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Bayonetta + Culture: Odette

“These skates hold the soul of the Demon Witch Odette, who traded her soul for eternal youth, transforming into a swan. Residing in the frozen Hell of Cocytus, legend has it that Odette made a pact with the stubborn Demon Queen Odile, allowing her to fall to her preferred circle of Hell. Odette, said to have prided herself on her ice magic abilities, lends these skates the terrifying ability to summon the cold.”

The Odette.

An odd yet unique weapon that you can only put on your feet.

A pair of blue ice skates with some teal in there that is used to spin around, dance, fight and freeze all the angels of Paradiso. If you do freeze an enemy, you are able to throw the frozen guardian of light in any direction you want in order to inflict more damage.

The Odette is loved by a lot of players of Bayonetta. Not only does it make Bayonetta immune to fire on the ground, her overall speed is increased dramatically, during normal movement and during battle.

Oddly, these weapons seems to be paired with the whip, Kulshedra. I’m not sure why…

I’m also not sure what a Cocytus is… what is that?

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