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Small things I love about Moana
  • There is no talk of finding Moana a husband. SHE is going to be chief of her village. No one can take that from her.
  • How Moana is a competent leader before she even sets out on her journey.
  • The village seems to have more or less a hereditary monarchy that disregards gender and the matriarchal influence is clear: Moana is mostly inspired by her grandmother and the major deity in this movie is a Mother Goddess.
  • “Crazy” does not mean worthy of ridicule.
  • The central questions: “Do you know who you are? How do you know who you are?” Those cut deep.
  • The sibling relationship between Moana and Maui.
  • The vision about the ancient wayfinders. And “Know the Way,” which makes the entire sequence a million times more emotional.
  • This might be a Disney Princess movie, but it is also solidly an action movie.
  • Moana doesn’t like being called “princess”.
  • The goddamn gold-plated glow-in-the-dark giant crab. Who sings well.
  • Forehead touches. Between a human girl and a goddess.
  • The fact that Heihei manages to do ONE USEFUL THING in the entire movie.
  • Moana is so sturdily built. She managed to clock Maui, of all people.
  • Nature has agency.
  • How Gramma Tala’s passing is quietly understated. Her last words to Moana are those of sincere encouragement and her death is not explicitly shown. But you see the huge luminous manta ray a couple minutes later and you just know.
  • The entire sequence at the beginning that depicts island life. And Chris Jackson’s singing. Everyone’s singing, really.
  • Moana gulping deep lungfuls of air the first time her canoe overturned is so realistic, I could feel myself choking on ocean water.
  • The coconut pirates. They are VICIOUS little fuckers.
  • Moana earning a place among Maui’s tattoos.
  • Gramma Tala’s spirit is solid enough to hug. No more “LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF SIMBA” from the clouds.
  • Disney smashing the fourth wall and throwing shade at their own Princess story formula.
  • Romance is never ever ever even hinted at. Because Moana is all of 16 years old and she has bigger things on her mind.
  • All the songs. ALL OF THEM. They hit just the right emotional cues.
  • How culturally rich Disney managed to make this movie.
  • The sheer vividness of the animation. The wealth of expression on the faces of these characters. The colors.

Super excited to tell you guys there’s already a good news in the beginning of 2017!

《The Little Drifter》French edition is going to be launched this summer by Edition Paquet!

It’s really honored to have my work published in different countries and languages!!

So! Friends who are in Europe can also get this book in the near future!!! I’ll let you guys know when we have the further information later!!

So you’ve seen Jay Park’s dance to Rihanna’s Work, Dad version. Now here’s him dancing the Delinquent SchoolBoy version. xD [clips] [playlist]

Full ~ four hrs long episode of Jay Park & Loco on My Little Television below cut. Seriously, if you’ve got lots of time to spare and needs some lifting up, watch this. It’s cracking hilarious. 

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Made that little Drifter animation where they defeat a boss or a really hard challenge for @in-alptraum-verloren

This took about a few hours and it might be too fast or slow, but im happy with the result c: im pretty sure it’s not exactly like the one in the game since i didn’t look through the game files, but i tried to replicate it the best i could

Original animation by HeartMachine


Alt Drifter Co-op! It’s a thing!

Hilariously, she turns back into Drifter for a couple frames to form her duplicate or dismiss it (and maybe some others are missing? I don’t remember), but otherwise it’s fully functional and a helluva lot of fun to play. She handles a little different than Drifter, and I really like it.

Also I love how Co-op Altie looks like she’s got a tongue sticking out on her helmet-snout. : 3

Also, Companion bots for days.

Everyone in the Hyper Light Drifter Skype group was talking about the Drifters as little kids, and then this doodle happened. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Altie’s one of those kids who screams and bites everyone all the time.
Drifter’s one of those kids who is too curious for his own good and wants to lick everything.

I imagine blueskin children are total terrors with their sharp claws, teeth, and horns. They probably also chew everything to bits. Angry demon kittens…

Also, I headcanon that the Drifter’s hair was more of a lilac color before he got sick and the color faded.

Artwork by BlueBead

A Sam Worth Keeping


Two weeks later and Castiel could admit that he’d never been happier which was both dangerous and alarming to him. Dean was great, actually Dean was more than great and Castiel found himself more than a little fond of the drifter that had come to stay with him. It was often hard not to wonder what was going to happen when his car was finished, which it would be soon since the parts for it had finally come in—but Castiel tried his best not to dwell on it too much.

Setting the house phone back on its stand he headed outside to where he knew he’d find Dean finishing up the last of the work on his own car.

“Guess what?” he asked allowing himself to lean back against the car, arms crossing over each other as he watched Dean tinker with some stuff under the hood. “Jo just called. The parts for your car are finally in. I thought we could drive mine in to town to pick them up, maybe grab dinner at the Roadhouse tonight. If you’re up to it…or I guess if the car is.”

Jo had offered but Dean had mentioned the night before that his would be ready today. It just seemed the perfect opportunity to him.