little geeky fan art

Geeks Who Draw Challenge // Jan. 2016

Here are the prompts for drawing in January! The theme is “favorites.” What do you like? Who do you like? Share with everyone!

I am going to aim for quick 20 - 30 minutes per drawing and post end of day. Use anything at hand! Napkins! Markers! Food!  

Reblog if you’re joining and use hashtag #GeeksWhoDraw when posting! 

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Something from the ocean
  3. Favorite pet or animal
  4. Favorite TV cartoon character
  5. Favorite book character as a kid
  6. Redesign a book cover
  7. Favorite actress / actor
  8. Draw your horoscope (East or West or both!)
  9. Favorite book character now
  10. A place by your home
  11. Favorite fairy tale scene
  12. Original Character
  13. Favorite brand logos
  14. Main character from favorite manga (past)
  15. Man character from favorite manga (now)
  16. Favorite scifi character / creature
  17. Mythological creature
  18. Your friend in college
  19. Your favorite super hero / super team
  20. Action hero (eating breakfast)
  21. Adult version of a children’s cartoon character
  22. Robot
  23. Something with tentacles
  24. Short comic strip
  25. Something gross
  26. Favorite video game character
  27. Something from your childhood
  28. Zombies!
  29. Icon of place you want to visit
  30. Star Wars / Trek!
  31. You congratulating yourself for finishing!

Background: I started thinking about how I could draw more often to fight off artblock. I compiled some geeky + drawing prompts to keep me thinking about what I love. They’re like geeky little drawing snacks! (Well…fan art, yeah?)

I’m going to put together the list at the end of every month. Draw once a day for 15-30 minutes. Share it with the hashtag #GeeksWhoDraw. The idea is to see how I grow over the year and try and build stories with the prompts.  

Please message me if you have questions or ideas!