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If Mare Barrow and Feyre Archeron met

Mare: Sooo… I live in a world where humans and people with powers are separated…

Feyre: Same

Mare: Aaand I did something wrong so I had to go live with my enemy…

Feyre: Same

Mare: My boyfriend is the crowned prince

Feyre: Same

Mare: I was betrayed by someone who I thought loved me

Feyre: Same

Mare: I thought I was human until I found out I had powers

Feyre: SAME!!!!

List of songs that you should NOT listen to while reading KC epilogue

  1. Evermore, Beauty and the Beast
  2. Sign of the times, Harry Styles
  3. Say you won’t let go, Arthur James
  4. Demons, Imagine Dragons
  5. All of me, John Legend
  6. Once upon a dream, Lana Del Rey
  7. Can’t help falling in love, Elvis Presley
  8. Millions reasons, Lady Gaga
  9. Say Something, A Great Big World
  10. Photograph, Ed Sheeran

Omg someone help me I’m putting myself in a depression😂😭😭😭