Hey everyone, I’m making another post about awesome apps I’ve found that I couldn’t resist sharing on here - but this time, it’s games!! ☺️💕 

Spoon Pets- This is a super cute game made by the same creators of Neko Atsume, so it’s the same in theory. What I love about this game is how it feels more sweet and childlike than Neko Atsume, which is pretty hard to beat! You basically just set out toys and snacks for the Spoon Pets, and all sorts of cute little babies will come visit you! You can also scoop them up and put them in different places, and they even have fun little side games that you can play to get extra spoons ~ If you like Neko Atsume, you’ll LOVE this! 🐰🐹💛🐷🐝

Alphabear- If you like spelling games and cute things, then this is the game for you! It features a variety of adorable bears you can unlock as you beat levels in the game. As you can see in the photo, there are tiles with letters on them - all you do is click the tiles in whatever order you want to make words! It’s good for passing the time, and not to mention incredibly fun 🐻👍🏼 

Neko Atsume- I highly doubt I have to do any explaining for this one, as most of you probably already own this app, or at least know about it! In summary, it’s very similar to how I explained Spoon Pets - you set out food and toys for your kitties, they come to your yard, and you can take pictures of them, receive momentos from them, among other things! 🐱 

I highly recommend all of these games, and the only reason I’m telling you guys about them is because they were too adorable for me to not share with all of you! Not to mention they’re all free, and don’t take up much space on your phone! Happy gaming everyone 😃 

 ~Please don’t remove my caption 🌸💜

  • daddy:it's bedtime little one
  • me:*whiny sleepy voice* but I don't wanna
  • daddy:excuse me? kitten, it's bedtime
  • me:noooooo I wanna stay up and talk to you
  • daddy:are you disobeying me? cause if so then someone's gonna have to stand in the corner
  • me:*quietly whispers* I'm not disobeying. I'm a good girl
  • daddy:well be a good girl for daddy and go night night. okay?

just sayin i have many friends who are verbally and physically harassed by homophobes while walking down the street with their partners and the worst thing i’ve read about happening to a dd/lg couple is that they got ‘weird looks’ bc the girl was wearing a fukcing pacifier around her neck

like my friends are getting shoved and screamed at and shit just for holding hands or looking at each other ‘wrong’ but you drag your shitty kink into public spaces and no one slaps you or even tells you off for bringing that in front of children

More things to do when daddy's out

-Play dinosaur
- Snuggle practice with stuffies
-Build a fort!
-Window shop
-Put together outfits for future dates
-Jump on furniture
-Tell daddy you jumped on the furniture so you get a spanking (you’ll have something to look forward to)
-Lean to cook something new
-Read to you stuffies
-Write notes for daddy to sneak into his bag or something
-Set up a tea party (and invite daddy)
-Set up a stuffie wedding
-Sing nursery rhymes
-Learn to sew in case emergency stuffie surgery is needed
-Make a collage/Scrapbook
LDR specific things:
-Send long “reasons why I love you” messages to daddy to come home to
-Can you draw on your computer? No? Try anyways! Send it to daddy!
-Record yourself singing, or reading, or even talking so daddy has something for when YOUR gone
-Take cute pictures for daddy
-Make a journal of basically everything you do. When it’s full, send it to daddy
-Figure out a present for daddy