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More Conselor Wander AU because I actually wrote things down and have a little story with this ??? 

I enjoy C.Peeps and Hater so much as roommates. Also, have I told you nobody has powers in this AU ? well now you know. 
To be continued ?????? 

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Rhysand-vs-Tamlin here! I just wanted to let you know the version of my post about Feyre responding to Tamlin's crude comments where you added your fic- it's on the tumblr trending list now!! People really love your ficlette, it's the perfect addition to the post! :D xoxoxo

Oh my god, really! That’s so cool. Thank you so much everyone?? Like?? Wow. You guys are literally the best. I have to go check this out, like right now. Thanks for telling me! 

❨ ☁ ❩ Online  &&  gonna  get  to  some  long  awaited  drafts  .  .  .
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I've been reading your stuff pretty solidly the last few days (and I am really loving this all btw, you're great!) and I see OCs have been mentioned here and that you have some. Some of them wouldn't happen to be XV ocs would they? I wanna hear about them if you do.

Aww thank you so much! I am glad you’re enjoying the content here!
also YES! Of course I have some, I got a small handful and every day it gets harder and harder to resist making more! Of course some of these are going to sound ridiculous but… They OC’s, they are here for fun more than anything…

I’ll give a summery of the ones I have under the readmore so I don’t clog your dash with my nonsense!

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I enjoy @surfacage‘s Candela so much I decided she and Noire can fight over recruiting Jaime :D (I have a headcanon that she can speak Spanish, for whatever reason)

Noire and Jaime


screencap redraw # 3

speedpaint here!

If there’s anything interesting y’all want to see, read, hear, or view, let me know so that I can adjust to the audience, accordingly.

that feeling when you casually, naively mention to the CEO of your company that you’re an artist in your spare time and he asks you what kind of thing you draw


just something i’ve been thinking about ever since catch & release.. i can’t decide if the latest episode makes this scenario more or less likely. i think it’s better if you click to fullview these!