little did i know what would happen in series three

So, in honor of Maximum Ride becoming a web series and our fandom no longer needing to be known as “the fandom that waited” (see what I did there; little Doctor Who reference) I started reading the series again. I realized that about half way through the first book that Jeb speaks to Max privately and says:

“…That’s what I told Angel. I told her that everything is a test, even when you don’t know it. That sometimes you just do what you have to do and know that it will all be clearer later. All of this has been a test.” (Chapter 61, page 196.“

Now, being an avid reader, I am used to having authors dump plot twists the size of planets on me, and being in the Maximimum Ride fandom before I knew what fandoms were, I asked myself: What if Jeb really was telling the truth? Now I have read the other books so I am going to try not to give too much away to anyone that may not have read the series. For those of you that have, just please stay with me.

First, if you know nothing about the current progress of the series, James Patterson- author of this wonderful master piece- announced that Nevermore would be the last book in the Maximum Ride series, ending it on book eight. With the announcement of the web series, he also announced that there would be a NINETH book. (If that isn’t enough of a twist then I don’t know what is).

Nobody knows what is going to happen in this book which brings me back to Jeb’s quote up above. What if- and I know this is a little far fetched- what if the entire series had been a test for Max? Everything that she had gone through was all a lie and she was just drugged when Ari grabbed her, Nudge, and Fang for the first time? (Speaking of which, how exactly did Ari get three avian-human hybrids to the School? Did he drug them or just tie them up and throw them in a van?) Anyway, my point being that we all knew that the scientists that created them in the first place were psychopaths that loved torturing kids.

Would it be so far fetched to assume that this was all a test of the psyche and that putting your own experiment under the impression that they were, in fact, chosen to "Save the World” was simply a way to study their mind? The Director herself even states that they “stimulated the synaptic nerves in Max’s brain to make her more intelligent.” If I learned anything from reading this series, its that you give your subjects enough information that you keep them hungry but never reveal the whole truth.

So now, you tell me. What do you think this next, and hopefully last, (because I swear to you, I am so in love with the series but I can’t take another random plot twist) book will be about?

SPN Imagine

(Think back to Season 1) After Dean left to get Sam from Stanford, he also left their little sister, Y/N home alone since their father was out hunting something big. After three weeks of Dean and Sam hunting alone, they come back to get Y/N. 

“She’s gonna kill us. How could you be so stupid as to leave her alone, Dean! She’s 15.” Sam ranted. 

“Hey don’t blame this on me, okay? You didn’t even mention her for the past few weeks. As far as I’m concerned we’re both at fault here,” Dean came back, “I didn’t know we would be away this long.”

Dean parked the car and led him and Sam up the high school’s front steps. They went straight to the principles office and had them call you down. 

“I hope that whatever you’re going to say to her makes a good impact on her.” Mr. Mcride stated as he sat down at his desk. 

“why do you say that?” Sam asked. 

“Your sister has been getting into too much trouble lately and she-" 

Before he could finish you walked into the room but once you saw your brothers, you turned around to walk out. "Woah hold on there, Ms. Winchester. Your brothers need to talk to you about family matters. They said it was too important to wait.” He turned back to sam and Dean, “I’ll give you some privacy. 

As he stepped out Sam looked down, avoiding eye contact and Dean gave you a nervous smile. You crossed your arms and raised your eyebrows. 

"Look, Y/N I know your pissed right now-”

“That’s an understatement.” you interrupted.

“Okay look Y/N we’re sorry that we didn’t come back but we need you to come with us from now on.” Sam said. 

“Hey look Sam does speak!” You said sarcastically as you picked your backpack up and slung it over your shoulder. He rolled his eyes.

“Dad wants us to stay together.” Dean intervened looking angrier.“ Now I’m sorry we had to leave you alone for a few weeks but it was nothing you couldn’t handle. We had some business to take care of!”

“Business? Out of the three weeks you’ve been gone you couldn’t pick up and a damn phone to let me know that you would be gone longer than a week?! Do you know how much stress that caused me? Having to worry about the bills that came through the mail or people asking you where your family is and you couldn’t even give them an answer! Fine- you did what you had to do but you didn’t call. I thought you were dead until Dad called me to let me know that Sam’s little princess was killed by the same thing that killed mom.”

Sam stiffened at the sound of Jess’s murder. He wanted to push Y/N for bringing it up in that kind of attitude, but he held himself back.

“wait Dad called you?”

“yeah but that was two weeks ago. I haven’t heard from him since not that that should come off as much of a surprise.”

“You need to come with us Y/N end of story. So get enough of your clothes that you can fit in one bag and we will be on our way.” Sam said and left the office.

“You shouldn’t have brought Jess up like that” Dean said, his voice a threatening low. 

“yeah well there is a lot this family does to each other that we shouldnt” You said back thinking of a few ways your comment refers to your family.


Sam and Dean ended up taking you to some motel in Kentucky as they were on their way to some old town from there anyway. It was the middle of the night and you were sound asleep in the bed that was supposed to be Deans. So Dean passed out on the bed that was supposed to be Sam’s and Sam stayed awake sitting next to you and reading your dads journal.

All of a sudden Dean’s phone started ringing. Dean stirred awake and asked Sam if he could answer it. Sam rolled his eyes and answered with a professional, “hello?”

“Sam?” His dad’s voice rang through the phone.

“Dad?” Sam questioned. The thought of Sam talking to John got Dean to sit right up.

“Sam you listen to me very carefully. Do you have Y/N? Did you guys get her?” Their dad questioned, sounding quite urgent. 

“Yes we have her, she is sleeping right now.” Sam looked at Dean. Dean mouthed ‘Y/N?’ and Sam answered with a nod.

“I need you to tell me something. Is she laying on her stomach?”

“Uh,” Sam looked at your peaceful state. He was glad to see you sound asleep. He could tell that it’s been a while since you’ve had more than eight hours of sleep. “yeah she’s laying on her stomach..why?”

“Lift up her shirt and tell me what you see on her back. Be sure not to wake her.”

Sam looked at Dean nervously who was already at it. Dean bit his lip and pulled up your shirt so that your back wasn’t covered. what they saw confused and shocked them. There was 2 long, thick, red gashes on her back. As if someone took a knife and slashed her in the form of an X. 

“It’s like someone carved an X on to  her back..” Sam replied confused. 

“Shit..” their dad muttered. 

“What does that mean? Dad what is happening?”

Dean stole the phone from Sam, “Dad tell me what the hell is going on. How did you know about that.”

“Listen to me Dean, you and Sam keep a close eye on her. Don’t take any eyes off of her, do you hear me? I swear if something bad happens to her because of you two being careless I will-”

“Why does she have that?!”

“I can’t answer anymore questions. I have to go. You protect her with everything you got okay?”

“yes, sir” Dean answered and hung up. 

“What the hell did we miss the past three weeks..” Sam asked not expecting an answer as they stared at your still bare back, thinking about anything that would go after their little sister. 

So I’m thinking of making this a series??? I dont know yet but I hope you guys liked it. This is my first time writing a supernatural imagine. I’m only on season 4 since i started watching it on netflix but I’m obsessed. I think for now I’m only going to do imagines with the reader being their little sister so if you have requests you can send them in!! Anyway I hope it was good… tell me what you thought!! Thanks!!