little feisty puppy i love you so much

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Can you please tell us about your doggo?

He’s a very good boy! He’s called Tarcin, which means cinnamon in my native language. He’s six years old, chubby, and always up for cuddles. He’s also a survivor and a relentless fighter, he’s had brain surgery when he was 3, he has a heart condition he takes meds for and a problematic knee but he’s still a very excited and lively little guy. He likes to get feisty with other dogs and bark at them, but in reality he’s a softie. He once hid behind me because he was afraid of a teacup maltese terrier and regularly uses me as a shield against our cat. He likes to roll around in grass, eat all the food he can find and ignore toys until another dog pays attention to it.  He sometimes barks at sketchy looking guys when we’re out, he’s a protective gentleman. Here’s him being soft enough to melt hearts:

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“man, i hate going out into huge crowds with you because i always lose you among all the children and i have to peruse through all of them to find you” with Chanyeol cause damn he's tol

“Please for the love of EXO, will you stay close to me” Chanyeol freaked for a second when you tripped behind a crowd of people when he wasn’t looking.

“I can’t help it if I trip Chanyeol” you half snapped, half laughed.

“Well I don’t care about that, you’re really small compared to me. It’s like I’m the iron giant and you’re Hogarth” he shrugged, defiantly.

“well don’t do It again at least, I’m getting grey hairs because of you” he intertwined his hand with yours then bringing it to his mouth to kiss the back of your hand.

“Are you sure that’s not just because you’re old?” he squinted at you.


You laughed, swinging both of your arms together. You walked down the high street together, looking through the windows of shops and him pointing to children’s clothes saying that you fit in them.

“man, I hate going out into huge crowds with you because I always lose you among all the children and I have to pursue through all of them to find you” he stated with his held high.

“Oh you think you’re so great because you’re so tall” you sassed him, walking a little bit faster.

“well you can’t deny that you are small though, I mean…” his hand shrunk to your head. Gesturing the height between you him.

“Then why are you dating me If I’m ‘so small’” you air quoted.

“because it’s you I’m dating; I love every tiny inch of you. From the tips of you small toes to the very strand on that pretty little head” he crouched slightly, his back bent to be eye to eye to you.

He held your chin between his thumbs and fingers gently, tilting your head so he could kiss you softly.

“I love you, y/n” he smiled.

“I love you too, but why do you tease me so much about my height?” you prodded his cheek lightly.

“You get angry so easily, it’s like a small feisty puppy.” You punched him in the arm hard.

“You deserved that.” You walked ahead a little bit while Chanyeol rubbed his arm.

“And I know im cute” you scoffed, waiting for him to catch up.

He could only shake his head in bewilderment at you, before intertwining your hands together again.