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  • ARCHIE: [about Veronica] So she told me, "How fucking dare you? You're such an evil bitch. How spiteful and jealous are you? How fucking dare you, Archie. You crossed a major line with me. That shit is not okay, you dumb, evil little fucking troll. You have no idea how much I hate you. You're digusting."
  • ARCHIE: All I did was wake her up.

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GIVE ME SOME ROUGE HEADCANONS I CRAVE SOME (stop giving us feelings while you're at it thanks)

I shall never stop!  Never!

And I’m so thrilled to share some of my headcanons! 

Rouge loves to sing!  She sings while cooking, bathing, gardening.  Rouge never sang much in front of people but after nights together, Roger would wake up to her humming to herself while combing her fingers through his hair.

She’s a florist, she makes her way through life selling flowers.  Hibiscus are her favorites but she love all flowers.  It’s nothing fancy and she can’t afford a lot but she makes it by.

Also, along with the flowers she grows she makes herbal teas and sells those as well.  (And gives them away to people who need them.)

During her first encounter with Roger, she kicked him in the face.

Her dream was to someday be married and have two kids with Roger, though she never expected him to settle down away from the sea.  She sometimes dreamed of sailing off and starting a family with him on the open sea.

Before Roger she wore a yellow hibiscus on her right side but switched it to a red on her left after her and Roger declared their affections.  (I adopted the symbolism from Hawaiian culture where single women wore the flower on their right and ‘taken’ woman wore it on their left.  Don’t quote me on that though, it was ages ago when I read it.)

Rouge is fiercely protective.  You mess with her people, you’ll see that her sweet smiles and calm voice hide a mean bite.

just a little dumb curious question I think about now

if you enter VRains in Den City, Japan (I assume), will the “access point” still be in Den City? are they somehow marked or is VRains a closed “area” only available in Den City?

Yusaku: time to get back home *uses an access point* uhm… *looks around and finds the Brandenburg Gate before him* …WHY THE HELL AM I NOW IN BERLIN!?!?!?


Have a very drarry Christmas!

(i know it’s past i’m sorry) but this one’s for ya’ll! Thank you so much for everything, these past months have been so much fun ヾ(♡ ³♡)ノ Especially @avoidakedavra for being the sweetest and most supportive person ever

tbh i love how Coran’s Concerned Parent Mode activates when he sees Lance walk by him all upset like

“why is my son cry??”

it was really nice of him to go check on Lance and talk to him? 

thank you Coran for being there for the blue shitlord.


RWBY + first and last shots all together in each season

                                                                      [  Ruby  |  Weiss  |  Blake  |  Yang  ]


“The original novel [Dumb Witness] was dedicated to her [Agatha Christie’s] own wire-haired terrier - ‘To dear Peter,’ it read, 'most faithful of friends and dearest of companions. A dog in a thousand.’
I felt exactly the same way about the terrier in our film. He captivated me from the moment I set eyes on him. The little dog, whose real name was actually Snubby, became my dear friend. [..] My now ever-expanding fan club wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed it [the episode], so they also told me, the sales of wire-haired terriers shot up exponentially after it was shown for the first time in March 1996.”
- David Suchet, Poirot and Me