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I’m rewatching The Champion (ep 3) and Homer is pleading with Prairie, trying to convince her to find his championship ring so that he can send money to Mandy to provide for his son. And there is this dialogue:

“We are down here. There is nothing to do about that. But my son is out there every day without a father. It kills me every day to think he thinks I walked out on him.”

Think about little Nina who lost her father. Think about her, every day, believing that he never dies but was simply in hiding. Think of this little girl who grew into a woman full of hope. She never gave up hope.

Her dreams did not lead her to her father, but they led her to someone who was a father. Homer.

She was never able to save her Father. He died and was tucked away into the void, but because Prairie followed her dreams, she was able to endure great trials in order to have a chance at freeing a different father: Homer.

The bond that Homer and Prairie have is so deep, so special, so irreplaceable. It is her great love. And she was only able to have a chance at experiencing it because she was willing to endure so much pain and loss just for the chance of finding out the truth about who she was and what promise life might have for her.


Whenever I do things, I always want to do my best, and not just do my best, but to be the best. I’m ambitous, sometimes a little bit egocentric and narcissistic. I remember my kindergarten teacher describing me to my mom as the girl who always wanted to be the best, to be the first in everything, the one who dreams of being known and famous, that little terrible girl who has ambitions flowing through her veins. As I grew up, I learned that the world is hard, difficult, and not everything comes in a wave of a hand. That most of the times, you really have to work and fight for the things that you want, and sometimes, even if you did your best, your best would still not be enough. But the most important thing that I realized is that being famous or being known by everyone does not equate success. Those are just numbers. A sea of people I wouldn’t know firsthand even if it happens. I realized that I only wanted to be famous in the hearts of the people I love, to be known by the inspiration I give to their dreams, and to the strangers I unknowingly help along the way, and to be at least be a temporary relief in any way to the people who have aching pain in their souls.
—  cynthia go // Learnings // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #28

For as long as I live, I’ll never forget watching President Obama’s inauguration in 2008. My entire school packed into our auditorium to watch the livestream together. I can still remember what the energy felt like in that room. President Bush was really the only president most of us truly remembered, and watching history unfold as he stepped aside felt monumental. It was monumental.

All I can think about today are the women all over the country who should be watching Hillary Clinton’s inauguration. Women in their nineties who were born into a world where they didn’t have the right to vote. Women my age who grew up wanting to be Hillary Clinton. Little girls who would have grown up not even remembering a world where a woman had never been president.

Instead they’re watching a man who, on tape, admitted to committing repeated sexual assault because he knew he could get away with it become the most powerful man in the world. Instead they’re watching President Obama have to step aside for a man who began his political career by spreading racist lies about his place of birth. Instead we’re all watching a man who ran a campaign on hatred and bigotry be elected to the most respected office in our nation.

Today should have been so different. I can’t believe we let this happen.

headcanon that El absolutely loves stuffed animals - like sure, she’s a little old for them, but they comfort her, and they are soft and fluffy, and really for a little girl who grew up in a lab training to be a weapon, that’s what she needs. so she FILLS her bed (the fort?) with all sorts of stuffies - cats, monkeys, pigs, fantasy animals too. is it cute? SHE HAS IT. she says doesn’t have favorites, of course, she loves each one equally, but when she sleeps, she cuddles up to the one Mike gave her because really, anything from Mike is her favorite. 

Life Of The Party

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing!!
Summary: Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?
A/N: I refuse to believe Pietro is dead so here you go this is for all my homegirls who are still in denial like me

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Status&Legenda: Demi Lovato (em inglês e português)

• “A little girl grew up too fast” - Uma garota pequena que cresceu rápido demais. 🌿💜

• “Be the good girl you always had to be” - Seja a boa menina que você sempre precisou ser. 🍃💕

• “But tonight I could fall to soon” - Mas esta noite eu poderia me apaixonar tão rápido. 💙🍀

• “Cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways” - Porque todo mundo é perfeito em maneiras incomuns. 🌿💜

• “Hold on tight, it’s a crazy night” - Segure sua onda, é uma noite louca. 🍃💕

• “I dont know what I’d do without you” - Eu não sei o que faria sem você. 💗🌾

• “I might look all innocent but the ambers are burning inside of me” - Posso parecer inocente mas as chamas estão queimando dentro de mim. 💙🍀

• “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be” - Eu estou exatamente onde eu deveria estar. 🌿💜

• “It’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile” - É incrível o que você pode esconder só através de um sorriso. 💗🌾

• “It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small” - É engraçado como um pouco de distância faz tudo parecer pequeno. 🍃💕

• “Remember love remember you and me remember everything we shared” - Lembra do amor lembra de você e eu lembra de tudo o que compartilhamos. 🌹💚

• “Someone comes into your life and it’s like they’ve been in your life forever” - Alguém entra em sua vida e é como se estivesse em sua vida para sempre.💙🍀

• “Someone you can count on, someone who cares beside you wherever you’ll go” - Alguém com quem você possa contar, alguém que se importa ao seu lado onde quer que você vá. 🍃💕

• “There’s just one life to live” - Só há uma vida para viver. 🌿💜

• “When your hand finds the hand it was meant to hold don’t let go” - Quando sua mão encontra a mão que foi feita para segurar não deixe escapar. 💗🌾

• “You always reading my mind like a letter” - Você sempre lê minha mente como uma carta. 🌹💚

• “You could be my sanity” - Você pode ser minha sanidade. 💗🌾

• “You open your heart and believe in the gift of a friend the gift of a friend” - você abre seu coração e acredita no dom de um amigo. 💙🍀

• “You’re all I see in all these places” - Você é tudo que eu vejo em todos os lugares. 🌿💜

• “You’re the voice I hear inside my head” - Você é a voz que eu ouço dentro da minha cabeça. 🌹💚

• “You’ve got me smiling in my sleep” - Você me faz sorrir enquanto durmo. 🍃💕

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To the beautiful little girl I grew up with

When the boys didn’t want to play with you on the playground and you didn’t know why, I know it hurt.

I know how it felt when you failed to understand why the boys wouldn’t let you onto their side of the playground.

Thank goodness for that one boy with a crush on you who vouched for your masculinity and convinced the boys to let you play with them.

That was the day you realized you weren’t a boy.

You didn’t know it yet, but I was there too.

You used to be filled with so much wonder and imagination. Oh sweetie where has it gone?

When you and your friends played pretend so often that you lost grasp of reality, your life was so much simpler.

When you actually believed the rocks behind your neighbors’ house had magical properties, the world started to look brighter.

Then you quickly realized that it was just a rock when the rock failed to grant your wish: your wish to wake up a boy.

That didn’t stop you though, oh no you kept wishing.

You wished on every star, you prayed every night, for something that never came.

Every morning, you still woke up without anything between your legs.

After that, wishes didn’t seem to matter to you anymore.

As you got older, you decided to become the girl you thought you’d always be.

You let your friends put makeup on you even though you hated how it made you look.

You bought your own makeup eventually but it never looked right.

You would have given it up sooner, but it became a security blanket, your last lingering vestige of femininity.

When you made your first tumblr account, you damn near cried when you stumbled across the word transgender for the first time.

Sure, you’d heard the word before, but it was always shrouded in disgust and sin when the people around you used it.

When you started identifying as nonbinary, your life started to make sense.

You cut all your hair off and the weight of the world seemed to go with it.

The first time you shopped on the mens side of a department store, all of the judgmental looks faded away when the cashier made you feel safe and at peace by complimenting your choices.

You should thank him some day if you ever see him again.

Slowly, you realized you weren’t nonbinary at all but that you were a boy.

Just as you always wished you could be.

I don’t see you anymore, but I see who you’ve become.

I see you everyday in the mirror, in the reflection of my computer screen.

You aren’t the little girl who used to wish you would wake up a boy.

You are a boy who woke up one day and realized it.

Maybe your wish came true after all.