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dennis rodman - mansionz
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the heart part 4 - kendrick lamar
still got time (feat. partynextdoor) - zayn
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chasing highs - alma
8teen - khalid


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Fic prompt: Dennis coming to terms with being genderfluid

“it won’t last,” barbara said from the door frame. dennis and dee both jumped in the air and the eyebrow pencil dennis was holding clattered to the floor. “you’re going to smear it all in seconds. you always come home so sweaty from school and everyone knows you’re just—“

“i’ve got gym last period,” dee said, reaching to try and grab the eyebrow pencil with her toes to pick it up. it almost worked. dennis helped the rest of the way. “and no one knows, mom. give it a rest.” 

“i’m sure, deandra,” barbara said, having lost interest in the conversation already. “at least say thank you to your brother. he’s deigning to help you in such a fruitless task.”

barbara left. neither dennis nor dee noticed, really, as dennis leaned forward to continue filling in dee’s eyebrows while dee gripped the seat of the vanity stool desperately because the texture of the pencil hurt. 

“wanna try contouring, den? can you fix my nose?”

“only a nose job’s gonna break that beak off your face.”

“later… for now, though, learn how to contour.”

“i know how to contour.”

“well then do it!” dee waved her hands over her face, waiting for the magic. 

“… if i do it on your face, it’ll just look bad.”

“our faces are the same! like, the exact same!”

“it’s enough. i can’t do it to you.”

“fine. fine! fine! you win. i’m just toooo ugly for your basic contouring skills. i’ll just watch you.”

dennis paused. then, shrugging, dennis got out some of his foundation. their entire makeup bag consisted of MAC and nyx and e.l.f. they’d stolen from the mall and their mother. most of it was off a few shades from both of their skin, but it wasn’t like barbara would buy dee makeup, let alone dennis.

“alright, look, just—“ dennis fumbled with the stick foundation. dee’s eyes met his in the mirror as she sat back and crossed her arms over her chest. dennis stalled himself but dee pushed at his elbow to encourage his arm to push the stick toward his face.  

“you just…?”

prompted, dennis looked back at his own face and started to shade his cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin. dee wrinkled her face as she watched.

“i’m not done yet!”

“whatever, whatever… ouch! didn’t have to fuckin’ hit me…”

dennis blended in the makeup with practiced ease and then glanced around for the light stick foundation to get the highlights on his nose, under his eyes, and along his jaw. he stared himself in the eyes and surveyed his work. he didn’t stop looking.

“… there.”

“looks good, den. your nose isn’t an anteater’s any more. sorta.” dee reached to pinch his nose and dennis snapped her hand away.

“you can’t do that to me, too? it looks so easy.”

dennis didn’t answer. he just stared more at himself in the mirror. dee said nothing as dennis took out the eyeliner and mascara. he applied those easily and ignored dee looking at him; she’d stopped staring and just sat back. dennis added lipstick and a little bit of blush and sat back before he went for the setting spray before dee stopped his hand.

“mom’ll see.”

dennis pulled his hand back to himself. he still looked at himself in the mirror. he didn’t notice when dee smiled at him in it. 

“… you look pretty, den.”

“yeah… i do.” 

“… you know, mom won’t–” 

“she will.” 

“i was okay?” 

“that’s different.” 

“… i know. if you ever want me to… do anything? call you something different, i can–” 

“no.” dennis’ sharp words cut her off before dee suggested anything more. his heart was turning into powder and cracking. dennis turned to yell at dee but she was already gone. later, dennis found two of mom’s earrings under his pillow and a post-it note with a list of similar names to dennis. dennis repeated each and every one of them over and over before they fell asleep. 

Don´t worry, Dennis, let big bro handle this!

I´m absolutely in love with Ludo´s family. It was pleasant to see how he really seems to have a complex backstory, he´s not a comic relief anymore. I truly enjoyed Ludo´s episodes on season 2, so grown up, and little brother Dennis worried about him was simply lovely.

Well, it´s not easy to be one egg in a brood of 50 (!) but these two really seemed to care about each other somehow. 

“You must be the new neighbors!”

consider for a moment:

Mac keeps texting Dennis to check in even after Dennis goes to North Dakota. Dennis never replies, but he leaves his read receipt on so Mac knows that Dennis sees the messages. Now, anyone else might view blatantly seeing a message and not responding as a slap in the face but Mac being Mac and knowing Dennis sees this as an open line of communication. The messages drop off after a while from fifteen times a day to ten to five to one, but Mac, without fail, texts Dennis at least once a day and Dennis, without fail, reads them. Sometimes Mac sends pictures: of the bar, of the gang, of the apartment, of himself. Every once in a while – usually late at night when Mac’s exhausted and just staring at his phone like that’ll change things – Mac swears he sees the little grey dots like Dennis is typing back but they never last long enough for Mac to be totally sure it’s not just his imagination.

Eventually, Mac gets his first boyfriend. Then his second. The gang moves on to grander schemes and even Dee doesn’t talk about Dennis anymore.

Mac never stops texting Dennis.

Dennis never stops reading them.

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Please do a tomarry + hunger games au:)

- Harry lives in District 3, the technology district. He’s made it to age 18 without being called forward for the Hunger Games, and it’s finally his last entry in the reaping ceremony

- Harry’s pleased when his name doesn’t come out, until he realises the boy chosen was little Dennis Creevey. Dennis couldn’t hurt a fly, and has been devasted ever since his older brother died in the Games three years ago. Naturally, Harry decides to volunteer as tribute

-  Tom is in his early 20s and won the Games several years ago for District 3, and becomes Harry’s mentor. Tom was known for his ruthlessness and his skill, and he isn’t too impressed at first at Harry’s lack of willingness to kill

- Tom soon finds out, however, that Harry is clever and good in a fight, but tells him that isn’t enough if he wants to live. They become close during the training, and come up with a plan together

- Tom is well liked in the Capitol due to his charm (and also a little bit of fear). He ensures that Harry gets plenty of sponsors to make things easier for Harry, who is planning to stay alive until everyone else has killed each other. Eventually, there will only be one left, and Tom says Harry has no choice then–and taking one life is no big deal, Tom assures him

- Thanks to Harry’s stealth he is able to stay mainly undetected from the other tributes and waits out until he hears that 22 of the 24 tributes are dead. He is somewhat delirious from thirst and hunger, the sponsors gifts only going so far, but knows he has to keep going if he wants to see Tom or his family again

- Harry ends up killing the last tribute indirectly, by throwing a poisonous snake at them. After disarming the tribute, Harry sits with them while they die and apologises, and is assured that he was only doing as the Capitol expected

- Harry is declared victor, though the occasion isn’t happy for him. He is pleased to see Tom, however, and the first thing he does when he sees Tom is kiss him, which the Capitol loves

- Harry returns to the District, where his family are thrilled to see him alive. He effectively moves in with Tom, knowing he’s the only one who can really understand what it was like (even though Tom doesn’t seem disturbed by his experiences). Harry reckons people deal in their own way, and besides, he needs Tom now