little do peep


More Conselor Wander AU because I actually wrote things down and have a little story with this ??? 

I enjoy C.Peeps and Hater so much as roommates. Also, have I told you nobody has powers in this AU ? well now you know. 
To be continued ?????? 


red lips, nasa eyes 💋💫💙

hey, if anyone needs any psych/disability/science/culture/humanities essays/articles that they can’t access themselves or find free online, you can totally send me a message and i’ll do my damnednest to see if i can get it for ya’ll, my uni has access to a load of papers/journals/websites that can’t be accessed unless you’re with an institution so just hit me up and i’ll try my best to help

this also goes for anyone who needs resources for essays/papers/etc and can’t really find anything for whatever topic you’re working on. i am a master of the art of ‘shit lets search for everything related to this and see what works’ 

my girls in their portable tank


just something i’ve been thinking about ever since catch & release.. i can’t decide if the latest episode makes this scenario more or less likely. i think it’s better if you click to fullview these!

that feeling when you casually, naively mention to the CEO of your company that you’re an artist in your spare time and he asks you what kind of thing you draw