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An Unexpected Surprise- Sehun One-shot

Request: Can I get a sehun one shot where you’re in med school and sehun just came back from his tour and decided to surprise you in your apartment then you get really shy & insecure bc you look stressed af 😂😂😂

You looked at the damned page for what seemed like the thousandth time without really reading it. “Med school is really going to be the end of me” you thought to yourself as you dragged your hair into a messy bun in an attempt to somehow kick start your brain again. You stared at the page trying to absorb the information you’re supposed to understand before groan loudly when you were interrupted by a low growling from your stomach. “Screw Med School” you state out-loud, “I’m making ramen.”, dragging your tired body up and plodding over into your small kitchen to put the kettle on. 

While you waited for the water to boil you changed into some comfortable leggings and Sehun’s old shirt he left behind for you. Burying your face into the shirt momentarily, you breath in his musky cologne and sigh, remembering the last time you saw your boyfriend. Two months ago he had brought you to a little dog cafe, treating you to bubble tea and making you chuckle into his shoulder when he compared all the dog’s to Vivi. It was your favourite date in all honesty, seeing him so relaxed and affectionate with you as puppies tried to climb onto his lap while he exclaimed Vivi would know he was cheating.

 Hearing the whistle of the kettle brought you back to sad reality. The reality where you’d been neglecting skincare and maybe even a touch of make up to maximise your study time. Where you were desperately trying to ignore how badly you wanted Sehun to just hold you while you worked like he used to before he went on tour. You sigh softly and walk back the kitchen, pouring water into your ramen cup when you heard the door click open. Putting the ramen down you peek into the living room to see Sehun setting down his suitcase. Forgetting everything you run immediately up to him, throwing yourself into his arms as he smiled his sweet grin at you, his arm around your waist almost lifting you up off the floor to press his pink lips to yours, cupping your face with his hand as you both clung to each other. 

And then you realised how you must look to him. The messy hair, dark circles from late nights of studying and restless sleep and you pulled back from his kiss suddenly. Covering your face slightly with your hands, nervously murmuring “Sehunnie, you surprised me… I wish you’d have texted so I could at least make myself…presentable.”. Sehun laughed softly and used his hands on your waist to pull you closer, pecking your nose lovingly and replying “That defeats the point of a surprise! And you’re beautiful like this, in my shirt and in my arms again”. Clenching your hands softly, lowering your head so he couldn’t see your face you mumbled, “I can’t be, I look like I’ve been sitting in the same spot studying for days…which is pretty much true.”  to which Sehun lifted your chin up with his slender finger. His tender eyes locking with yours as he began to pepper butterfly kisses over your face, pausing to reply “You are beautiful to me, you look tired yes, but your eyes are still bright and I find you breathtaking, right now you look cosy and in need of a long hug. Now jagiya, give me that kiss”. 

Feeling shyer at his compliment you let yourself feel the warmth of his return in your stomach. Lifting your hands to trace along his familiar angular jawline while you leaned forward to re-connect your lips. You felt his smile under your kiss as his hands settled on your hips, humming in contentment while he parted your lips making you sigh as you revel in the feel of him, of the taste of him again. Pulling away with a soft gasp of air, you glanced up to see his kiss plumped lips curved in a grin, slightly breathlessly saying “Now do you believe me? After a kiss like that I hope you do or will I need to prove it again?”. Smiling playfully you tug him into a hug, not quite believing he was actually here in your apartment before replying teasingly “I’m still not completely convinced NoodleBoy~” Your eyes crinkling at his lightly chuckled promise to spend the entire afternoon by your side making sure you felt beautiful.


Admin C- I hope this is fluffy enough for all you stressed out there! I was gonna post it tomorrow but I have no self control after I finished it…anyway enjoy! Feel free to request more.