little fatties

Yin and Yang

There’s two paths a girl can take when she decides to devote her life to fat and obedience. (Particularly dark fantasies ahead, featuring slobby pet play and AB/DL elements)

Either she’s just an uncontrollable glutton, deserving of the title “hog.” She had always been bigger than other girls, since she binged on everything she could get her greedy paws on. The kind of girl that eats face down, no hands, finishing by belching loudly, followed by a slap on the belly. The kind of girl you can smell from the next room. Her feeder would keep her in a cage, maybe with mud to complete the look. No speaking, outside of oinks and grunts. No clothes, of course. Bathing would occur via a hose once a month. Rigorous feedings by hand, trough, or funnel. She lived to be fattened. She would reach immobility after a large tube feeding. She would try to get on all fours but wouldn’t be able to roll back over. Not that this would really change anything for her or her owner, she’d still be stuffed past full, she’d still be his little obedient piggy.

Alternatively, she could’ve been a spoiled brat. Always bigger than the other girls since she never had to do anything for herself. The kind of girl to demand food be brought to her in bed. Constantly. The kind of girl that has never had to lift a finger. Naturally, her feeder would act more of an enabler. Waiting on her, hand and foot. Pretty, pink blankets and pillows, lights strewn about her bedroom that she would never leave. Frilly pink dresses hid her extra absorbent diapers. She had thought they were a bit silly, but daddy said they’d come in handy and boy was he right! She had no reason to even move a muscle. Nothing but food, TV, and massages from her feeder. Eventually replaced with bottles full of heavy cream, then a pacifier hooked up to a funnel on the other side, so each suckle produced a flow of milk or whatever else daddy wanted. Her vocabulary would shrink as soon, all he allowed on the TV were cartoons. She would reach immobility and not even realize it. She wouldn’t be able to lift her legs for a changing one day. Not that this would really change anything for her or her daddy, she’d still be happily drooling away, she’d still be his little obedient piggy.