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Elrond wants to heal them in any little way he can, even if it’s just bandaging cuts and scrapes.

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It feels to me like the whole Sirion thing and aftermath would have gone the same way, but still *felt* slightly different, with a tortured Maglor and more-together Maedhros - the dynamic with elrond and elros would have been... off, I guess.

“So,” said the man. He knelt so that his long red hair kissed the sand, but still he towered over them. “Which of you is which? I’m sure you’re sick of being asked, but I promise not to do it twice - I have the trick of telling twins apart.”

Elrond and Elros said nothing. The other man, who had dragged them from the cave, was silent too, even when the kneeling man glanced to him with a frown upon his handsome face. 

“We’re your closest kin upon these shores,“ he said when the silence had stretched long. “And so we’ll guard you until your parents return for you.” Guard could be taken a number of ways but he did not choose to clarify. 

“They won’t come back,” said Elrond, who was given to portentous prophecy. 

“You killed them,” said Elros, because you didn’t need the foresight of the Eldar to read bloody blades and corpses on the nursery floor.

The man stood at their backs made a dry clacking sound. They would later learn it was a laugh. He was as ugly as the other man was handsome with a twisted mouth, spindly, crooked fingers, and pale eyes that stared and stared. 

“My brother does not speak,” said the kneeling man, in his place. “And your mother lives, as far as we can tell. It is our hope as much as yours that she return.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

“As I said, we are kin. Do you know us?”

“Kinslayers,” said Elros.

“Fëanorians,” said Elrond.

“Precious little distinction these days,” said Maedhros - for surely that was who knelt before them - as his brother clacked another laugh. “Our people will see to your needs. Pelingil will-”

The grip upon their shoulders tightened and the mute man made a sound that was almost words.

“I do not think that wise,” said his brother.

The sound again, but more insistent and Elrond, despite his resolution, flinched away from those cold, broken fingers. The man let him go and he staggered, righted himself and almost took off running, but Elros was still held and where would they run to now?

“Are you certain?” Maedhros said. 

Ekh,” hissed the man. 

“As you wish.” And then, to the twins, “My brother will have the keeping of you.” He stood, brushed himself off, and was away up the beach, calling orders to his soldiers, as his brother knelt between them, looking from boy to boy with bright, pale eyes.

He made a new noise and tapped Elros’ chest. Even had it not been for the anger and the fear, they would have struggled to make out that tongueless gurgle, and he had to repeat himself again before they could find sense in it. 

Evidently, Maedhros was not the only brother with the trick of telling twins apart, for the word that he had mangled was Elros’ name. 

He pointed at himself. “Fah. Fer.”

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okay but now that we have done feanor + parenting and then in the replies addressed nerdanel + parenting let's talk about how these parenting styles influenced . . . MAGLOR + parenting :-)

I feel like just linking this fanart with @imindhowwelayinjune‘s tags is a cop-out answer even though it’s basically everything excellent about Maglor + twins in a nutshell, so uhhhh:

I like to headcanon Maglor had pretty good parenting skills, and was by this point quite self-aware of just how horrible, damaging, and unjustified the oath and the kinslayings were. IMO he pretty much hated himself, hated the oath, and simultaneously loved and hated his living brother, his dead brothers, and his dead father who had inflicted that oath on him in the first place. And I think he would have been extremely sensitive to the fact that, actually, trying to replace Elrond and Elros’s real parents and give them all the trust and love and affection they should have been getting and trying to make them an unproblematically happy family in such a horrifically twisted and unhealthy situation was not going to work in the long term without causing the twins even more psychological damage than he had already caused for them. Maglor’s own awful inescapable love for and devotion to Feanor would have made him even more hyperaware of, and even more committed to minimizing, the suffering that the twins would experience from the cognitive dissonance and emotional tug-of-war that would result from feeling love and trust and gratitude towards the person who destroyed their lives and did them so much hurt, when they only feel that way because he gave them what they needed when no one else was there for them, and it is his fault there is no one else. If he can’t undo what he did, and can’t bring himself to revolt against Maedhros and the oath enough to go and give the twins up to Gil-galad and Cirdan, he could at least try to make sure that the twins were raised as well as possible, in spite of him. Of course it’s bullshit, rationale-wise, but this is a matter of results - it’s morally unjustifiable on his part either way, but it’s still incredibly valuable to them for him to try to ensure they grow up to be good, resilient, and well-adjusted people, rather than letting them grow up to be warped brainwashed wrecks.

The least-problematic approach would, hypothetically, be to be a detached authority figure and teacher who is predictable, if not trustworthy, and is neither likable nor frightening. Except…kids this young kind of need love and affection and trust and warmth, and since he took away anyone who could give it to them, it’s his responsibility. And it’s near impossible to raise kids without some rapport and understanding, some love and trust and care, emerging in spite of itself, through these day by day interactions, for years on end. After all, it also wouldn’t be helpful for him to be constantly reminding them how he’s a monster who caused their mother to jump off a cliff, that would only make them feel unsafe, insecure, and placating, and do more to soothe his own conscience than help them.

So my headcanon is that Maglor’s approach to parenting, as influenced by his own experience of his father’s and his mother’s parenting, would have been incredibly careful, agonizingly restrained, and as neutral and based around prompting them to work out truth and lies and right and wrong for themselves as possible, rather than delivering these ideas and lessons to them with the weight of his utterly fraught authority behind it, and it’s this respectful distance more than anything that allows them to actually somewhat trust him in a sincere rather than completely circular and twisted manner, though they’d be too small to think of it so consciously. Hence, he cherished them, and love grew between them, as little may be thought. It’s also probably really fortunate Elrond and Elros are, well, twin brothers, and therefore Maglor is only their secondary, not primary, source of intimacy and feedback, they have more of a buffer there to carve out their own vantage point on reality than a single child would have.

I like the idea of Maedhros teaching Elrond and Elros his magic. Being Feanor’s eldest, he inherited the majority of his father’s fire power (save for Curvo), and knows how to manipulate flames and smoke if he puts his mind it.

Elrond and Elros often stare in awe as he pulls out strands of his red hair, watching them as they erupt into sparks and flames seconds later. Or see him blow flames into cold coals, or even heat pots with his bare hands.

Elrond and Elros sit beside him, glued to his side as he goes through the directions and techniques to use his power.

They get their own pots and sit with them in their hands for hours, concentrating as hard as possible to make the water bubble.

Unfortunately, it’s not something they can learn. But that doesn’t mean Maedhros doesn’t enjoy teaching them, and when they’re not looking, he heats the pot up just a little bit, and tells them they’ve already got it.

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Hey hey hey, did Elrond and Elros pick up a little of the Noldo accent?

Excellent question. Unfortunately, the answer is no. By the time the twins were born, most every Noldo had snuffed out their accents in everyday conversation. Maglor and Maedhros didn’t want Elrond and Elros to stick out like sour thumbs, so they were careful to speak with a perfect posh Sinda accent. Except, of course, when they were being teased relentlessly by their two frustrating wards.

HOWEVER, Elrond and Elros absolutely think they can do a Noldo accent, d'ye nae ken? They have never been more wrong about anything. They suck so badly at it, but they’re idiots who won’t stop and they annoy everyone in the process. Gil-galad didn’t have the accent, either, but even he knew it was very, very, very different from whatever nonsense the twins were speaking. The first time they did it in front of Celebrimbor, he maybe cried a little bit about how terribly they butchered it. He later enlisted Galadriel’s help in getting them to shut up for five damn minutes. She, equally appalled by the travesty which was their attempt at a Noldo accent, happily agreed. Have you ever heard a full-blown, 10000wpm Glaswegian conversation? It’s terrifying.

“They’ve a face like a skeplt erse,” Galadriel joked upon seeing their pale faces after her conversation with Celebrimbor.

“Michty me! They look gey peely wally,” Celebrimbor agreed.

This shut them up for maybe a week, but then Elros and Elrond were trying to incorporate all the phrases they’d heard in the conversation into their daily conversations. It was terrible.

An ongoing nuisance in the Silm fandom is the toxic discourse about Maglor, Elwing, Elrond and Elros. I guess everything that could be said about the characters’ motivations has already been said, and is unlikely to change anyone’s opinion that Elwing was a neglectful parent or the Feanorians are Bad Dudes (neither of which, I think, is directly implied in the text). But Tolkien’s wording on a particular subject, I think, is relevant:

He wrote that love grew between Maglor, Elrond and Elros, “as little may be thought”.

First, I’d like to point out that the word was love. Not “complicated feelings”, not Stockholm Syndrome.

Second, this means that this love was unexpected. In the general discourse, it is usually explained by contextual factors: “hostage situation, small kids craving affection, Stockholm Syndrome” vs. “the twins resent their biological parents for their abandonment and Maglor replaces them”. But my point is this:

If a reaction can be explained by contextual factors, it’s not unexpected. It is exactly “as it may be thought”. The odd, the remarkable, must be explained on a personal level. What sort of person was Maglor, so that Elrond and Elros grew to love him, even though the circumstances of their meeting were as bad as they could possibly get? What sort of persons were the twins, so that they could love someone like him, even if they absolutely should not? It makes these characters special and more complex that they behave in a way the circumstances would not have led us to believe. And if you read it like this, there’s no reason to make anyone look worse than they do in the actual text.

ETA: I’m not trying to take away anyone’s headcanon, or telling y’all what to think. I’m merely pointing out that, imho, none of them are necessarily implied by canon, and it’s not worth getting into fights over them. If everyone stayed in their lane, we’d probably be ok.

A fic for xredriverx who was so persuasive in asking that I simply could not say no. So here’s a very, very young Elrond and Elros with their guardians, and I hope that you like it! x

                                                       x  x

“You did not do it then.” Maglor’s voice was low, and gravely he looked upon his brother, who drew himself up against the pillows, folding his knees loosely up to his chest beneath the thick bedcovers. “You will not do it now.”

“Káno,” Maedhros whispered, and the quiver in his voice was unmistakeable. “You don’t understand. It… it doesn’t go away.” 


“These… these things, they… everything that we’ve done, everything that I have done, they don’t fade away…” Sorrowfully Maedhros inclined his head, and even the twilight of his bedroom could not mask the pain that bleached through his eyes. “They’re in my head, still, they’re there every time I close my eyes…”

Maedhros’ voice trailed off, and slowly then Maglor leaned forward to embrace him. Atop the covers Maglor sat, still dressed in his daywear despite the late hour, and he reached his arm around the forlorn slump of Maedhros’ shoulders and squeezed him as tightly as he dared. 

“I know,” Maglor murmured, and beneath his arm he could feel the tremors running through his brother’s shoulders. “I know.” 

“I just want them to leave me alone…” 

At that Maglor winced, despairingly he looked to the shadows that shrouded Maedhros’ bedchamber, yet through centuries of numbing practise his voice remained resolute even as he said: “You have to be strong, Nelyo. For all these years you have been so brave, and now – “ 

A quiet knock sounded upon the door, and Maglor’s speech halted in surprise. Maedhros raised his head curiously, and for a moment both brothers stared in anticipant silence at the closed door. A moment later the knock came again, a fraction louder this time, followed by a shy little call. 

“Uncle Maedhros?”

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“For Maglor took pity upon Elros and Elrond, and he cherished them, and love grew after between them, as little might be thought; but Maglor’s heart was sick and weary with the burden of the dreadful oath.”(The Silmarillion, “Of Eärendil and the War of Wrath”)

Watercolour and gouache on Canson Montval cold-pressed paper, A3 size.

Prints here!

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Heey! For the fic ask thing, #5 for Laying the Foundation. That still remains to be one of my favourite Tolkien fics. I just love Elrond and Erestor. ♡

Thanks!! I didn’t make an outline. I’m really freeform when I write. I get an idea and just see where it takes me. I’ve thought about more chapters for that fic–introducing Glorfindel, the building of the refuge etc. I’d like to get back to that story sometime.

I really like Erestor. I’ve taken to inserting him as a side character in various stories of mine but this was the only one where he is a lead character. To me he’s a Fëanorion holdover. Loyal to Elrond forever, having been with him since Maglor and Maedhros found Elrond and Elros. Pragmatic, blunt, gruff, a little rough around the edges. But weary. Weary of battle, of loss. Imladris is a big change for him but one he eventually embraces wholeheartedly because he understands Elrond’s vision and fervently supports it–although that doesn’t mean they don’t bump heads frequently on the interpretation of that vision!


WIPs and sketches~

- more progress on Thranduil and little Bard (don’t know if I should put a crown or hood on Thranduil yet)

- Little Elros and Elrond

- Very rough sketches of Eärendil & Elwing surfing and teaching the twins

- A study of the wave about to crush Númenor, still needs more work U3U

Maedhros and Maglor: The Saving Angels of the Earendilion?

This was originally a response to a similar post of belegg’s (I basically expounded upon hers with my own view), but then I decided that I wanted to make it into an essay of its own. So it has been adapted and edited to make it into a proper essay.

Disclaimer: First off, I’d just like to warn all readers that I don’t treat the Feanorians very kindly in this essay. It is definitely not my most objective piece, and you’ll see quite a bit of vehemence and emotion in it (probably because it was written in a fit of unhappiness with people who claim that Maedhros and Maglor are redeemed because of this one act). That being said, I would also like it to be known that Maedhros is actually my favorite of the Feanorians, as well as in the top ten of my favorite Tolkien characters. So it is not that this is meant as hate against him.

The idea in this fandom that Maedhros and Maglor were gracious little angels for “rescuing” Elrond and Elros makes me so furious. I mean, I really like the two of them (at least, a LOT more than I used to, because I used to despise Feanor and all of his brood). But their one act of “grace” honestly wasn’t even a true act of grace, when you look at it.

Some say that Maedhros and Maglor were saving the twins’ lives, but truth be told, that wasn’t the case. They knew that Cirdan and Gil-galad were coming for one thing. And even if they hadn’t known, then you can bet that they did know that some of the people of Sirion were still alive—were still alive and would look for the sons of Earendil and Elwing, their lord and lady. True they may have been concerned that some of their men might take the twins and do with them what they did with Elured and Elurin, but they kept the twins safe from their men in captivity, didn’t they? Why didn’t they leave them on the clifftop (bound even, to keep them from wandering), and command the retreat? Their men would have followed, and the twins would have been left waiting for someone from Sirion or Balar to come find them.

No. Their act of taking Elrond and Elros was not an act of grace. It was selfish and nothing else. Whether it was done in an attempt to find redemption themselves (for what they had done to this set of twins’ uncles, as well as Sirion and Alqualonde and Doriath), or else political, either reason was self-serving.

It was an act that did, character-arc speaking, bring about redemption—they saved this set of twins, whereas Maedhros (or his men, as he repented of it later) was the reason for their uncles’ deaths. It was Elured and Elurin again…with a different outcome. Yes it was an act of redemption, and I think it did likely sway both of their judgments a little…for in that at least they DID chose to spare the children, and not slaughter them as they could have. (Yet that still does not absolve them of their crimes. Merely adds a tick in their favor to their tally).

Most of all though, I would argue that the move was a political one—again, self-serving, and even more than that yet another move in their relentless quest for the Silmaril. The act was not one of moving away from their hatred and pursuit. Instead, it was a way to ensure that 1) if Elwing ever returned with the Silmaril, they would have leverage against her. Her twin sons—her only sons—in their hands would be the perfect bargaining chip; 2) they would ensure that, should Gil-galad ride against them, they would have the perfect hostages and, again, bargaining chips needed to ensure that the High King would not do anything rash. They were his kin after all, and the last remaining of his family, as well as of Thingol’s. No, holding Elrond and Elros as prisoners ensured that the remaining sons of Feanor would be in prime political standing, whatever the outcome.

And then one has to wonder—was this in some part recompense for Amrod and Amras’s deaths? According to at least one version of the legendarium, the red-haired twins died in Sirion. It is an old custom for a king to take wards (if a child was left an orphan, the king would take them in, and it is quite likely applicable in the Game of Thrones style as well, where a ward was taken by a victor as a way to ensure that the losers would not rise up and attack (I seem to recall that that is actually historically accurate, although I can find no backing in five minutes’ worth of googling)) (again politics, regardless of the manner in which we speak). But was it deeper even? Somehow some recompense, to take this set of twins from Sirion in payment for the twins taken from them?

It is true that “love grew between them, as little may be thought.” Tolkien states that. But Elrond and Elros were 6 years old when they were taken. They were children, even by pure Human standards, and they were more than half Elven. I am not at all surprised that they grew to love their caretaker, whether he was the one to slay their family and steal them from their home. And there is such a thing as Stockholm’s Syndrome, for those of you have forgotten.

So no. Maedhros and Maglor taking Elrond and Elros was not an act of goodness. It was selfish and self-serving, political and self-redemptive. It does not pardon them for their sins. In fact, if anything, while they spared them and raised them well (and there is no doubt in my mind that they raised the twins well, looking at how both turned out), it is as much of a mark against them as a mark for them. It was not done out of grace. It was not the act of angels.

And don’t you dare try to tell me otherwise.

A very happy (and only slightly belated) birthday to you, xredriverx​! I hope you had a wonderful day, and as requested, herein is enclosed some fic of Maedhros, Elrond, and Elros. Fluffy enough, though spiced with a little bit of sad. And horses. Enjoy, lovely <3

x               x                 x                   x

Sunlight dappled down through the verdant trees of the courtyard, yet a pall of shade clouded over Maedhros’ heart as he trailed his two young wards towards the stable block. 

Through the courtyard they ran, they laughed and chattered as Elros pointed out a large snail atop a leaf fallen amid the grasses, yet to Maedhros their merriment seemed such a fragile façade. Maglor it was who should have been accompanying them, but called away upon urgent business to the North he was, and tentatively Maedhros stepped up to the more fatherly duties of his guardianship. 

Happily the twins went before him, yet into his stomach Maedhros curled his crippled right arm within its leather sling, and a faint wince passed over his face. 

They looked so much like the other two, he thought, the ones in the forest that he couldn’t find, that he couldn’t save. The ones who saw him only as a monster. 

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no request, but it would be funny to see little Elrond and Elros trying to figure out why Maedhros never speaks (because he actually is mute from his time in Angband) and said elf worries that he scaries them with being unable to talk

Aw man, you’re killing me, anon! Mae can’t speak and only has one hand for sign language!? 

(Maedhros is actually a terrible influence on the twins, it’s Maglor who teaches them good manners. u_u)