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Hi ! I'll start by saying i find your art style really pretty. Could you maybe draw Frans, with one of them as royalty and the other as the assassin sent to kill them (like in DeMetria's novel ^^) ?

Thank you so much!
I’m sooo happy to hear that you like my crappy arts, anon ^^ 
I hope, I get your idea right! I really liked it.

Frans Week:
Day 1: First…. Sleepover


“Sans layed back comfortably after shifting himself for a better position. Having two heads laying at his lap is tiring him to the bone. Well, at least they’re asleep now. Sans reminded himself to be more prepared for the next sleep over as he pets Frisk’s hair while watching TV.”

Has anyone thought of a Fran Bow/Undertale crossover yet?
Underbow….yeah, that sounds nice
I always thought Frisk and Fran looked alot alike and were pretty similar, imagine how much more creepy and sad Fran Bow could be if you could choose to be bad…
Anyway I hope I did a nice job showing a big difference in Frisk and Fran’s body types, I was really trying to. Especially in making Frisk look chubby cause that’s how I’ve always seen them.


So I felt like doing a little sketch of Frans today and got carried away into doing a sketch dump with some other undertale aus that I just adore. Mind you that Error did come out a bit more creepy than intended.

AUs in order;

- Frans, Mergetale - @mergetale

- Gaster!Sans, Underpatch - @borurou

- Error!Sans, Errortale - @loverofpiggies

- UF!Sans, Underfell

- Underswap Sans/Papyrus, Underswap - @underswapped

- Geno!Sans, Aftertale - @loverofpiggies

Frans looks so out of place here haha, they look like they don’t belong to the group but its all what I drew at the same time uwu

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How can one gain the affections of both the Vongola and Varia?

i return

TSUNA: Be compassionate towards others. Be open and understanding, even towards those you might not get along with. Tsuna would probably fall for someone extremely kind and accepting, someone who would try and understand him and encourage him along the way.

GOKUDERA: Be stubborn, challenge him, push him to his limits. Gokudera would probably pretend to hate you and argue with you every step of the way, but deep down he loves the challenge you provide. It makes him think harder and fall faster.

YAMAMOTO: Be spontaneous, be loving, be carefree. I can’t imagine Yamamoto would fall for someone who’s too uptight or strict. With the way Yama lives life, he’ll need you to be able to go with the flow and accept all the little bumps along the way without too much fuss.

RYOHEI: Be passionate and confident in what you love to do. Maybe your interests don’t overlap with Ryohei’s, but that won’t matter because he’ll encourage you to try your best in the hopes that you’ll do the same for him. Be supportive of the things he loves and don’t try to steer him on a different path.

TYL! LAMBO: Be loving and honest. If you express your feelings and stay open with Lambo, he’ll most likely fall for you. It’s hard for him to read people when they bottle up emotions so sharing your thoughts with him will help him a lot.

HIBARI: Be persistent, be determined. Hibari may be hard to woo at first, but if you give up so easily, he’ll lose interest. He’s looking for the fight inside of you. Be brave, but also cautious. A fighter would catch his attention, but a reckless one would have him turn his cheek.

MUKURO: Be teasing, be cocky. Challenge Mukuro and his damn ego. Make him question himself, make him ask himself “how in the world did I fall for you?” I honestly can’t see Mukuro’s perfect match, but I can imagine it’s someone who he never expected himself to get along with.

CHROME: Be mindful and gentle. Let Chrome take things at her own pace. I can see her falling for someone who carefully leads her into a relationship, not someone who dashes right into a relationship too soon. Be patient and caring.

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