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12. Stormpilot

things you said when you thought i was asleep

He wakes in blurred, vague bursts—flickers of consciousness like flecks of shifting sunlight. It’s cold, is all he registers the first time, and then he’s gone again.

The next time, it hurts. Dull, throbbing pain all over that, a few moments later, he realizes is really only his back. He can’t open his eyes, somehow he doesn’t think he’s awake enough for that.

And he’s gone.


Humming. Low, half-remembered notes, a little rough and hoarse. It’s nice, he thinks. Then he thinks, Poe?

The humming stops. 

No, don’t stop.

“I think he’s awake.”

Am I?

“He’s only dreaming, sir. I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet.”

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