast of energy struck her and her arm went limp.

“Oh dear,” mocked the faerie as she came into view. “We can’t have any naughty little girls in the nursery, can we?”

Her captive struggled to lift her arm to her belt once more.

“Do you really want to be made helpless, sweetie? Or are you just looking for a spanking?”

“Let us go,” Ashley demanded before a pacifier gag materialized in her maw and locked itself in place.

“Much better,” the winged woman chirped as she waved a finger toward Natsumi, directing three thick, smooth stone cylinders with tapered ends, through the air.

The tanuki fidgeted for a moment as the devices worked their way into her diaper, and nearly as soon as she settled back down, her tail shot into the air. In that moment, one of the devices pierced her backdoor, while the other worked its way into her slit. The third device positioned itself perfectly to tease her sensitive button as it began to vigorously vibrate, causing the regressed woman to squirm and moan as she squeezed at her swollen padding.

“If you’re a good girl for me, you’ll get the same treatment,” the faerie explained. “Of course, we’ll be making a few alterations, but you won’t have a care in the world.”

Ashley took a cautious step backwards, looking at her friend in horror as the devices relentlessly assaulted her holes until she reached an obviously powerful orgasm. Her captor directed a faint blue beam at her from her fingertip, causing for the canine to fall back on her rear as she lost all strength in her legs.

The girl pled garbled nonsense from behind her pacifier while the woman approached, leading Natsumi by the hand.

With a wave of her hand, trailing glittering dust in the air, the faerie made all of Ashley’s clothing disappear, replacing it with a simple, purple t-shirt. With the same hand, she gently tapped Natsumi’s nose, imbuing the oversized child with some means of knowledge.

Giggling, the rogue crawled off before returning with a fully-stocked diaper bag and producing a heart-embellished diaper to slide under her companion’s bottom. Ashley screamed through her gag until her captor kissed her forehead and rid her of all thought of resisting.

As her diaper was taped on and her mental state solidified, the young bard felt a cool, firm presence simultaneously force itself into her tight pucker and eager folds.

There's No Such Thing As A Free Ride (2.2)

For OQFixItWeek, Day 4. A follow-up to my piece for Day 2.

It’s funny how things work out.

It’s been a year since they returned to this land, a year since her sister poisoned the curse meant to bring them all back here. A year since she met Robin at that farmhouse and caught the arrow he sent sailing at her head.

Just under a year since her sister tried to roll back the clock on everyone, turn back time so that she could be Leopold’s daughter instead of Regina being Leopold’s wife.

She’d promised that she’d take everything meant to be hers, that she would get everything Regina had ever stolen from her, everything she’d ever wanted.

It’s funny how things work out.

That’s what Regina thinks as she sits in a glider, in a corner of a little girl’s nursery, in the home she now shares with Robin and Roland more often than not. It’s not official, them living here – because Roland is still very much attached to his many uncles, and Robin still very much attached to sleeping on a lumpy bed pallette under the stars for some reason – but it’s been days, weeks it seems, maybe even months now, since they’ve spent more than a few nights away.

And Henry is back, too. Still. Has kept his room here at her place most nights, the over-cramped loft of the Charmings’ abode unable to hold a candle to a door he can close and home-cooked meals from Mom.

Although, admittedly, the home-cooked meals are fewer and further between, thanks to the warm little body resting against her chest as she rocks and rocks.

She’d forgotten how exhausting it was, raising a newborn – even one who isn’t colicky, one who doesn’t cry for hours on end.

Ophelia is a sweet-tempered baby – a pleasant surprise considering she’s the child of the Wicked Witch and a wayward Wizard of Oz. Neither of her parents are particularly mild-mannered or good-hearted, although Zelena has been making strides.

Slowly but surely, with the help of Dr. Hopper’s relentless patience.

She doesn’t have much of a choice, after all.

After they’d managed to get the details of Marian’s death out of her, she’d been given a quick judgment by the admittedly not-very-existent courts of Storybrooke. She’d murdered Marian, she’d murdered Neal. She was to be locked away beneath Storybrooke General in lieu of a proper jail to hold her, that leather cuff still wrapped around her wrist, charmed so that only Regina herself can remove it before her sentence is up.

There will be no secret alliances to free her from the price of her crimes.

Regina visits her weekly, always has, and they’ve slowly formed… an understanding, a sort of bond. She’d certainly inherited the Mills stubborn streak, Zelena, and Regina wishes that she could manage to convince her that she was better off growing up the way she had. Better off away from Cora’s clutches.

But there’s no amount of words that can heal the wounds of a mother’s abandonment, it seems. At least not for Zelena.

It probably doesn’t help that while Zelena lost, again, ended up locked away in a dungeon cell, no freedom, no magic – Regina got this.


With her wispy ginger curls and her blue eyes. She’s Zelena’s mini-me, her child, her baby, and she doesn’t even get to have that. Regina got everything she was ever owed, and then her own child on top of it.

But solitary confinement is no place to raise a child, and Regina is the baby’s only family. It had been a no-brainer, and at least this way, Zelena gets to see her daughter once a week.

It could be worse.

It could be worse, but it’s funny, isn’t it, the way things all work out?

Zelena had wanted everything, and gotten nothing. Regina had wanted to die, to sleep forever, and instead she’s gotten all this.

A full home, and a man who even at this very moment is walking into the nursery, smiling fondly at her and crouching next to where she rocks a milk-sated, burp-soothed baby girl. He smoothes a hand over Ophelia’s so-soft hair, his voice easy and warm as he whispers, “How’s our girl doing, then? Has she recovered from the horrible injustice of having to wear a clean nappie?”

Regina smirks, and nods at him, says, “She has. She’s all clean and dry, and fed, and has decided that the terrible fate of having her diaper removed is maybe not so bad after all.”

“Good,” he grins, his thumb finding a tiny hand and drawing it to his lips for a kiss. “Then I thought perhaps her mother—”

“Aunt,” Regina corrects, because she’s not this girl’s mother, not really. Zelena is, and she won’t take that from her, even if Regina will be the one soothing every nightmare, treating every fever, enduring every tantrum.

No matter how many times Robin, or Snow and David, or even Emma does the same.

(It’s funny, she thinks, how everyone is so eager to call her a mommy now, so eager to make this child hers, when they were so eager to act like she’d been a glorified babysitter and a poor one at that when it came to the years she’d spent raising Henry.)

Robin nods a concession, and amends, “I thought perhaps my beautiful lover might join the men of the house downstairs for a bit of supper.”

“You cooked?” she asked, eyes lighting up at his thoughtfulness, although a little tendril of concern curls in her belly over him attempting to operate any of her kitchen appliances.

“I did,” he confirms. “Henry finally told me about the grill you keep in the garage, and I’ve managed to make a whole meal over proper coals.”

She laughs softly at that, shaking her head. Leave it to Henry to find the solution for the domestic not-quite-bliss.

“Dinner sounds wonderful,” she tells him, sitting up a little straighter in her glider and letting her feet move carefully to the floor.

Robin reaches for the baby and Regina lets him take her, a gentle, practiced transfer of such a precious burden from petite and capable hands into strong and tender ones. Ophelia stirs, her face scrunching, her little legs drawing up as she lets out a tiny fuss, and Regina watches as Robin lifts the baby to his shoulder and shushes her rhythmically, adding a little sway and bounce to each step between the glider and the crib.

He’s so wonderfully tender with children, she thinks. Such a good father.

For the briefest of moments she feels a pang in her middle, an emptiness in her womb that she’d decided would never be filled – but then she remembers. It doesn’t need to be.

They have this.

Two boys of their own to love and share, and a little girl who will never know a life without the both of them. Could never know a day without the both of them, if only…

“Move in with me.”

Robin stills, about to settle Ophelia in her crib, and turns instead to smile at Regina.

He looks a little bewildered as he says, “I thought I already had, milady. I’ve been here every night since you brought her home – save those two spent at camp for Little John’s birthday.”

He’s right, she realizes. She tries to think back, but all those other nights apart had been before her life became a flurry of bottles and diapers and burp cloths and late-night feedings.

She laughs a little, tells him, “I suppose you have,” and then, “But let’s make it official. You live here now, you and Roland. With me, with all of us.”

“As Her Majesty wishes,” Robin says with a grin, pressing a soft kiss to Ophelia’s little head and then laying her gingerly in her crib.

In the home that they share. With the children they’ll raise.


It’s funny how things work themselves out, in the end.

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So intent had Claudia been on watching the woman undress for sleep she hadn’t noticed the bedroom with the small child inside. She started when she saw the golden curls and big eyes staring at her. ‘My mirror image’ she thought to herself.

“No, I was looking for you.” she said quietly with a smile. She stepped into the girls room, her silk shoes making barely any noise on the wooden floor.

“My, don’t we look alike!” she said as she approached the bed, her hands settling on the quilts about the girl. “What’s your name? I’m Claudia.”.

She was entranced by the girl, so alive and so young.  

If Estella had been a lonely child, the sight of a strange girl in 
her nursery in such dark hours may have startled her. It may 
have quite rightly dawned on her to call for her parents and seek 
protection from this mysterious peculiarity. However, lying in a bed 
alongside the sleeping figures of her sisters and the baby in it’s 
cot. The little blonde was hardly one to be frightened by the appearance 
of another little girl in the nursery, especially not one as pretty as this.  

“Estella.” She whispered, sapphire hues darting nervously towards the 
open door for fear of her governess overhearing. 

Little head tilted slightly as doe eyes fell back onto Claudia for inspection. 
The child quietly marvelling just how much the newcomer looked like one 
of her dolls. Her dress, her hair, everything about her seemed so perfect

You look like a princess.” 

377. Baby's first night home (baby series #1)
  • You guys should have known that I was going to do a whole baby series... ~AlliXx
  • Louis: Hadley was like and alarm. Every hour on the hour she was up, crying and screaming like her life depended on it. At first, you let Louis sleep; he's been so busy lately with a new album and writing and recording that he's barely had time to sleep himself. But by the sixth time, Louis decided to get out of bed , "I got her love, you go back to sleep" He soothed, kissing your cheek before he made his way down the hall to your little girl's nursery. He lifted her from the crib, still swaddled in her onesie and rocked her back and forth. "What's the matter, boo?" He cooed to Hadley. Her crying seized a few seconds later and Louis looked down at his little girl, watery blue eyes and pink cheeks made themselves noticeable in the dark room. Louis carried her out of the room, un-swaddling her body in case she was too warm. He brought her downstairs and sat on the couch with he pressed to his chest. "You're so beautiful" He whispered to her,his big hand rubbing her back. Hadley fell asleep and Louis followed moments later with Hadley lying on his chest. The truest form of a daddies girl.
  • Liam: Jaxon eyes wander around the new room, his room. He his dark blue orbs followed the custom airplane mobile circled around above him.It was a gift from his uncle Harry, who he had yet to meet. He didn't make a sound, You had fed him twenty minutes ago and you had thought he was asleep but he wasn't. Even being two days old, you could already tell that Jax was going to be a curious little boy. The mobile stopped and Jaxon's eyes filled up with tears, as soon as the first high pitched squeal fell from his lips, you and Liam had both rushed into the nursery. You lifted him to you chest and rocked him back and forth cautiously, but he didn't stop. Liam tried too, but nothing helped. That's when you noticed the subtle swinging of the mobile. "Liam, put Jaxon in the crib" You said as you winded the mobile up. Liam carefully placed your son in the crib and you let the mobile start. Seconds later the crying had subsided and You and Li watched as your sons eyes followed the circle of airplanes. "Great." Liam stated. "Uncle Harry is clearly Jax's favorite person and he hasn't even met him yet" He finished. You giggled and let Liam pull him close to you.
  • Niall: Niall's eyes shot open as he heard the whimpering of his little girl on his side of the bed. You and Niall had decided to let the twins sleep in your room for a little while for easier accessibility. Both of twins were set up in little white bassinets on either side of the bed. NIall sat up and peered over to Kendall who was fussing in the little rocker. "Shh, princess. It's okay" He cooed, lifting her from the bassinet and to his warm chest. He quickly fled the room in fear of waking up Chase, which would wake you as well. He traveled to the nursery where two cribs sat parallel to each other. "What's wrong, Keke?" He questioned his little girl, using the nickname that the two of you had given her the day she was born, which was only four days ago. Her thrashing stopped and she looked up at her dad, a little coo falling from her mouth. "That's my girl." He praised her. He walked her down the stairs, whispering to her all the little things that he loved about the house and as he went to mention his little study He looked down so see Kendall's eyes clasped shut and her mouth forming a little 'O'. "My beautiful little girl" He whispered, kissing her head. He headed back to the room and placed her in her rocker, attempting not wake you or Chase.
  • Harry: Harry wouldn't let anyone besides you or himself hold Logan. You had to pry the baby out of his arms just to let Anne hold him; even then Harry kept a watchful eye. He was so careful around the newborn, he was afraid that if he wasn't showing Logan all of the attention he could muster, that Logan would disappear.So it wasn't surprising that during Logan's first night home, Harry was the one who responded to his cries. Four twenty three in the morning, Logan's cries echoed through the house, you rubbed your eyes sitting up but Harry pushed you back down. "I've got him" He's said this every hour. He gets out of bed and walks down the hall into his wailing son's room. Logan's lifted from the crib and held tightly to Harry's bare chest. "My boy. What's wrong? Hm?" He cooed, rocking Logan back and forth. He watched as Logan's features change from his mid-wail to calm and peaceful as he bounced in his father's arms. He continued to rock him as he started to trail around the room. Logan's eyes still glossed with tears, studied his father. "You don't have to worry about a think little man, daddy's always going to be here. Always here to protect you. I promise," Harry whispered to him. Slowly Logan fell back to sleep and for the fifth time that night, Harry placed the baby back in his crib, slowly and carefully before traveling back to the master sweet to be with you.
  • It's been way too long and i'm honestly a bit sad about that. I'm on college break so i figured I'd dust this old thing off~AlliXx

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Peeking in little baby girl Irwin's nursery in the morning to find Daddy!Ashton standing over an only-diapered baby girl laying on her changing table, reaching up to grasp what she could of Ashton's grinning cheeks as he repeatedly covered her little face in kisses and he picks her up and places her on his hip and pats her bottom and let's her cuddle up to him omg


Dear Ann,

I wonder when the last time I put you down was. The time I swore off you for good. Cramming you back into the corner of the toybox. Determined to be the boy you knew I wasn’t.
Oh, Ann why did it have to turn out this way? I’m sure you have gone on to play with other little girls. The church nursery a dangerous place for dolls.
But none of them could have loved you like I did.

I remember rushing to the toybox, as my mother’s footsteps faded, muffled by the carpet. You waited for me there. Week after week. The boy toys scattered around the room, just so, camoflauge and secrecy. You were the sin I coveted so deeply.
I named you after Anne of Green Gables, though I never liked the extra E. And you and I would sit for stolen minutes turned to hours by shame and fear. And I would hug you to my chest as if to say, I love you. I will be back again.
I promise.

Sometimes they would move you to the other room.
Those Sunday girls, in radiant fancy dresses that made my tiny suits look like filth and dismay. They stole you, and I would pull their hair and pester them. My mother wondering what got into me. And I would answer “I don’t know”. I’d sin again for you.
Ann I wanted to take you home with me, I did, I swear. I know you were lonely in that room, in the right back corner of the toybox. I was lonely too. I would have if I could.
But I knew better.
And so did you.
Though you were careful not to say.
You talked to me of playing mommy and princess and were never mad when I held you roughly, with my fingers. Boy fingers, dumb fingers that couldn’t cat’s cradle right, that never braided your hair like you wanted.
But you didn’t mind.
I was your little girl.
And you were my Ann.

It was funny to me that you had a name. Because I didn’t, not a real one anyhow, I had a name they called me and I could tell you why. My mom had told me.
But it wasn’t mine.
Or maybe it was.
Maybe I was stuck with it, stuck trying to be that name.
But it wasn’t pretty.
And you thought I should have a pretty name. And let me try out plenty.
And I loved you.

We both had to hide you and me. Or at least to see each other we did. I hid you so no other girls would find you when I wasn’t alone. That was awful watching you play with them. While I played with cars, always cars. Stupid pointless cars. You couldn’t hold a car, cars never talked to you, or let you pretend your hair was long like theirs. Cars didn’t call you mommy or sister or friend.
You hid because you were wanted.
I hid because I wasn’t.
But at least we had each other.
Oh Ann, at least you were there for me.

I wonder when I put you down for the last time. Back into the corner of the toybox.
Determined not to be bad anymore. Not to have to hide or worry, not to feel.
Was it sad in there? Was it hard being all alone? Did it hurt to think about me? And why we couldn’t be together?

I’m all grown up now Ann.
Most of my girlfriends still have their favorite childhood doll or stuffed animal, in some revered corner of their homes.
But you, well as far as I know you are still there, stuffed into the corner of a toybox in a church nursery.
You are still there, in a corner, right next to whatever remains of my 5 year old girlhood.
I hope you take care of each other.
There, in the dark.
I hope you know, I would still take you both home, if I only knew how.

The Lady with the pretty name you always told me I could be