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Always Loved

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x reader
Word Count: 1,441ish
A/N: Anon Request: “I feel like there is little to none Hercules x reader let alone a smut. Soooo can you make a Hercules x reader smut??? like he holds your hand as he screws you??? I need that in my life.”
Petition for more Herc smut in all our lives!! Hope I did okay!

Work had you practically pulling your hair out. You were beyond frustrated, no one took you seriously and you just wanted to prove that you were worth something, but no. They kept you as a secretary, even after you showed your bosses that you could write splendidly. Everyday Mr. Lee refused to let you into meetings and he constantly made degrading comments towards you. It made you feel worthless and taken for granted. 

You sat at your little desk as the work day was coming to an end. Today had been a terrible, you just wanted to cry. All the negative comments towards you had you feeling completely useless and worthless. You sighed as you said goodbye to everyone leaving the floor. You played with the ring on your left hand, spinning it around your finger. You took it off and held it in your palm, you tilted your head a little as you noticed an engraving on the inside that simply read “always loved.” Suddenly, you remembered you had someone at home waiting for you. You started to cry happy tears, not caring who saw, it had been a day filled with frustration and you just remember someone loved you no matter what. Glancing up at the clock you quickly got up and packed up your stuff, rushing to an elevator, headed home.

“Hey gorgeous, how was your day?” your husband, Hercules, asked when you walked though the door. He was sitting on the couch half watching basketball highlights. 

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The Decision (Dean x Reader) (6x21)

A/N: Funn Fact: I didn’t actually plan on writing a part 2 to this. However with some of the amazing feed back I’ve received, I give you part two to the choice! Will there be a third part, I don’t know :)  As always feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

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The Choice (Pt 1.)

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Imagine you dating Dean when Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben. However, the whole thing makes you question your relationship. It also makes you wonder if Dean ever really stopped caring for them.

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“Are you sure about this?” Your uncle asked, as you packed your stuff. 

“I’m sure.” You zipped up your bag.

“Any other time I would be glad you left the guy, but at least talk to Dean before you leave.” He begged.

“No Bobby, I can’t.He’s already made his decision and I want to keep some of my pride.” You smile softly.

“Well, I can’t make you stay, but you need me you call me. He’s an idjit.” He grunts in annoyance. “Come here, squirt.” He pulls you in for another hug, you gratefully accepted. After a little, you reluctantly pulled away, and headed toward the door.

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Home -- GadreelxReader

Author’s Note: Requested by @kazchester-fanfiction​. Normally I don’t write reader fics; they aren’t my style and its something I tend to struggle with, but I am always willing to write a fic for a friend! My apologies if this is not-so-good; I do not have practice with reader fics and often feel conflicted, and I’ve been out of touch with Gadreel for a while, I am ashamed to say. Hopefully I have captured him appropriately though!

Here you are, Mandy! You wanted angst, and I gave you angst. You can thank @rowdyhooliganism​ for the idea. ;)

Word Count: 1906

Pairing: GadreelxReader

Warnings: Blood; description of death, adorable fluff at the end!

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You were always told that you would be the death of yourself. It was a saying you didn’t mind too much. After all, it was only a joke and honestly, you never paid too much attention to it. The very minor injuries you have sustained in your lifetime was not even remotely related, nor did it count. You were a hunter, and have been one ever since a demon snuck in your home one night when you were young and murdered your family. Injuries had long become an expectation, and it did not come to as a surprise whenever you discovered a new cut or bruise on your arm after a hunt. Caution was never an expertise of yours; alone and making do, coming across friends and making plenty of enemies, to be careful wasn’t something you did. It wasn’t intentional; danger simply found you first. However, it was a life you were content with. It was your life, and you were perfectly fine where you were; and although it meant finding love and settling down like you once desired, and at one time, desperately longed for, was never going to be a dream come true, but as the years grew you came to accept it and live a mostly happy life.

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A Little Piece Of Heaven

“Do it.”

A drop of sweat drips from Sam’s forehead. He can feel his shirt sticking at his body, drenched with sweat. He holds the dagger closer to his brother’s neck and his jaw clenches. He watches with horror as Dean’s eyes flash back and quickly returns to the familiar green he was so accustomed to.

Too bad those green eyes didn’t have the familiar glint in them.

“It’s all you.”

Palms sweating, Sam swallows. He knows what he should do. He should kill, probably the strongest demon out there; Dean. His brother, lover, someone that he always depended on. Dean was his security rope. What would happen to Sam if he decided to just cut it off? Without trying to do anything about it.

It would definitely save him the trouble, but he wasn’t the monster that this Dean claimed he was.

He was going to save his brother no matter what.   

Thinking about how he was going to trap Dean, Sam’s hand twitches. He knows he’s a goner when he notices his brother’s lips curling upward, forming the perfect smirk. Dean takes a hold of his little brother’s arm and twists it. Pushing him painfully hard towards the wall, his breath being knocked out of him, Sam gasps for air.

Dean presses against his back and Sam can feel his brother’s breath ghosting over his ear. One arm under Dean’s steel hard grip, he tries to free himself. As a response, Dean squeezes harder. Pain shooting throughout his arm, Sam grits his teeth.

“Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.” The demon hums against his ear. “My baby brother, always so thoughtful.”

“Shut up.” He mutters, his cheek squished by the wall.

Dean cackles. He rests his head on top of Sam’s shoulder; putting his other hand on Sam’s ass he gives his little brother a hard pinch. Sam lets out a yelp, pushing forward against the wall, he tries to get away.

“Being thoughtful never made you gain much, now did it?” Dean continues. His voice thick with arousal, he brushes his awakening erection against his baby brother. “We should talk about more important things, like, you and me running hell.”

Pulse quickening, Sam’s jaw goes slack. What the hell was Dean talking about? Running hell? Why on earth would Sam do such a thing? He needs to think. Firstly, he needs to get out of his brother’s grip. Which is almost impossible.

A shaky breath gets past Sam’s lips. Dean who was grinding his hips harder now was upmost distracting. Sam could feel his own erection starting to grow. He feels Dean’s hand sneak his way towards his arousal and cups it, rubbing at the sensitive area, Sam whimpers.  

“What do you say little brother? You, me, hell. Doing what destiny wants us to.”

“I thought destiny wanted us to be vessels for Micheal and Lucifer?”

“Yeah, well plans change Sammy.”

With a sudden firm grip on both of his shoulders, Sam is suddenly spun around. His back now facing the wall, he faces Dean who was smirking back at him. Lifting his wrist, Dean’s eyes flash black. He places his wrist directly beneath Sam’s nose.

“Smell that blood flowing,” he sneers. “All that demon blood. You should have a taste.”

Sam’s eyes widen with realization and he tries to turn his head away. Regular demon blood he could handle. But, Dean’s super demon blood? He wasn’t so sure of. His mouth goes dry; his erection strained against his jeans and the smell of Dean’s blood was more than enough to blur his mind.

Seeing that his little brother’s eyes darkening with lust, Dean let’s go of his brother. Sam, panting, drops to the ground. Looking confused, he stares back at Dean. The demon, doesn’t say anything. He calmly bends over and picks the dagger that Sam had dropped earlier.

Facing Sam, he draws the sharp blade across his arm, cutting the flesh almost immediately. Dean doesn’t even flinch as the first bead of dark, red blood drips to the floor. He glances at Sam; the taller man was shaking, helplessly trying to resist the temptation.

Dean walks towards his brother and squats down next to him. He puts a hand on Sam’s shoulder, massaging it, he gives his baby brother one of the most reassuring smiles.

“It’s okay Sammy, I’m here.” He promises. “I’ll always be here.”

“S-Stop it,” Sam stutters, his shaking increasing. “Stop trying to act like you feel anything.”

Dean shrugs, grinning. “Your call, I was just trying to make this easier.”

“If you want that, you should just let me help you.”

“You don’t get it do you?” he says between clenched teeth. He pulls on Sam’s hair. Gaining a shriek from the younger Winchester, Dean drags him on the floor and straddles him. Putting his hand on his neck, he starts chocking him. “Look at me. Look at me! You can’t fix this. I don’t need fixing or your help.”  

Dean lets go and Sam can breathe again. His mouth wide open, Sam gasps for air.

“Now, be the good little freak you are and drink my blood.”

Without Sam even noticing, Dean pushes his arm against his mouth. Tasting the first few drops, Sam moans. He clutches on his big brother’s arm and latches on to the cut. Sam sucks on to the flesh, wanting more; he flips them both and buries his head in to the nape of Dean’s neck. He bites, barely hearing his big brother moan, he bites again. This time hard enough to draw blood.  

“Bon appétit.” He hears Dean mutter with amusement.

His mouth filled with demon blood, Sam lifts his head up to face Dean. He gulps the blood down and grins.

“You taste good, brother.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Sam’s eyes flashing a bright yellow, Dean smirks. Now the real fun could begin.

The Winchester’s, taking over hell. What could be better?

Sam grinds their erection together, even between fabrics; it’s enough to send jolts up Dean’s spine. He props himself on his elbow, brushing his lips against his baby brothers, he whispers.

“How about we have a little fun before making you king of hell?”  

Tangled AU- Intro

So the response I had to the post I made about a SnowBaz Tangled AU was overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to try and give it a go! Again if anyone else wants to still write this AU, please feel free to- tag me in it if you do!- I just decided to try. This is also only the introduction bit of the story, because I wanted to just test it out and see if I could write something like this. I may continue from here if I can work it out! This isn’t edited so I’m sorry for any mistakes or anything of that sort!

Also I put ‘**’ in the front because a lot of this intro is actually just from the original Tangled intro, just with the spin. I was just working out the plot, hence why it’s a bit jumbled. So I’m not claiming this as original at all! It’s a lot of writing from Tangled, and the get a majority of this credit, but again, I stress- JUST an Intro to set things up.

Nevertheless, enjoy!


** This is the story of how I died. But don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story, and the truth is it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a boy named Simon, and it starts, with the sun. Once upon a time a drop of sunlight fell from the heavens, and from this little drop of sunlight, the most powerful element to all magic was born. A small flower that shone gold from the magic it contained. It had the ability to create the most powerful mage the world had ever seen.

Centries passed and there grew a kingdom, that was ruled by the lovely queen and her husband. The queen was about to have a baby. She got sick, really sick, and that’s when people usually start looking for a miracle. For her husband, all the miracle they needed was in the golden flower. He was determined to find it, to help his wife and make the most powerful mage he could. When it was found, the magic of the flower healed the queen, and a healthy baby boy, a prince, was born. With hair so golden and beautiful it shone. His name was Simon Snow.

To celebrate his birth the queen and king lit a flying lantern into the sky. The perfect moments they had, well, those moments ended. The king went mad with this idea of power, and he wanted to keep Simon for himself, claiming it would be much safer. So one night, he gathered the child, and just like that he was gone. People searched for their prince, and even for the mad king, but with no luck. Deep within the forest, the mad king hid the child, and raised him all alone. Using his son’s magic to himself, telling him it was safer in the walls of the tower than the outside world.

But the walls of the tower couldn’t hide everything. Every year on Simon’s birthday, the queen and all her people launched hundreds of flying lanterns into the sky, in hopes that their lost prince might one day return. **

I just want that special someone whose every touch feels like little drops of heaven on my skin and every kiss makes me tingle inside and out, that someone who can just look into my eyes and pure magic will happen between our bodies, but no, all I get is a couple of straight white boys thirsting for my Kik and calling me a bitch when I don’t want to send nudes to them.

the reincarnation au: salem pt. 1

ancient rome | 1920s | industrial revolution pt. 1 | industrial revolution pt. 2

  • john and shaw are married
  • they travled to the new world together as kids
  • grew up in town together
  • it only makes sense that they would get married
  • “and wont you be gracing the earth with some healthy baby boys, sameen?”
  • “oh yes father greer, we pray so every night”
  • they’ve never touched each other sexually in their entire lives
  • they married out of fear. john’s gay as hell and shaw’s bi as hell. and john’s the only free guy that 1) she trust entirely and 2) doesn’t mind her attitude or expect the usual domestic bs from her
  • plus, shaw doesn’t care that he’s totally seeing finch on the sly
  • finch’s own wife, grace, either doesn’t know or doesn’t care. it’s totally not shaw’s problem
  • it’s sort of lonely for shaw, but she manages
  • she’s traded her freedom for safety. she hates herself a little bit for that
  • but life goes on. seasons pass. crops are harvested, houses are built, children are born (not john and shaw’s lmao), and shaw tries to keep busy
  • it’s just so /boring/
  • until the day shaw finds root buck-ass naked in the woods
  • it’s the dead of winter and shaw’s out gathering acorns and pine needles for finch (he’s the town’s resident doctor)
  • the woman is so pale that shaw glances over her at first
  • her skin blends right in with the snow
  • and then root moves. takes nearly 20 years off shaw’s life
  • shaw drops everything she’s gathered and rushes over to her, freezes when she realizes root’s naked
  • who wanders around in the woods in the middle of winter naked. who wanders around naked AT ALL. who /is/ this woman. where is her sense of modesty
  • shaw throws her overcoat around the woman’s body and shakes her a little
  • “miss. hey. wake /up/ you silly fool”
  • root groans a little. opens her eyes. “can’t believe i got dropped off in heaven”
  • the woman is clearly delusional.
  • “i’m going to get help, don’t move”
  • “wasn’t planning on it, dear”
  • shaw rushes off and grabs finch and john. the are Married Men after all. they wont be tempted by the woman’s bare form
  • together they manage to carry her back to town and set her up in shaw and john’s house
  • “there’s simply no extra room in my practice at the time, sameen. i’m truly sorry”
  • “we don’t mind the extra company” john says with an easy smile, catching finch’s eye
  • shaw rolls her eyes. “the pair of you are useless together”
  • “i love you too, oh doting wife of mine”
  • “get out of my house, idiot husband of mine. i have a patient to attend to”
  • john gives her a quick half hug and disappears with finch for a few hours to “inspect the scene”
  • shaw turns her eyes to her new houseguest
  • her color has improved and she seems to be waking up. shaw walks over and sits on the edge of the bed
  • “hello, sameen.”
  • shaw frowns. “have we met before? i’m sorry to say that i don’t recall your face”
  • “that is…a complex answer”
  • shaw simply stares at her, waiting for an explanation
  • “i’m not sure that you’re ready to hear it, sameen.” root continues
  • “the cold must have affected your head. and your manners. who are you, and why do you claim to know me?”
  • “i’ve gone by many names. samantha groves in this life. i don’t prefer it, though. it does not suit me”
  • “do you not ‘listen to god’?”
  • root smirks at this. “perhaps. maybe not the right god.” she laughs a bit. “i think you’ll find that root suits me far better”
  •  "root? and how should that suit you better?“
  • root pushes herself up so she can look shaw in the eye. "root: the base, the source, the origin”
  • shaw is not intimidated by root’s vague spooky bs. “of?”
  • “change, perhaps?”
  • shaw restrains her own smirk. she wont entertain this nonsense. and yet. “not the root of all evil then? a pity. this town’s become so dull”
  • root laughs then. “i’ll see what i can do, sameen”
  • this time, shaw allows a smile. “get some rest then. you can terrorize the town in the morning”
  • root slips back down and relaxes. doesn’t close her eyes. keeps them trained on shaw as the latter exits the room
  • shaw swears she can feel those brown eyes burning into her the entire night
  • john wakes shaw up the next morning with cautious eyes
  • even after all these years he feels guilty leaving shaw alone to spend the night with harold
  • “sameen? sameen, why is that woman making breakfast in my clothes?”
  • “…what?”
  • and sure enough, there root is. making oatmeal or whatever in a pair of john’s work pants and an overshirt
  • “i’m taller than you, sameen. my ankles would have been exposed”
  • “i can see you’re very concerned with propriety.”
  • they manage to all eat together and to wrangle root into a dress so that she can go out with them and engage in society
  • plus they have to trade for a few things anyway. because of root they’re low on oatmeal. (she ruined the first three batches)
  • root and society don’t mix well. she’s bold when she should be demure. seems to have no shame. laughs when no one is speaking. and she seems to know everything about everyone. you’d think she’d lived here all her life
  • shaw’s watching her terrorize a merchant with quiet amazement. john sidles up next to her
  • “have you noticed something…off about her?”
  • “between the name, fondness for pants, and her very annoying habit of never being wrong? no, john, i haven’t noticed a thing”
  • john pouts a little. theres a small stretch of silence. then, after a time:
  • “there weren’t any tracks, you know”
  • "what are you talking about?”
  • “where we found her. no footprints or drag marks”
  • “and?”
  • “so how did she /get/ here, shaw? did she fall from the sky?”
  • “the snow could have covered her tracks”
  • “you know it hasn’t snowed in a week”
  • “what do you want me to say, john? that she flew? you think she’s some kind of…”
  • shaw doesn’t even know how to finish her own sentence.
  • “i’ve seen how she looks at you, shaw. she’s not subtle.” shaw scoffs at this. she’s known her for one day and she’s already /very/ aware that root doesn’t have a subtle bone in her body
  • “she’s not subtle like you are.” john continues in a near whisper
  • shaw flicks her eyes around the street reflexively. she finds her gaze drawn to root.
  • john wraps an arm around her, turns to whisper in her ear; the projection of a happy marriage. “you /can’t/, shaw”
  • and she hates that he’s right
  • even so, she lays awake that night and wonders
  • what if i did. what if i /do/