little gazette things

Aoi: haaah, 17 years old, that means I’ve started climbing the stairs to adulthood and it’s seriously exhausting ー(^-^;
everyone, thank you so much for the many congratulations this year again!
I hope you guys also have a great day. 
Ruki: Aoi
(Happy) Birthday (image)
Aoi: I didn’t see this! thank you ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎

  • Ruki: phew. is it night?
  • Ruki: good evening
  • Ruki: is there anyone who woke up from this tweet?…I’m sorry about that…
  • Ruki: good morning ( ˘ω˘ )
  • Ruki: today I particularly thought about going to sleep and now I can’t sleep, what the hell
  • Ruki: I heard that when you do stuff on your smartphone or something right before going to sleep, you won’t be able to sleep, you know
  • Ruki: good morning
  • Ruki: huh…
  • Ruki: hello, dear sleepiness
  • Ruki: to those of you who can’t sleep, lemme introduce you to my friend sleepiness
  • here you go ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎つ( ˘ω˘ ) 💦
Ruki at the signing...

Before the signing session, they first talked for a while. When they started, Ruki was like“This chair is pretty high, isn’t it?” and lowered it a little. The guy who did the MC said “The staff actually did that on purpose, so the people in the back could see you as well”.. Ruki looked at the man with a slightly desperate face, decided that it couldn’t be helped and put it back to the way it was before…


  • Aoi: alriiight, I'm gonna find an answer to one of your concerns. is there something you have on your mind?
  • Aoi: I said just one and you guys are rambling on and on about all sorts of random things ┐(´-`)┌
  • Aoi: you know, I'm so good I'd even shock Shōtoku Taishi* so if you leave it to me, it'd go kinda like this:
  • my hand has healed, I can't go out cause a bald guy forbids me to, a secret hideout is secret, I like low-budget movies**, I wanna know the salesmanship of a band, don't eat cicadas, summer is hot that's why, my underwear has a really awesome pattern, about a new song or something, Ruki will let you know at the end of the month so please look forward to it!
  • I forgot the rest!
  • Aoi: we'll continue on RAJIGAZE! so, who's on next?
  • someone said that I'm not on it so much but we decided to settle who'll be on the show next by drawing lots so it can't be helped, you know?
  • it's a fair way to decide it so I can't twist or bend it.
  • actually, I could also tie up the director and just give cues but my voice wouldn't even be heard so I guess, it's too much trouble to even bother.
  • *Shōtoku Taishi was a Japanese prince who is said to have once listened to eight persons simultaneously pleading to him and to have understood every word. After Aoi said that he wanted to answer one of the concerns of the fans they started asking all sorts of things (like if his hand was feeling better, what color his underwear was, where the secret hideout was or what announcement Ruki was tweeting about earlier, etc.) so he answered them all in one go.
  • **I think, he's talking about adult movies but I'm not sure.