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I have been a babysitter in a Christian community for over ten years now. Before I say what I’m about to, just know that I love all the families I babysit for and have nothing against Christianity. I actually have my BA in Religion, so I totally understand the pitfalls and high points. 

Over the years, I have seen some pretty terrible things that parents tell their children to protect them from the outside world. I get that parents should do that, but when you start hurting your child’s emotional state because you think your religion says that these things are wrong, something needs to be said. 

There’s this little girl who loves to draw and talk about horses. As an artist, I would always teach her to draw horses when I came by and that would be our thing. With the new Pokemon Go game becoming so popular, I didn’t think anything of it when she asked to see my horse Pokemon. Her mother ripped my phone from that little girl’s hands so fast I thought I was about to have a broken phone. She told me that her daughter cannot play that game because it has monsters and monsters are Satanic. 

Another family who have four kids, three girls and a boy, are a little more relaxed than the previous family. However, I noticed that the oldest girl acts very different, like she’s uncomfortable when I say her name. She told me that she wants to be called Edward, so I started calling her by the name she wanted. She likes to play as Ken, the Prince, the Dad. Her younger siblings started calling her Edward too and she became so happy and relaxed. When the parents came home, everyone was told to stop calling her that. 

This last family, also has four kiddos who greet me with smiling faces and big hugs every time. The problem is that this family is much like the first. They tell their kids certain things are demonic, and these kids are ages 4-10. I’ve been gasped at for things like saying I do yoga, drawing a peace sign, or letting the four year old boy play barbies with us. 

I see first hand what this kind of brainwashing does to children. Yes, brainwashing. Kids don’t have a sense of gender until you teach it. They don’t have a sense of “evil” or “demons” until you teach it. That first girl refuses to draw horses now, afraid that she will get in trouble if she gives it a fire mane and tail. Edward is going to hide how she really feels from her parents which will eventually tear that bond. And the last four kids will be confused as they grow up and see that these things are not demonic and have nothing to do with right or wrong. 

This isn’t fair and I can’t do anything about it.

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Daryl x Reader - I love you (One shot)


3. “Not because I hate you, but because I love you.”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Prompt taken from  hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 2

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, a little bit of angst (just a little, the rest is all love for Daryl ♥

It was supposed to be a drabble but I wrote a oneshot 

Plot: Daryl is upset because he can’t find Sophia and for this reason he distance himself from everybody, even from (Y/n).

It’s been three days since we arrived at the Greene’s farm.

Even if we have to camp outside, in the RV, it’s good to finally stay in a safe place.

However, if our situation got better, something change.

First of all, Sophia got separated from us while we were running away from a horde of walkers.

Everyday all of us went outside, in the forest, looking for her, but without success.

Her disappearance didn’t affect just Carol, but Daryl too.

Me and Daryl were close, he and his brother saved me from a walker at the beginning of the apocalypse, then we grow close when the group left Merle on a roof during a ran. However, after Sophia’s disappearance, he started to change. Every time he came back from the forest, he was angry, he talked back at all of us, including me, and that hurts so much.

Today was no different. I saw Daryl walking to the stable, so I decide to go after him.

“Hey stranger! Where are you going?”
Daryl doesn’t stop and keep walking: “I take an horse and go outside, lookin’ for the little girl”

He sounds annoyed, but I keep talking to him anyway: “Can I come with you? I’m pretty good at riding”

Daryl stops and turns around at me: “Listen, just leave me alone, all of you must leave me alone! Just because I saved your life and open myself to you after what happened to my brother, doesn’t mean that I care about you or that your special. AND NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s true thathe just broke my heart, I deeply care about him, but that was enough to make me angry: “You know what? You aren’t the only one that is suffering. Carol is suffering, everybody are suffering because all of us love Sophia! Don’t you think that I suffer just at the thought that she’s alone and scared out there? Just because you’re upset, it doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone like shit! Especially people who deeply care about you:”

I turn around before he could see my tears, and run toward the farm.


Today I help Maggie and Patricia with the dishes, both of them could see that I was upset, but I didn’t want to talk about that. I just wash the dishes in silence.

I keep thinking about Daryl and the things he said to me.

Of course I didn’t think that he could feel something for me, but I couldn’t believe that I was nothing to him.

Suddenly there was commotion outside, so I run toward the RV.

“What’s happening?”

Shane and Rick were arguing with Andrea.

Rick turns to me: “There’s a walker there, Andrea wants to shoot him but the shot could draw walkers here”.

In the distance I could see a silhouette, it was stumbling toward us.

Without thinking I take my knife and start running in its direction.

As I get closer to it, that silhouette became clear…it was Daryl!
All of sudden I hear a shot and Daryl fall to the ground.
“No!” I start crying and when I finally reach him I check  where the wound is.

In that moment Rick, Shane and Andrea reach us.

I listen Andrea gasps: “oh god, I thought it was a walker”

Anger rise up in my body, I stand up and grab here by her shoulders:

“ How could you!? Didn’t they tell you not shoot?!” I scream while pointing at Rick and Shane who take Daryl up.

“(Y/n) calm down, it’s just a scrape, we take him to Hershel so he can check him up”. 
Of course Shane would back-up Andrea.


I stay with Daryl in his room, he didn’t wake up yet.

I skipped dinner, I was too worried.

Hershel said that the bullet just scrape him, the main problem was the dehydration and the wound on his leg.

Apparently, he fell from the horse.

Suddenly he starts to move and moan: “Where am I?”

I was so happy that without thinking I stood up from the chair and hugged him, forgetting about his state:
“Oh god, you’re okay! I thought I lost you”.

He was confused but put an arm around me: “What happened?”
I tell him about Andrea, and how lucky he was that she hasn’t a good aim, he laughed at that.

Then I decided to leave him to rest, so I got up and start heading to the door when I feel a grip on my wrist:
“Please stay….I need you..I didn’t mean what I told you earlier today”.

I was taken aback; I smiled at him and lay down beside him: “ That’s fine, but I’m still angry at you”.


After two days Daryl was ready to go back to his tent, again he distance himself from us, and , after what he told me when he was recovering I decide to confront him.

It was dinner time so I took a dish for him.

Once I arrive to his tent I give him the food and sit with him.

There was silence, and I couldn’t take it anymore: “Ok, what do you want from me?”
He look up from the plate with wided eyes: “ what do you mean?”

I continue: “Before we were so close, we talk about anything, then you tell me that you don’t care about me, that I’m not special and brake my heart, and a few hours later you beg me to stay with you because you need me. WHAT DO YOU WANT DARYL DIXON?”

Tears start to fall from my eyes: “why do you play with my feelings? Why do you hate me so much”

I stand up, ready to leave him alone, but suddenly he stand up too, and walk toward me: “Damn! It’s not because I hate you, but because I love you”.

I look at him with a surprised look on my face.

He loves me?

“I love you ok? I was scared because there is a chance to lose you, and I didn’t want to suffer. But when I was out there, and I was delirious, the only thing I could think was you, I made it to the farm because of you, you gave me the strength to fight because I wanted to see you again and tell you what I really feel”.

After that he starts to lean down, I stood on my tip and we crush our lips together.

This kiss was full of love and care.

After a while we parted: “I will never hurt you again (Y/n).”
He lean down to kiss me again, the kiss became more passionate, his tongue parts my lips and make love with my tongue.

We went into his tent and started to take off our clothes. That was the best night of my life.


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

I was slump on Daryl’s chest, memory from the previous night come back at me, and I can’t help but smile.

Suddenly I feel kisses on my head: “Good morning (Y/n)”
I smile and kiss his chest: “Good morning babe”

He squeeze me with his arms and say: “You wore me out yesterday”
I giggle: “Told you I was good at riding”

He laughed and kisses my head.

Finally I was happy in the arms of my beloved redneck.

I will never forget the first time I traveled to the Deep South in hijab.

I was born in the south. I was a blonde hair blue eyed little girl with a southern drawl. I rode horses, picked berries, and went for hay rides in cornfields. I felt comfortable, safe, I belonged. Whenever I went back to visit, I was touched and comforted by Southern hospitality. I made small talk with women selling pecans on the side of the road. It felt like home.

A few months after I took the shahada, I was driving through southern Georgia in hijab. I didn’t think twice. I was excited to be home.

Then I pulled over to get coffee. The hostility in the air was terrifying. The stares, the harsh tones, the rude statements I heard muttered across the store. And suddenly, I was physically afraid. I realized this was no longer a place where I belonged. Where I was wanted. The moment I covered my hair, I became an object to be hated and viewed with suspicion and disdain with the very people I once saw as my own.

I just wish, I could in some way, explain the type of courage and imaan it takes for a revert sister to embrace that rejection from the only community she has ever known.

sometime I just think about how easy it would be to market superheroes toward little girls and I am filled with rage

like do these people not realize how fucking easy this shit would be

there’s the dazzler she’s like a popstar and a superhero do you know how many 4-12 year old girls would dig that shit

there’s the wasp and her superpowers are seriously like zapping jerks, flying, and being cuter than everybody else. also she’s a famous fashion designer. and she’s better than you. (like she shrinks and stuff too but mainly her power is being better than you)

she-hulk is like this nerdy chick with the power to get bigger and greener and be spontaneously tougher than everybody in the vicinity like I don’t even know a little girl who wouldn’t slit someone’s throat for the ability to be stronger than all the boys when they pissed her off

little girl likes magic? scarlet witch

little girl likes science? invisible woman

little girl likes spies? black widow

little girl likes aliens? karolina dean

little girl likes bionic arms? misty knight

little girl likes flying horses? wow. guess who has one of those? valkyrie. valkyrie does.

My point is that’s it’s so fucking easy so chop-chop, Marvel, get on it. Seriously, I went ten years of my life thinking superheroes were boys. That’s ten years of you not profiting off of my inability to refrain from buying even the crappiest merchandise you offer if it has a character I love on it. Little girls are an enormous market; they will buy all your shit if you just suggest to them that maybe they’d like to.

or you could just keep on not profiting when you could be making money selling literally any object that has enough space to plaster a female superhero’s face on it. that’s cool too.

Little theory.

Wren is Ted’s son. Bethany is Mary’s daughter. The other parents are unknown. CeCe is the product of Mary and Ted’s relationship. This image represents Wren’s perfect family and the memories he has of them spending time together. CeCe was never present because she was adopted by Jessica. (Same with Spencer, plus she wasn’t directly in this family due to Peter.)

Bethany and Mary were in Radley together, but this was frowned upon due to their relationship. When Bethany was admitted, Jessica claimed to be her mother. She might have been threatened by Mary to do so, so she could stay close to her daughter. This would mean Mary was her aunt according to Radley staff. Remember when Bethany kicked off because Jessica asked her to call her “aunt”? This was actually Mary, and Bethany got angry because she was her daughter and she didn’t want to hide it anymore.

This brings back the whole idea that Wren has been working within the A Team to avenge Bethany’s death. She was his sister and these people were his family, but that was taken away. He might have been sent to Rosewood years after their separation (for reasons I haven’t thought about yet) to find out what happened to her, and in turn got recruited by CeCe (or started the game up himself?). When CeCe phoned Wren to tell her about Bethany- as told to us by Melissa in s6- this was because this is what she owed him. “If you help me, I’ll tell you what happened to our sister.”

In a snippet from 7b promo, it looks like Wren is aiming a gun. This could be at Melissa or Mona, or both, as revenge for being a part of Bethany’s murder. But then again, why not just kill Melissa when he was with her? Well… what if he actually started the new A game up after Cece’s murder too? Both his sisters gone and craving the ultimate revenge. This might make him AD, or it might just mean he has an independent agenda. Either way I definitely think this image represents Ted and Mary and Wren. I don’t think Mary is Wren’s mother due to the incest between him and Spencer. The little girl is more likely to be Bethany due to the horse imagery, but it could also be CeCe. Thoughts? Ideas?

Happy Beginning, Indeed

from the prompt: one shot where OQ are doing it right before the wedding and get there right when they’re about to say their vows. “Sorry we’re late.”, just to try if it works now, ugh. 


It appears that pregnancy makes her horny.

She’s just entered the second trimester, and her stomach is now gently curved, nothing too excessive yet, but given that she’s always been thin, it shows. They still don’t know the gender, and this pains some members of her family – Snow, above all, who can’t wait to know if it will be another boy for David to teach swordfight (Regina has said that no, she doesn’t need the prince for swordfight, she can teach her own children, thank you so much) or a girl to spoil, in the same way she’s spoiling their Annie, whenever she can  steal her from Robin’s arms.

So yes, it wasn’t hard to find babysitters for this morning. Henry was gone before noon, and her heart has skipped a beat when she has seen him with a tie, and a white rose he was probably going to offer Violet soon. Then, Roland had sailed away with Granny, Geppetto in tow, saying he had to test the desserts before the reception. And then it was Annie’s turn with Snow, because the little girl wanted to go and see Aunt Emma’s dress.

“At least we get to keep one kid,” Robin has sighed, once Annie was out of sight, placing his hand above the curve of her belly.

“Mm, not for long,” she has answered. “They will steal her too, you know.” 

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Pass it on.

Last week something kinda cool happened while I was at the barn.

The barn that I am at right now is a public barn; often families with little children walk though to look at the horses. My horse has actually acquired a small fan club.  As I was untacking after a ride on New Years Eve, I saw a couple of grandparents walking with their grandchildren through the barn.

“Do you want to come and meet him?” I asked them. The girls quickly ran over. My horse has grown to understand his role in these situations: he is calm, gentle, and super sweet. I gave the girls treats to feed him. Their grandparents thanked me and said that they would let me finish putting him away. But one of the little girls told my horse that she loved him before walking away. 

I put him back in his stall and saw the family again. I walked over to the girl who had confessed her love to my horse. “Hey,” I said. “Can you do me a favor? I need help making him a snack.”

She jumped at the opportunity. “YES!” As we walked over to get his supplements, she grabbed my hand. “You’re my friend,” she said firmly. 

“Okay,” I told her, letting her hold my hand. I usually don’t like being touched, but this wasn’t too horrible. “I don’t have a lot of friends, but I guess you seem cool.” Then I added, “And I guess you can be my horse’s friend too.”

I taught her and her sister how to scoop the rice bran, then add water, and add in the supplements. She was proud to stir it all up, and her sister happily dumped it in my horse’s feeder.

“Do you need help putting this away?” she asked, still clinging to the bucket. 

“Sure,” I told her. We walked back to my tackroom, and she placed the feed bucket back where she found it. 

Her grandparents, who had been following us this whole time, asking questions about my horse, told her that it was time to leave, and thanked me for showing her around. 

Without warning, the little human wrapped her arms around my legs and gave me a big hug. “Bye friend!” she said. By the smile on her face, I could tell that I made her day, but she will never know that she made mine too.

Stay strong and be kind, because you never know what little girl is out there hoping that one day she will grow up to be just like you. Equestrians are a dying breed, so if you meet a kid that loves horses, do whatever you can to encourage them to chase that passion. We were all those little kids, willing to do anything just to pet a horse. So pass it on.




So to me, this video is really pointing to the fact that internally this girl is a lesbian, or whatever sexuality she has. Apples are generally a “forbidden fruit”, and in Japan homosexual/lesbian relationships are seen as “forbidden love”. She bites into it and delves into a small little Eden. Of course she’s Adam in this Eden (not Eve, since she’s the first “human” there), which is pretty interesting, and she creates an Eve for herself (remember, Eve was made as a companion for Adam). At this point I think she’s confused about her sexuality since Eve is a gender-less, formless blob. Furthermore she’s staring at a prince with a unicorn in the horizon…which disappears. A prince on a white horse is generally what every little girl, in “proper,” society, dreams for. Hence, she was struggling and contemplating where her sexuality stands, especially since society tells her that she needs to be a heterosexual little girl that wants a prince on a white horse to save her. Even so, when she enters reality, she realizes exactly who she is.

This entire video is a delusion, so she starts twisting “reality” to what she wants it to be and starts turning all the women into lilies. Lilies in the anime industry are generally symbolism for yuri or lesbian relationships…basically, in her ideal world, she’s turning all of the women into lesbians. Furthermore, when she encounters a male, she makes him suffer and tear his own heart out; clearly she is not fond of the male sex. And finally, she is shocked to see the pink-haired girl from ME!ME!ME! with her boyfriend. It’s very important to notice that the camera focuses and centers on this girl, not the boy. If her love interest was the boy, then the camera would’ve panned over to his face. The camera stays fixated on the girl, and the words “suki” (“like”) start desperately repeating. Her love interest is this pink-haired girl, and she is utterly devastated. Perhaps her love for this girl is what made her start to question her sexuality in the first place. And maybe her hatred for men stems from spite for the pink-haired girl’s boyfriend.

By the end of the video, she’s lying naked in the boat that is noticeably no longer filled with apples or lilies. The boat is bare like her feelings, and a shadow falls on her, and she lights up. Yes, she has found new love, but notice how the shadow is gender-less. Also, the lack of apples or lilies in the boat could mean that her love for that girl ended, or her love for girls in general ended. We don’t know the gender of the shadow, so maybe this girl is bisexual, or even pan. Who knows, after all she’s still at a young age, trying to figure out her identity and who she is. That’s what the video is about. There’s a ton of imagery and analysis that I didn’t go over, but it’s great that this video can be dissected and interpreted in many different ways :)

One of Our Own

Summary: Lucy wonders what’s it like to have a kid after watching Natsu interact with Asuka on another babysitting job and Natsu might just help her with that.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: K+ (for minor abuse and suggestive theme)


Lucy wasn’t quite sure how she had gotten herself into this situation.


Her day had started perfectly normal to be honest.

She woke up from bed miraculously without Natsu and more often than not Happy in it, she went to her kitchen and made herself some good ol’ bacon and eggs, took a nice and refreshing shower afterwards, went to the guild, and was just chilling there at a bar stool while the guild went on with their usual destructive brawls and loud chattering.

She would have never expected herself to be watching her pink-haired idiot of a best friend slaving himself as a horse to a cute little girl, who was barely the age of 8, as she rode him around the Western styled living room while calling him “Mr. Horsey” out of all things.

“Why was I dragged along into all of this?” The blonde-haired mage sighed as she asked herself the same question for the nth time.

“Because you were worried that Natsu might screw something up and you wanted to make sure he doesn’t for Asuka’s sake.” Happy chimed in beside her before he continued to munch on a fish he got from god knows where.

‘Oh yeah.’ Lucy thought to herself as she let out a groan.

She remembered Alzack and Bisca coming into the guild hall with Asuka and going straight to Natsu, who was then currently duking it out with Gray, and asked him to take care of Asuka for them since Asuka really enjoyed herself the last time Natsu took care of her and the couple had to go on a dangerous job that they can’t take Asuka along for.

Natsu accepted of course, but that got him a hard blow from Gray on the head, but also a beautiful smile from Asuka which was worth it.

Her groan was then answered by a groan from Natsu who then proceeded to slump himself on the floor.

“Hiyah! Hiyah! Come on Mr. Horsey! We won’t finish the race if you slack off like that!” Asuka commanded as she slapped her right hands repeatedly on Natsu’s limp shoulder.

“Uggghhh! Asuka I’m so tired can we take a break? We’ve been doing this for the past three hours!” Natsu complained, although his voice was a bit muffled for talking while his face was flat on the floorboards.

“Awww… okay.” Asuka complied, but she was visibly beacame sad when she did so.

Natsu began to panic when he saw her lips quiver so he then racked his brain for ideas on how to cheer the little kid up before she began crying. The poor dragon slayer clearly had no idea what to do. He was as lost as a man who was lost at sea without a map or anything to guide him.

‘I’m so gonna get into a lot of trouble with Alzack and Bisca if Asuka cried.’ At that thought he began to sweat buckets.

Lucy looked at him sympathetically and then an idea popped up in her head, so she stood up from her comfortable place with Happy on the couch and walked up to where Natsu and Asuka were.

“How about you guys have a tea party. That’s fun and doesn’t require a lot of energy. Plus I’m sure Natsu would find the tea relaxing.” She suggested with a smile on her lips.

Asuka’s face instantly lit up.

“Okay! Okay! Natsu-nii can you go make some tea while I get my stuff animals?” Asuka ordered as she ran off to her room up the stairs to get her beloved stuffed animals.

“But I’m so tired and I don’t know how to make tea.” Natsu whined, not moving an inch on his place on the floor.

“It’s okay, I’ll go make the tea. You just take your time and rest up before she returns.” Lucy said as she rubbed his back before going into the kitchen.

“Aye sir!” Happy agreed.

A few minutes later Asuka was back with her two favorite stuffed animals, a shady looking frilly pink dress, and a make-up kit.

“Wear this Natsu-nii!” She said as she tossed Natsu the dress.

“No way kid!” Natsu complained as he examined the dress.

“But…” Asuka’s lips began to quiver again.

“Alright! Alright! But turn around okay.” Natsu said as his face burned with a mixture of embarassment and anger.

Just as he was about to slip into the dress, Lucy walked in.

“Woah Natsu! What are you doing?!” Lucy shouted in shock as she almost spilled the tea. 

Her face as red as a tomato as she turned around to not look at him.

“He’s changing into a dress so he would look presentable at our tea party!” Asuka answered for him.

“Oh!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Hahahahaha!” She laughed uncontrollably when the thought began to sink in her.

“Stop laughing! This ain’t easy for me!” Natsu retorted.

“Fine, fine.” Lucy complied as she wiped a few stray tears from her eyes.

“There all done! You guys can look at me now.” Natsu said with a huff.

They did turn around and the sight that greeted them amazed them.

The dress suited Natsu surprisingly well. Although his arms were crossed and he was wearing a pout on his face he actually looked cute. At this thought Lucy blushed.

“You look so pretty Natsu-nii!” Asuka said as her eyes sparkled.

But that expression was soon replaced by a devilish smile and glint in her eyes.

“There’s only one thing missing.” She said as she clutched the make-up kit in her hands tighter. 

Natsu was sweating cold sweat again.

“No you don’t!” He said as he backed-up from Asuka.

“Happy! Hold him!” Asuka ordered.

“Aye sir!” Happy complied.

He quickly spread his wings and flew to where Natsu was to hold him in place. 

“Sorry Natsu.” The cat apologized, but his grin said otherwise.

“I thought you were my friend.” Natsu cried.

“Oh stop being such a baby Natsu. Do you need help with that Asuka?” Lucy said as she offered Asuka a helping hand and smiling to herself as she thought of this as payback for all the times he pranked her.

“I would appreciate that Lucy-nee. Thanks!” Asuka accepted.

“Not you too Luce!” Natsu cried even louder.

“Now, now, Natsu-nii hold still.” Asuka said as she held a brush centimeters away from his face.

A few moments later Natsu looked like a complete clown, but to Asuka he looked like a princess.

“All done Natsu-nii!” Asuka chimed.

“Wait Asuka! I think he’s got a little smear on his lower lip.” Lucy said as she drew her thumb against Natsu’s lower lip.

‘Soft.’ She thought in awe.

And did he just shiver? 

Lucy dismissed that thought immediately.

“Now Natsu-nii I want you to meet Mr. Wolfy and Ms. Foxy.” Asuka introduced her stuffed animals to Natsu.

Natsu didn’t budge for a moment as he was still annoyed at what was happening until Asuka poked her.

“Hey Natsu-nii! Are you listening?!” Asuka asked.

“Oh yeah! yeah! Hello Mr. Wolfy and Ms. Foxy.” Natsu said through his teeth as he faked a smile.

“Good! Now will you please pour some tea into their cups Natsu-nii?” Asuka requested with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Do I have to?” Natsu said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Of course you have to do it Natsu-nii!” Asuka said with a little more force.

“Fine.” Natsu complied with a pout on his face as he poured the tea into the small cups.

Not far away from them Lucy smiled.

‘That Natsu, even though he complains a lot, he still does what Asuka tells him. He’s really good on the inside huh.’ She thought to herself.

An hour later Asuka got tired of playing tea party.

“Natsu-nii you can take off that dress and make-up now.” Asuka told him.

“Alright!” Natsu cheered.

“But do it in the bathroom!” Lucy reprimanded him after earlier incident.

Although deep down inside of her she didn’t really mind him changing in front of her as she has seen him without much of his clothes many times before, but Asuka was there so that idea was a big no.

“Fine.” Natsu pouted as he made his way to the bathroom.

After a few minutes he was already back in his original clothes without make-up on his face.

“Natsu-nii! Let’s play Save the Kitty!” Asuka suggested

“But aren’t you tired from all that tea party thing we did earlier?!” Natsu asked in disbelief.

“Nope!” She answered with a sweet smile.

“But Natsu-nii! I promise this game will be fun! You’ll get to be a dragon who kidnaps the kitty and I’ll be the powerful mage who saves the kitty from you!” Asuka explained.

“Say no more kid! You had me at dragon!” Natsu grinned at her.

“Yay!” Asuka cheered.

“Now I’m all fired up!” Natsu declared as they started playing.

Natsu and Asuka played Save the Kitty for hours with Happy! Although Natsu was pretty competitive, but Asuka won every round of their game. Natsu got mad like a sore loser, but Lucy could see that wasn’t really the case. She knew that Natsu just let Asuka win every time.

‘That sweet dork. He’d make a good father though.” Lucy smiled as she thought to herself.

Soon Asuka was barely keeping her eyes open so Natsu decided to carry her to her room and tuck her in bed.

Lucy followed after him.

“Well today was an extremely tiring day, ain’t it Luce?” He said as he shut the door behind him quietly.

“Yeah.” Lucy sighed.

“I wonder what it be like to have one of my own.” She whispered to herself, but Natsu heard her.

“Hmmm what was that Luce? Don’t you mean one of our own?” He whispered behind her ear, a sly grin forming on his face.

Lucy’s face flushed different shades of red.

“You per-” Lucy was about to shout but got cut off with Natsu pulling her in close to his face.

“Shhh Luce, Asuka is already asleep. You wouldn’t want to wake her up do you?” Natsu stated as he brushed his lips against hers.

Lucy was speechless as she stared at Natsu with eyes the size of plates and cheeks as red as freshly picked tomatoes.

And then he kissed her.

It was a sweet and passionate kiss.

And from behind the bedroom door a soft giggle was heard.


Author’s Note: So thank you guys for reading my one-shot! As you guys can see it’s slightly based on the Fairy Tail Omake chapter 378.5: Natsu and Asuka. I don’t know if the summary summarizes the story, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading the story!