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though she is but little, she is fierce. [x]

This kiss starts out a bit fiercely and desperately. Ladybug wants to save her partner and her brows furrow in concentration. But as she kisses him longer, she relaxes, tilting her head into him. While she started out so focused on her mission, for a moment there, she stops thinking.

im so tired of “dark” magical girl series where there’s a million deaths and plot twists and everything escalates like every episode and it’s all dreary and depressing and look little girls fighting each other how unique and interesting

bring back shows like princess tutu where the stakes are high but it’s not just torture porn for adult men who like to see women suffer

The Littlest Winchester - Search and Rescue

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 733


I love love love love LOVE the Littlest Winchester series. Could you maybe do one where she’s kidnapped by a demon or something? I just think it’d be cool.

Could you do a littlest Winchester One shot where the reader gets taken and dean and sam and angel cassie comes and helps her out. Lots of Angst. Lots of Protective Daddy Dean Pleeassee. DANKE SCHON.


           For the millionth time in three days, Dean curses himself. He’d known there was danger and a high chance that someone would come after them, and yet he’d let his daughter stray away from his side. In his hurry to pack up and leave, he hadn’t noticed her walk across the motel room. Because of this negligence, a demon has her.

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character development

It’s not until Mari comes back that Dia folds into herself again, like a timid little girl. When they fight in the classroom, she finds no solution other than to stare at offer meaningless words she knows they won’t listen to anyway. They’ve never listened to her, not really, so why would they start now? When the three of you are reunited, it’s like nothing’s changed. Kanan is still stubborn and elusive, Mari is still eccentric and overbearing in her excitement, and Dia is still demure.

She hates how all it takes is their reappearance for all the strides she’d taken in the wake of their absence to be made meaningless. Dia had hated being the person she was – shy, perpetually frightened, anxious and unable to speak up or command attention. She’d been like Ruby, once upon a time, only instead of finding comfort in her mouse-like behaviour, she found nothing. Instead, she’d sought to grow. She’d found a role model in Eli Ayase – powerful, confident, with a leaderly presence.

Dia had found who she wanted to be like.

It was a difficult process – learning not to hunch her shoulders, learning to project her voice and most importantly learning how to have presence. She’d sought out the student council to practise, to prove to the world that she had changed, that Dia Kurosawa was different than before. This was her story, her character development.

And yet, Dia muses, all it takes is the reappearance of two friends who she’d thought to have long forgotten her to shatter everything she’s worked for. Instead, she’s just left quivering, incapable of action and incapable of solving before her.

She was exactly the same as she was before – unable to persuade the stubborn Kanan, unable to dissuade the overeager Mari. She was stuck in the middle.

It’s not till Chika enters the room, yells at them all and drags them to her clubroom that Dia sees Ruby a little differently too. Quiet, yes, timid, yes, but somehow confident in her conversation with the other idol girls. Being an idol has inspired something in Ruby that Dia’s never seen, nor even considered (it changed Dia once, too).

Dia folds her arms over her legs that night in bed and wonders if even Ruby is growing more than she ever will. She’s stuck in the past – just a larger version of the seven-year old who tried so desperately not to get left behind by the two people she thought she could calls friends.

She wonders if she will ever grow.


*A huge demon is behind you!*

ACT: fight flailing your arms like a little girl

*You fight like a little girl*

*The demon stops growling and you hear a small purr, he seems to like it!*

ACT: trow to the floor

*You grab him by the jacket and pull him*

*He was distracted with your last attack and he falls on the floor*

ACT: jump on him and give a belly rub

*you jump on his squishy and soft belly and start to rub*

*He gasps and falls completely on the floor, purring more, he seems to like it a lot!*

ACT: keep rubbing

*You rub more on a sweet spot and he starts to kick a bit, he loves it!*

ACT: keep rubbing

*He manages to sit up and you go to rub and scratch under his chin, he purrs more and moves his tail, he is delighted!*


*He gives up on the fight and hugs you, purring a lot in content*


*Hearing Sans´s purr and resting so comfortably fills you with determination*

reborntale belongs to @skellyhell