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The Truth will bury you in a New York minute.

It amazes me how many people talk so poorly about Alison for lying to the police. First off, how many times have the other girls lied to the police now? Too many freaking times to count, that’s how many. But that is not my point here.

Everyone who’s dogging her for it and “dragging the girls down with her” don’t seem to recalled just WHY she made up her kidnapping story. Even actual characters on the show. -A texted her and said they knew about New York right before she was about to tell Holbrook what happened to her and where she was for two years.

You remember New York. Aria sure remembers New York. That’s where she killed Shana. That’s where she killed Shana with ALL the girls present. They called the police, then fled the scene before they showed up. Not only did Aria kill Shana, they all were there, lied and ran. They are ALL now an accessory to murder. Murder. Accidental or not, Shana is dead.

Regardless of the circumstances, they would be charged with this. They ran instead of coming forward. Or even just staying for the police to arrive. Emily had killed someone in the past in self defense as well (seemed more intentional in Emily’s case while it was an accident in Aria’s). The difference was that she cooperated with the police and was honest about it. The girls ran after killing Shana.

Alison had to make something up on the spot without telling the girls because they were already standing in the middle of the police station with Holbrook looking at them. The most plausible lie she could come up with was that she had been kidnapped for two years. She keeps talking about it because she’s still trying to make the lie more believable while trying to memorize it. It’s a huge, flawed lie, but she can’t take it back. -A would be sure to let Holbrook or Tanner know who killed Shana.


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