Things to never do to ANY little

DO NOT call them baby girl/boy if they are not your little
DO NOT call them your princess/prince if they are not your little
DO NOT refer to yourself as Daddy if they are not your little
It is annoying and can actually scare some littles (like myself).
Instead use terms like: love, sweet pea, hun, stuff like that.

Waking Up With The Sads
  • The last couple nights I haven't slept very well due to bad dreams, waking up, the heat, etc.. So this morning I woke up in a particularly awful mood and didn't do a very good job at hiding it.
  • Me:*gets up & leaves room. Returns with Silky in hand*
  • Me:*stands by the bed and stares at Daddy silently.*
  • Daddy:What's wrong.
  • Me:Nuffin...
  • Daddy:Then why aren't you in bed?
  • Me:I dunno... *sighs*
  • Daddy:*grabs me up and pulls me into his arms making me into a blanket burrito*
  • Daddy:What's the matter babygirl?
  • Me:*mumbles while burying my face in the pillow*
  • Daddy:You know I'm only yours? I'll only ever be your Daddy for the rest of my life. And you're the only little girl I've ever had or will ever have. I love you.
  • Me:*kisses Daddy* I love being your little girl.
  • Daddy:You're the best little girl there is.
  • 💜🔐