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My hair is currently teal and today at my morning job I was wearing a beanie with the front part of my afro poking out. This car comes through drive and there’s a little girl, can’t be older than three, in the back seat. She is open mouthed gawping at me. I do it back, as a joke, for about a minute or so because I was amused. The driver of the car finally catches on and turns to her and was like “are you gonna say hey to her?” She continues staring. Finally she just utters in awe, “Mermaid!”

I am finally what four year old me wanted to be when I grew up. Thank you little girl for the best compliment I’ve gotten since I’ve dyed my hair

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reddie and stenbrough as parents hcs!!!!!

- bill and stan would be the cutest dads in the world oh my god

- they adopt twin girls and they’re the smallest most precious things in the world

- bill would teach the girls piano from a young age and they play every day for him

- stan explains the jewish faith to them but tells them they can follow whatever path they want, he just wants them to know more about their dad

- they call bill ‘dad’ and stan ‘papa’ 

- their uncle george is literally their favourite person ever, minus their dads obviously

- bill and stan got married after they adopted and their girls got to be the flower girls and they wore matching dresses and little flower crowns and stan cried so much when he saw them

- the girls would be SUPER close with the other losers, especially their godfather’s eddie and richie

- speaking of…

- guess who adopted a little boy and a little girl? its reddie

- the girl ends up exactly like richie, cocky and rude and hilarious and eddie loves her just as much as he loves richie

- the boy was a little shyer, like eddie, and would stick by his side constantly

- the kids keep giving eddie nicknames because they grew up hearing richie call their dad every nickname he could possibly think of

- their personal favourite is ‘popsicle’

- richie is just plan old dad, but he loves it because he feels totally more masculine

- he’s also constantly making dad jokes that make everyone cringe

- their little girl grew up way too fast and started dating early and eddie was so happy for her but richie was ready to beat this boys ass

- “no boy is going to break my little girls heart, eds”

- all four of the guys had play dates with their kids every weekend and the four kids bonded so well and were basically the new losers club

- bev and ben were the ‘cool aunt and uncle’ that always had chewing gum and movies to watch

- but uncle mike’s farm was a fucking blast and that’s how one of the twins got into horse riding and realised she wanted to become a vet

- eddie and richie’s little boy likes bird watching with his uncle stan

- babygirl tozier loves video games just like her dad and beat his high score when she was 9; eddie never let richie live that down

- the kids would always have sleepovers together and always fall asleep in bill and stan’s living room, and their dads would just watch them fondly and wonder how they got so damn lucky


When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend. And when I grew up, he came back. He’s called the Doctor. He comes from somewhere else. He’s got a box called the TARDIS that’s bigger on the inside and can travel anywhere in time and space. I ran away with him, and we’ve been running ever since.

Hidden love

Hi there! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I’m struggling with personal issues and had no motivation to write anything at all. Besides I still struggle with a huge writer’s block but I’m trying to post more! Enjoy this imagine!

(Pic is not mine!)

20 years old (2014)

“Are you cold, love?” Harry inquired, stripping his jacket off to lay it gently around his girlfriend’s shoulders. She leant contently against his side and let him wrap his strong arms around her body. The two of them were sitting on a bench at the nearest park, enjoying the evening breeze that slowly began to set in. A few people were to be seen at the other side of the lake but luckily not close enough to identify them. If somebody found them together that close and told both of their parents, they wouldn’t know what happened as a consequence.

(Y/N) turned her gaze on his face. Her eyes immediately caught the bruise on his right eye. Lifting her hand up, she carefully traced her fingers along his bruise. “Does it hurt too much?” She asked quietly, feeling like it was her fault that he got injured.

Harry led her hand to his mouth and tenderly kissed her finger tips which caused a slight smile on her face. “Not anymore. Don’t you worry, love.”

He and older brother got into a fight in the morning and nobody cared to tell her the reason for their argument. Harry just wiped the topic off by telling her that it was nothing. But (Y/N) didn’t believe him.

You must have seen her brother after he came back from college. Pride radiated off of him as he reported to their father with utter confidence how he caused a black eye on the younger Styles’ face. And her father? Her father just clasped on his shoulder, telling him he did great and that Harry deserved it. (Y/N) was beyond furious and disgusted as she found out about the news and punished both of them, her father and her brother, by not talking to them for the rest of the day, leaving both confused about her behavior. What nobody in her family knew was that she was secretly in love with Harry and vice versa.

And that was a problem. A huge problem actually.

As long as she could remember there was a family feud between hers and the Styles family. Both sides were the richest and wealthiest families in entire London and well-known as well. Her father owned his own company and so did Harry’s and of course there was a rivalry between them. There was always a kind of competition about who was the best and both sides were eager to win. But the situation got out of control when Des Styles almost caused their company to go bankrupt and her father losing everything that he had. (Y/N) was a little girl by then but she still remembered how stressed her father had been in order to save the company. It took him so many sleepless nights and power to find a way out of the problem. That’s all she knew. He came home one day and told his family to never speak a word with the Styles family. The news wouldn’t stop talking about this for an entire week. Everybody knew about that drama.

(Y/N) stuck to his orders. Whenever she had to pass by the Styles’ mansion she made sure to change the street side for not stepping on their ground. She was a little girl and had been afraid.

But the more she grew up the more idiotic she found this family feud. Yes, it may have been a mistake of Des Styles. People tend to make mistakes however why hating on them their entire life?

The hate between both families couldn’t prevent Harry and (Y/N) falling in love with each other.

It was her who felt intrigued with him first. She knew she loved him the first moment she looked into those pretty green eyes of his. There was no day she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Harry had entirely occupied every part of her mind. Whenever she saw him at the hallways in college, her heart would beat faster. She was a nervous wreck around him. Both of them were aware of their background story but this didn’t stop them from talking to each other privately. They were magnified about the other one.

No one knew about their relationship and that was what lasted on their shoulders like a heavy burden. (Y/N) wanted to introduce her boyfriend to her family so badly, to tell them the reason behind her smile and the shining in her eyes.

In college, they had to pretend like they couldn’t stand each other and whenever Harry saw her hurtful gaze when he threw a fake insult at her, he felt a deep sting between his chest. (Y/N) knew there was no meaning behind his words and she didn’t doubt his love for her however she couldn’t get used to it. It simply pained to hear those words coming from his mouth. Harry would always apologize plenty of times, begging for her forgiveness and promising to make it up to her.

People just shouldn’t get an idea of them being together. It was already hard enough to sneak out of the house to meet each other. Besides, they had to spend time together in places, where somebody was rarely around. (Y/N) hated this way. She wanted to scream to the world that Harry Edward Styles was her lover, her boyfriend, her soul mate.

They couldn’t have people get suspicious or they would be torn apart by their parents.

“I’m sorry this had to happen to you.” (Y/N) apologized even though she had no reason to. It was her brother who should do that instead.

“It’s okay. Really, beautiful. I’m fine.”

(Y/N) closed her eyes, inhaling the fresh air. Currently, she felt like she was suffocating.

“Let’s go away.” She said.


“Let’s go away.”

Harry looked at her surprisingly but mixed with a hint of curiosity.


“Far away. Where nobody can find us and we can be free.”

Harry sighed, running his hands along his face. How many times had he thought about that option but failed in realizing it? He never wished to be apart from his family. He loved his mother and sister too much and his father was a man that he admired. But he loved (Y/N) as well, more than his own life, but his parents would never give permission for their relationship.

“I mean it, Harry. Let’s run away. I can’t live like this anymore. Sneaking out of the house to meet you, taking absolutely care that nobody catches us. I don’t want to live like this.” Tears started to overwhelm her, welling up on her eyes.

“It’s hard, we’re limited in just simple things, Harry. I cannot even walk around with you, hug you or kiss you in public. There are so many girls who are throwing themselves at you and I cannot do anything about it. I’m scared of loosing you Harry. I’d rather die than living without you. Please, let’s just run away.”

“Don’t cry, (Y/N). We’ll find a way out of this. There has to be a way out of it.”

She brought their lips to a firm kiss. Harry felt her body shake slightly.

“I love you, Harry.” She whispered against his lips once she pulled away from him, running her hands through his messy curls.

“I love you too, love. Always. No matter what happens.”

As the sun completely set down, they left the park hand in hand. They knew they had to struggle for their love and they would soon confront their families about it but at the end everything would be worth it.

As long as they had each other everything was fine.

Because love always wins.



Unending List of Favorite Characters - A is for Amelia Pond

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend, and when I grew up, he came back. He’s called the Doctor. He comes from somewhere else. He’s got a box called the Tardis that’s bigger on the inside and can travel anywhere in time and space. I ran away with him, and we’ve been running ever since.

i can’t decide what fic to work on next so i’m taking votes. your options are:

a drarry soulmate au where they figure it out in the middle of 2 year and the slytherins and gryffindors end up working together through the years because draco isn’t interested in being on the opposite side of the war as his soulmate

a marvel thor story where loki is the biological child of odin and laufey, and he grows up with the two of them grudgingly sharing custody, so he spends half his time on jotunheim and the other half on asgard.

a shadowhunters story where jocelyn died when clary was a little girl, and she grew up raised as a shadowhunter by luke in the downworld, unknown by the institute. luke relies on magnus to keep clary safe, who in turn relies on raphael. so clary is a shadowhunter raised by the leaders of the downworld.

(but what about your wips! i can hear you crying. do not panic. they’re all still in progress. nothing has been abandoned. It Is Okay)

Why the Thirteenth Doctor is Important

I was a little girl who grew up in the 1980′s (which makes me Really Damn Old, but let’s set that aside.) I didn’t realize it, but I cosplayed all the time.  A yellow shirt? I was Captain Kirk. One of dad’s big shirts with a belt and a stick? Luke Skywalker. A towel pinned around my neck? Superman. Are you catching a trend? All boys.

Let me pause here by saying I have always been and always felt a girl.  Its not that I wanted to be a boy, or felt like I was a boy.  It was just that, to access these worlds I loved, I had to pretend to be a boy.  I even had to engage in this specific self-justification, EVERY TIME, to myself and sometimes out loud to watching adults: ‘I’m really a girl, but I’m just PRETENDING to be a boy.’ This slopped over into my general, non-fandom specific play too.  I did not want to be a cowGIRL, I wanted to be a cowBOY. Not a princess, but a prince.  Because the girl part was always lame.

It took until my 20′s to acknowledge that there were admirable women characters in the fiction I loved. Eowyn, Galadriel, Princess Leia, Uhura, Lessa the Dragonrider, Ambassdor Delenn. But I never told their stories in my head. (Yes, dears, did you think you would grow out of pretending and telling yourself stories? You won’t.) It wasn’t until my THIRTIES that I could throw on my favorite kick-ass coat (the one with the wonderful sexy cut and the flowers worked into the lining) and look at myself in the mirror and mutter ‘I am the Doctor’ before heading out the door to do some Adulting.

And if girls today still want to be Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Superman, they can be, because those are great characters. But the don’t HAVE to leave a fundamental characteristic of themselves to the side just to access worlds that fascinate them.  A big shirt and a belt and a stick? They can be Rey. A tiara and some yellow sweat wristbands? Wonder Woman.  A coat, a screwdriver, and a big cardboard box? They ARE the Doctor.

And that is why I cried, when the Thirteenth Doctor pulled back her hood.

endless list of Disney AUs (12/?)

anon asked for: Belle & Adam + Egyptian The Mummy AU

Belle Carnahan has had a passion for books, particularly rare books, ever since she was a little girl. She grew up surrounded by ancient texts due to her father’s career as a museum curator, and her appreciation for the written works of lost worlds landed her a job as the librarian at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities. 

Adam O’Connell is a notorious treasure hunter who finds the most incredible ancient texts and relics. Belle is always the first to greet him at the museum doors when he returns from one dig or another with his latest haul - many of which have included ancient Egyptian scrolls, priceless royal jewels, and more manuscripts that she can keep an account of.

But when he arrives at the museum with a map that supposedly will lead the pair of them to the lost Egyptian city of Hamunaptra, Belle is certain that he has to be joking. Hamunaptra is, according to ancient Egyptian legend, where the Book of Amun-Ra resides - a book made of solid gold containing all of the Ancient Egyptians’ mythical secrets. Legend has it that it was forged by the gods themselves and possessed magical powers.

But Adam isn’t joking. He’s entirely serious, and a tad giddy; who wouldn’t be giddy over he prospect of finding a book that precious? Not to mention every other treasure undoubtedly hidden in the city.

Laden down with books, tea, whisky and firearms, the two set out for the ancient city with the map in hand. But what they find there isn’t the Book of Amun-Ra - it’s the ancient Book of the Dead. An onyx book filled with dark curses and a particular incantation rumored to be capable of bringing about the end of days. Of course, while rather tipsy on whisky laced tea, Adam and Belle find the prospect of such magic incredibly amusing and utterly ridiculous.

After all,” Belle muses, the book sprawled out in front of them, “No harm ever came from reading a book.

Up until that moment, perhaps she would have been right. But the second that she read the forbidden incantation within the text, a powerful curse was released - and, deep within the tombs below them, a terrifying, vengeful mummy was awoken in his sarcophagus. Things grow very complicated very quickly when the mummy kidnaps Belle, with plans to use her as a vessel for reincarnating his lover from beyond the grave.

It’s up to Adam to rescue her and it’s a race against the clock. Will he be able to save the girl that he’s admired fiercely for years or will she become the undead bride of a reanimated corpse? 


paring: Sam Uley x Reader

fandom: twilight

request: Hey! If it’s not too much trouble, could I request a jealous/protective Sam Uley Oneshot? Maybe like the reader likes Sam but thinks he likes someone else, so they back off and eventually try to move on with someone else (despite still loving Sam) and Sam gets really jealous? Thank you so much ❤😊 ((sorry if that’s too specific)) 

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Waves of the ocean crashing against the shore on a beautiful day. The sun, for once had come out. One of those rare occasions in this town where it always seemed to be raining.
The weather didn’t match your mood, rain would have been more appropriate. The others were joking around but your eyes were solely focus on Sam and the girl he was talking to.
He’d never be interested in you, wouldn’t he? All he ever saw was that little girl he grew up with. Even though that’s not who you were anymore it was all he’d see when looking at you.

“Heading out!” Running out of the house and making your way to the street you yell back at your friend, “See you later Seth.”
A friend from town had invited you for a night out and it had been a welcome distraction. Maybe moving on with someone else would get rid of your hopeless crush on Sam.

After your third drink you were nowhere near drunk but a little buzzed which made it easier to talk to strangers, relax and forget your worries. The world always seemed so much happier and better, though only for that one night. That feeling never lasted, making it a dangerous game.

The guy who suddenly started talking to you got your attention and made you stop thinking about everything that was going on in your head. He was reasonable attractive, not really your type but what did it matter? It was just a conversation, something to keep you busy and your mind from wandering to unwanted topics.
One drink and an hour later he got a bit too close and handsy for your comfort. You subtly move a bit away from him, trying to get some distance and excuse yourself soon after.
“You’re coming home with me.”
Your heart sinks for a moment, shock and horror washing over your face. The pressure on your arm makes you wince. When you turn around, you’re not looking into the face you dreaded to see.
Sam? A confused look passes your face before anger takes over. What did he do in here?
“Sam, what are you doing here?”
“Looking out for you.”
“How did you even know where I was?”
“Heard you talking to Seth earlier.”

It was his protective older brother attitude acting up again. Though he wasn’t your brother or older than you since you were the same age.
“I can look out for myself, go home!” You hiss, his presence making you angry. Even when you tried not to think about him, he magically appeared anyway.
“I will but you’re coming too. I’m not leaving you with this scumbag.” He says, motioning over to the guy you left sitting on one of the tables.
“No, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself and don’t plan on going home alone tonight.” A blatant lie but you wanted him to leave you alone already.
Sam narrows his eyes at you, “If you want to hook up with someone so bad, you’ll do it with me but for now, we’re going home.”
The conversation for Sam is over because he already starts dragging you to the exit without another word. You didn’t want to leave with him but staying wasn’t such a great option either and there was something else on your mind as well. Did he really mean what he just proposed?

I think that one thing Civil War did really well was Peggy’s funeral. Like what always hits me at funerals, especially being young and only having gone to older relatives funerals, is just how much I didn’t know about the person. Like I always remember hearing about my grandma’s accomplishments, (heck, she basically wrote an autobiography) but hearing about them from my mom and her siblings is very different. What they chose as her greatest and most notable accomplishments had a different spin than what she would have chosen, which is very different from what I or my cousins would have chose because we all knew her differently.

So in Civil War, I’m glad we didn’t hear Steve speak at the funeral, because we know how Steve knew Peggy. We, as an audience, know his perspective. I’m not denying that it wouldn’t have been beautiful, but I really think the point was to hear about her post catfa and Agent Carter days. To hear about Peggy’s legacy and impact. Unfortunately, Steve, nor anyone from Agent Carter really is the best person to say that.

That’s why Sharon’s speech is so beautiful and fitting. Sharon tells the perspective of a little girl loosing her idol. A little girl who grew up with nothing but love and respect for her aunt Peggy, the one woman who encouraged her to train hard and devote her life to help Shield protect the world. Sharon never saw the pre-Peggy Carter world, the one Peggy fought so hard to make for her own children Sharon’s generation. Sharon lived through the results. So it’s fitting that she is the one to talk about Peggy’s legacy.

Also, Sharon’s speech and perspective at Peggy’s funeral resonates with every little girl who has had that idol. Every child who has needed that extra little encouragement and unwavering support from their own Peggy, whether it is a great aunt, mom, sister, or anyone else they look up to. The funeral showcases this bond beautifully in Civil War. Sharon is telling to us to never forget these people, and to embrace what they stood for. The loss may be difficult, but by keeping their ideals alive, we won’t loose them. As long as we can keep their words alive, they won’t leave us. Their impact on us might fade, but our minds and hearts will always feel some of it.

In conclusion, Sharon Carter does a lovely job of keeping her aunt’s memory alive with her beautiful eulogy. From this, we learned about not only a new side of Peggy, but also to her legacy in the mcu.


“I don’t want to hear another story. I want to go riding.”

“I know a story about a girl who hated stories,” Old Nan said, smiling her toothless smile.

“Tell me a story about my mother.”

“There was once a girl called Lya. She -”

“Not about me. About my mother.”

“Hush, child. There was once a girl called Lya. She dreamed of living in a castle where everything was just so, where everything was nice and pleasant and beautiful, where everything was in its right and proper place, where fathers did not leave for years and years before returning home only to dream of leaving again, and mothers did not wither into a husk of bitterness and sorrow. She -”

“She married a prince and lived happily ever after. I hate that kind of stories, Nan, you know I do.”

“She grew up and married her cousin.”

“Her cousin? So this is a story about my mother.”

“It’s a story about a girl called Lya,” Old Nan insisted, with a straight face.

“She grew up and had a little girl also called Lya,” Lyanna added, with a wink.

Old Nan maintained her straight-faced expression. “This Lya was a stubborn little girl. More stubborn and willful than her mother. She wanted to go riding even during a snowstorm. She fell from her horse, broke her leg and - ”

“And had to listen to endless stories about a girl called Lya. I’m not going to fall from any horse. I’m a better rider than Ben. Better than even Ned. Only Brandon is better than me, but only for a little while longer. I’m going to be better than him too, you just wait and see, Nan.”

“That’s what the girl called Lya said, before her fall. She broke one leg and both her arms, and it was almost a year before she could mount a horse again.”

Lyanna put her hands over her ears. “Not listening. I’m not listening.” She bounded out of the room, heading for the stables. At the door, she paused and said, “When I return, will you tell me more stories about my … about the girl called Lya? The first Lya, the one who dreamed of living in a castle.”

Life Of The Party

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing!!
Summary: Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?
A/N: I refuse to believe Pietro is dead so here you go this is for all my homegirls who are still in denial like me

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I’m rewatching The Champion (ep 3) and Homer is pleading with Prairie, trying to convince her to find his championship ring so that he can send money to Mandy to provide for his son. And there is this dialogue:

“We are down here. There is nothing to do about that. But my son is out there every day without a father. It kills me every day to think he thinks I walked out on him.”

Think about little Nina who lost her father. Think about her, every day, believing that he never dies but was simply in hiding. Think of this little girl who grew into a woman full of hope. She never gave up hope.

Her dreams did not lead her to her father, but they led her to someone who was a father. Homer.

She was never able to save her Father. He died and was tucked away into the void, but because Prairie followed her dreams, she was able to endure great trials in order to have a chance at freeing a different father: Homer.

The bond that Homer and Prairie have is so deep, so special, so irreplaceable. It is her great love. And she was only able to have a chance at experiencing it because she was willing to endure so much pain and loss just for the chance of finding out the truth about who she was and what promise life might have for her.


anonymous asked:

Is it alright to request a mutual pining fic for Rowaelin or Manorian ?

Of course, Hun!

This took a completely different turn from what I had planned at first, but I hope you guys still enjoy :)

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX


Rowan couldn’t help but stare from across the school cafeteria. Not when she looked like she did. Her blond hair flowing like waves over her shoulders. Full lips pulled back in a smile over her perfect teeth. Rowan could basically hear her laugh in his ears from where he has sat with his friends. Her gold-ringed eyes - eyes that captivated Rowan to this day - were shining bright as she rolled them at something that was said.

Rowan couldn’t help but stare at sophomore Aelin Galathynius. Everytime she was in the room, she lit it on fire. Brightening the air around her.

“Dude. Watch the drool.”

Rowan managed to pull his gaze around from Aelin, glaring at Fenrys.

“I wasn’t drooling.” He snapped before picking up his soda can, taking a big sip.

“Not yet,” Fenrys glanced over his shoulder at Aelin, before turning back to Rowan with a smirk on his face. “But I give it just a few more moments of you gawking at Fire Queen over there, and you would’ve started.”

It took all of Rowan’s strength not to crush his soda can in his hand and throw it at Fenrys head.

“Why not just talk to her?” Connall asked from his brothers side. “It’s not like you two don’t know each other.”

Lorcan snorted as he lunged back in his chair. “I’d like to see the day Whitethron grows a pair and talks to the Bitch Queen.”

“Don’t call her that.” Rowan growled, but Lorcan simply rolled his eyes.

The subject was dropped as quick as it came. Everyone around him started talking about the game plan for their next Football game this weekend. But Rowan found himself watching Aelin once more.

Connall was right, they did know each other. They basically grew up together. Ever since they met as kids, at a taekwondo class. They butted heads from the moment they were paired together. They hated each other at first, until a boy in their class - Cairn - was paired with Aelin for a match and he ended up punching her square in the face, on purpose. Which led to Rowan returning the favour before Aelin roundhouse kicked him in the stomach, blood spilling on her shirt as she did so. From that moment on, they were friends.

For years they hung out. Going to each others houses and hanging out in school. Building forts in the forest behind Aelin’s house. Doing Taekwondo together with Aelin’s cousin, Aedion. That was Rowan’s life for years, and he loved it.

Until he got to high school.

Aelin was still in middle school when Rowan entered high school. Which was fine, at first. Then Rowan joined the football team, and had to spend more time studying. He started partying and actually noticing girls. He was changing. Growing up.

Him and Aelin started hanging out less and less, until they stopped all together. Rowan couldn’t even remember the last time they spoke. Everything between them just, stopped.

Then Rowan entered his senior year. And Aelin wasn’t even on his mind. Until she walked passed him in the hall on the first day of school, and Rowan barely recognized her.

Aelin Galathynius was definitely not the little girl he knew. She grew up. And she grew up into the most beautiful woman Rowan had ever seen.

But despite them being in the same school again, despite walking past each other in the hallways every now and then, they still had yet to say one word to each other.

Rowan couldn’t work up the nerve to talk to her. Which was ridiculous. She was his childhood friend. All he had to do was go up to her and say hi.

And yet, here he was. Just like every other day. Watching her from across the room without her knowing.

What made this all even more sad and ridiculous was the fact that Rowan knew, deep down, he was falling for her. He was falling in love with this breathtaking woman, who had the most beautiful eyes and dazzling smile.

And she didn’t even know it.

“Rowan Whitethron is staring at you again.”

Aelin looked up from her food, her gaze moving across the cafeteria to where Rowan and his cadre were sitting. She watched them for a few moments as they all talked amongst themselves, probably about football or girls.

Her gaze stopped on Rowan for a moment. His white hair cropped short and standing out against his tan skin.The t-shirt he was wearing did wonders for his arms and chest, showing off the muscles he definitely didn’t have when they were kids. Pine-green eyes sparkled as they glared at Fenrys before he leaned back against his chair.

“He is not.” Aelin looked back down at her tray, picking at her chocolate cake.

“He so was.” Lysandra nudged her with her elbow. “He just looked away the moment you looked up.”

“Stop telling lies, Lysandra,” Aelin turned to her friend, a smirk on her lips. “It’s not attractive.”

“Are you calling me attractive, Galathynius?”

Aelin laughed, simply rolling her eyes at Lysandra’s behaviour. She turned back to her tray, taking a big piece of her chocolate cake and eating it.

“She’s right you know.” Nehemia spoke up from across Aelin. “Whitethron always seems to be watching at you.”

“As much as I hate to say this,” Manon stepped in. “Most of the guys and girls in this hell hole watch Bitch Queen here. She’s hot.”

Aelin placed a hand on her heart as she turned to Manon. “Did you actually just compliment me, Blackbeak?”

“Don’t get use to it.”

“Why don’t you just talk to him?” Elide asked from her girlfriends side. “You guys did grow up together, didn’t you.”

“I’m not going to talk to him.” Aelin leaned back against her chair. “Yes, we grew up together. But the last time we spoke, I was like 12. He probably doesn’t even recognize or remember me now.”

“Impossible.” Aedion pulled into a seat next to Lysandra as he smiled at Aelin. “No one forgets us Ashryvers.”

“Aedion, guess what.” Lysandra’s eyes held a sparkle in them as she spoke. “Your cousin thinks I’m attractive.”

“Of course she does.” Aedion leaned in, placing a kiss on Lysandra’s lips. “Us Ashryvers also have good taste.”

The chatter around Aelin continued on, but she stopped listening. Instead, her eyes landed on Rowan. She watched as he fooled around with his friends, her words from a moment ago coming back to her.

She really did think Rowan didn’t recognize her. They walked past each other in the hallways sometimes, but he didn’t so much as glance at her. She even was walking up to him on the first day of her freshman year, but he walked away.

Not that she blamed him. He was older than her. He started partying and drinking when she was still basically playing with dolls. So it didn’t really surprise her one bit when they stopped talking all those years ago. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

Aelin lost a friend. One of her best friends. And it killed her back then. But what made it hurt even more, was the fact that 12 year old Aelin had a little crush on Rowan at the time.

It was stupid. She didn’t even know why she had a crush on him, but she did. But what made it even more stupid and pathetic was it didn’t go away.

She thought it did. She even had other boyfriends before. But that first day of school, when Aelin saw Rowan for the first time in years, she realized it didn’t go away. The crush was still there.

And the real kicker was, the more Aelin watched Rowan and his pine-green eyes, she realized it was more than a crush.

She was falling in love with Rowan Whitethron.

And he didn’t even know it.

My two cents on the doll discussion today comes down to basically
I grew up like a lot of little girls with a nice Barbie I couldn’t touch on top of my bed cabinet while I was left with baity ladies in a giant bin we kept my bed

Despite the complete disarray of matted hair dolls we had I was not allowed to cut or really alter it in a way that was potentially irreversible(esp bc my sister made tiny braids on a couple that were impossible to remove)

Leaving me feeling like none of the dolls were really even mine if I wasn’t allowed certain decisions like that

I remember the first time a friend asked if I wanted to buy one of his Pokémon games after I lamented not having it
And I was so boggled because kids things aren’t really theirs they’re their parent’s you know?

Add to the fact we didn’t get allowance so didn’t buy any of our own things they weren’t really ours anyway I suppose

Anyway the point of the matter is while I don’t think my mom was really in the wrong about me being careful with my dolls as any child should be taught

It was incredibly cathartic when at 19 I bought a my little pony and was able to actually cut its mane. It felt so sinful. But you know I wasn’t exactly planning on selling it nor was I a 3 year old with scissors

Still there’s always such an ingrained fear of ruining something I KNOW I’ll be gentle with

But growing up there was no room for mistakes

Which is also the same reason we have so many unopened craft kits because I was told to be incredibly careful and not “waste” it
When that’s exactly the way you learn

Older Damian Wayne X Reader “Because You’re Perfect” Part 3

Part One, Part Two

Requested by: @jazminblake

Prompt: “Hey love I was wondering if you can make an imagine with Jason Todd or Damian Wayne based on the song earned it by the weeknd. And to add on to my request have the reader be a total badass. The reader is really captivating, smart, sarcastic, strong willed, just perfect in general. And I hope this is not too much but have one of the settings be at a gala? If you do decide to go with Damian have an older version of him.”

Special thanks to: @tinyfandomblogger , @wannabetraveler, @dcuniversefanatic , @jazminblake

Request Tag: @grumpycheshirecat , @gcc-dc-marvel , @damalseer 

Authors Note: IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!! This might have been the hardest request I have ever gotten, but I did it and I am very happy with it. Jazminblake I really hope you like this story.


This was becoming a lot more fun than it needed to be. Watching Damian Wayne have to work for something and that something was her was a whole lot of fun. He wasn’t what she had expected. He was charming. Though you knew that you should not be flattered. He was on the hunt and you were the prey.

“If I tell you my name would you leave me alone?”

Damian smiled “Maybe.”

You gave a little chuckle. You had to give him credit he was funny and maybe for that you would tell him. “My name is Y/N, L/N.”

Damians smile grew bigger as he said “Now that wasn’t so hard now was it?”

You smiled back “It was, extremely.”

This was turning out to be quite a fun game that they were both playing. “You are not what I expected.”

“Really? Then what were you expecting?”

“Well I was not expecting to have to work for you.”

You chuckled at that.

“Would you like to step outside?” Damian asked “It is getting a little stuffy in here, don’t you think?”

“Yes I think it is. But personally I think that it is a little too crowded.” You two started making your way outside when you felt the overwhelming need to be alone. “Umm Damian would you mind getting us some drinks? And I will meet you outside?”

“You promise not to run off on me?”


“Then Y/N I will meet you outside.”

Once outside you needed to think. You were on a balcony overlooking Gotham. A tall building shined in the distance like a shining beacon. The glowing W of the Wayne Enterprise building shined as it overlooked the dark city beneath. This was the world that you lived in. Either you were privileged enough to shine or you were in the darkness watching others shine.

You still didn’t understand why Damian is interested in you though. Surely he must know about your father and his obsession or he just didn’t care enough to know.


You let out a little squeak of surprise to see Damian standing behind you. “You scared me!”

“Sorry for that. Here is the drink that you asked for.” He said handing you a glass of champagne. “I must say I wasn’t sure that you would be here. I thought you would have disappeared by now.”

You smileed as you say “Something tells me that you would have found me.”

“Yeah, I think I would have.”

There seems to be a long pause were neither of you speak. Instead you both look out that the city below.

“Why are you here?” You ask. “With me?”

Damian looks at you in surprise. “Because you out of all of those girls in there look the least happy to be here.”

“Really? And here I thought I was doing such a good job of hiding it.”

“Y/N, why don’t you want to be here? Isn’t this every girls dream?”

“When I was little it was, but then I grew up. I wasn’t even planning to come here tonight. I was planning on just staying at home and reading a good book.”

“So why did you come?”

“Because of your father.”

“My father? What does he have to do with anything?”

“Well my father wanted to talk with yours about some business and he heard that he would be here soooo.”

“Wait is that why you didn’t want to dance with me? Because I am Bruce Wayne’s son?”


“Well you my love are a breath of fresh air.”

His use of the phrase “My Love” does not go unnoticed. In fact those words are played on a loop in your head. No one had ever said that to you before, though you are still weary of him. You still don’t know what his true motives are. So you continue with this little game that you both are playing. “What do you mean by breath of fresh air?”

“Well normally people want to be with me because I am Bruce Waynes son. Now I meet you and you want nothing to do with me. It is almost like you wanted me to earn it.”

“So you don’t care that my father is currently smothering your brother right now?” You say pointing off into the crowd were you father, who is definitely drunk is talking to Bruce Wayne’s adopted son.

Damian just laughs at the sight. “Why would I mind about that? Especially when Grayson doesn’t have anything to do with my father’s business. The real person he should be talking to is me. But you won’t tell him that will you?”

“No I don’t think I will.”

“Good. Now Miss Y/L may I have this dance?” Damian says offering his hand to you.

“You may.”

Damian leads you back inside and back out onto the dance floor. He lifts your hand up and puts the other on your waist, with your own hand on his shoulder. You both then glide across the dance floor in a beautiful waltz to the song “Earn It” By The Weekend.

“Why did you ask me to dance with you?” you ask.

Damian then leans his head closer to yours and whispers. “Because you’re perfect.”

Then moving his head closer to yours and you leaning in as well kiss.