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  • Leo: Can’t we have a little fun? Remember that time Victor and Yuuri spent an entire hour in the bathroom at a press conference?
  • Guang-Hong: Yes, but wasn’t that because Yuuri lost a contact lens?
  • Leo: You’re so cute.


HE’S SO FUCKN!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!

My stomach turned to mush I love him

Lord of Thorns (Chapter One)(Spideypool AU)

Welcome to the story! I am so excited to share this with you!
This first Chapter is LONG AS HELL. We get to meet all the characters, background info etc. Beast!Wade, Beauty!Peter, Gaston!Harry.
Fair warning guys, Harry is… icky. I had never realized just how awful of a person Gaston is with his borderline sexual assault on Belle until I watched the new movie and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So yeah, Harry as Gaston is icky.
Characters are Ryan Reynolds as Wade, Andrew Garfield as Peter, James Franco as Harry, and Sally Field as Aunt May.

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Every significant moment in your life is inked on your skin in the form of flowers. A first kiss, a perfect day, a favorite memory, a wedding, the birth of a child, and of course, the death of a loved one.

The flowers first appear on your ribs, traveling up your side and across your chest, spreading to your neck and down across your back and if you are lucky, enough bloom to cover your arms and legs. By the time you are old, your skin is covered in lovely flowers and leaves and trailing vines, like tattoos that tell your life story, and the more intricate the blooms, the luckier you are.

Some people have flowers with specific meanings– blooms that signify compassion and care decorate teachers. The best lovers are covered in red flowers for passion and love. Others simply are covered in every flower imaginable, the random colors and designs filling their skin like a meadow filled with happy memories.

Both way are beautiful. Both ways are desired.

But then, some people have thorns winding through their flowers, black slashing through the colors.  These are the people to avoid, the worst people, the people whose souls are so stained with their misdeeds, that it spills out onto their skin for the world to see.
These are the people doomed to be alone.


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle, deep in the heart of an endless forest.

He was beautiful, this prince, tall and strong with golden blonde hair, light blue eyes that glowed when he laughed, and perfect smooth skin nearly covered with flowers and blooms because the prince had had many happy moments in his twenty nine years.

But alas, despite his beauty, his heart was cold and his smile cruel, his words like barbs when he spoke.

Some of the townspeople blamed the late King, rest his soul, for turning the Prince so bitter. After the lovely queen had passed away shortly after the Prince’s seventh birthday, there had been no one to act as a buffer between the cruel King and the innocent boy, and the Prince had suffered for it. The King lived a life of drinking and partying, using and discarding any beautiful person that caught his eye, man or woman, and the Prince grew up with the same values. What had once been a teasing sense of humour turned sarcastic and cutting. Instead of laughing readily at almost anything, the Prince began only laughing at someone elses misfortune. The years turned the darling little boy into a cynical young man.

Others blamed the war that had nearly destroyed their kingdom years before. The Prince had ridden off ahead of their troops as a boy barely of age and had come home a hardened man. The soldiers told quiet stories of the Princes surprising talent of fighting with the twin blades known as katanas, how he could decimate an entire platoon just by himself. Spoke even quieter of his many romantic entanglements with the best looking soldiers, of nights spent listening to him find his pleasure, only to see him break the unlucky soldiers heart soon after. And just the barest whispers of the way the Prince would laugh as he tore through their enemies, blades flying, taunting and teasing non stop as he killed mercilessly. The way he talked about slaying soldiers as if it was a game, drunk and giggling about it over the fire.

Despite their negative feelings, all the townspeople waited eagerly for their invitation to the Prince’s 30th Birthday Party, for tonight he was to choose a partner to share the throne. The most handsome men and the most beautiful women made themselves up in their finery, each trying to outshine the other. Unlike most of the other kingdoms, having two Kings, or even two Queens, was not an issue. Several of the previous rulers had been adopted into the family because the ruling partners could not have a child naturally. Others had been carried by surrogates, and raised as royalty, the idea of “pure” royal blood an outdated concept they refused to engage in.

After all, families were about love, not about bloodlines, so the Prince could choose whoever he wanted.

Needless to say, the kingdom was almost in an uproar, each eligible person trying to figure out what they could do to catch the Prince’s eye.

As always, the castle was decorated in astonishing, jaw dropping colors, flowers imported from all over the world strewn across the tables and floors. Entertainers from the East wowed the guests with magic, and musicians from all the grandest symphonies played in every corner of the ball room.

And the Prince sat upon his throne, a self satisfied smirk on his handsome face as all the most beautiful people paraded themselves in front of him, each dress more intricate than the last, each suit a richer shade of varying colors, each glance more flirtatious, each smile more promising.

He was still so charming, even after going away to war, after becoming so bitter. When he wanted to pay a compliment, his words left the recipient blushing, fanning themselves. Older women who disapproved of his ways were swayed to his side by mischievous smiles and flirty winks. His eyes were like a magnet, and once he had you in his sights, you were already lost, and he knew it. His beauty was like a weapon, and he wielded it effortlessly.  

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Summary: After almost two years on the run, Sam and Dean slip up and their girl slips away. (Pt 2 to Stockholm) 

Warnings: canon typical violence, psychological issues, evil! Sam and Dean

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687 days, three hours, and 45 minutes was exactly how long she had been with her boys. In that time, they became one collective unit moving and feeling as one. Her love for them was genuine and her loyalty was unmatched by any oath they could offer. She only knew the exact times because she had never been happier. Had been. 

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When Remus was little life around him was a whirlwind. Short, stubby legs toddling across hardwood floors and leaving disaster in their wake. Throwing his arms out wide to spin and spin until the world was blended all together and nothing was quite in its place. Hope would laugh with him and Lyall would shake his head, wondering if their little boy would ever reign in the chaos that surrounded him.

He stopped spinning in circles after he was bitten. The feeling of everything around him turning garbled and disjointed happened enough as it was.

Remus was eight when he started organizing his room, finding a place for everything. It was soothing in a way, to have control over part of his life, even if it was only alphabetizing his books and neatly folding his clothes.

Remus was twelve, laying down in a too-big hospital bed, tugging at the loose threads of his blanket. He hated this part; when he had to come back to himself and see the aftermath of what he’d done. Even if the damage was only to himself and the damp, rickety shack, it still wears on him. He refuses to cry when the matron checks up on him, all gentle smiles and kind words, telling him it’s safe to return to his dormitory now. 

He doesn’t talk to his dorm mates much at first, focused on school work and counting out lunar cycles. Everything in his trunk was organized; neat rows that he carefully maintained. It reminded him of home. 

The other boys are amused by it. Peter makes a joke of moving one thing each week; a quill on the opposite side of his desk, rumpling his blanket, turning his pillowcase inside out. And it’s funny, until Remus storms out, too upset to explain why these things matter so much to him. 

It’s the middle of fifth year and Remus was staring, wide eyed, at his three friends. Except they aren’t. They’re all fur and wet noses, stag dog and rat watching him expectantly. He doesn’t know if this will work, if it will help anything, but the fact that they tried at all eases a weight off his shoulders he didn’t even know was there.

Remus is sixteen and his four poster bed is a wreck; clothes and books tossed around and mismatched socks folded haphazardly together. The other three boys can’t make heads or tails of how Remus keeps track of it all. It’s almost like he’s in the middle of a whirlwind, everything spinning madly around him, and he at its center, exactly where he is meant to be.

Fic Rec #3

Fic Rec #1  

Fic Rec #2

Dusted by Hyliare (2k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

The summary is just gorgeous, I kinda just went, huh,  and was completely compelled to take a read. As a person with a light spattering of freckles myself, I totally approve of a freckled Sanji (I also turn into a lobster in the sun, a nice boiled one that screeches upon contact).

Prison Blues by donutsandcoffee (3k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

I like the third perspective here. I really like it, cause like, if this nobody from nowhere can see something’s amiss between the Strawhat cook and the swordsman, well then, it’s love ain’t it? I always get chills when Zoro shows guarded affection. Always lovely work from an always lovely author. 

when you say by bluewalk (2k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Usopp’s mind is beautiful. And terribly bittersweet. The last sentence was the best, I kinda felt like I was in the middle of taking this great big breath and then just left to hang there utterly suspended. I love Usopp, truly, I do. Only he can steal the show from a zosan ficlet. 

did it touch your heart by cuethe_pulse (0.5k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji, Usopp/Nami

I don’t generally care for dialogue prominent text, but I really enjoyed this little ditty. A jealous Sanji and a nosy duo stand to create a nice atmosphere. Honestly, I went in for the zosan, but left with the usonami. Nami’s growing on me, that gorgeous woman.

Weak in the Knees by Stark_Black (6k) Rated T complete Sanji/Usopp

I was rummaging through the author’s works when I stumbled across this and thought, well, why not? Ah I love Usopp, what a dear. What a darling boy. My little sunshine. He deserves all the happiness he can get. So I give Sanji my blessing, and a little love tap to the head for misunderstanding so brilliantly the situation at hand. These two fools really do deserve each other, I just feel like Usopp would make Sanji really happy, y’know?

Believe in Magic by cuethe_pulse, pennysparkle (13k) Rated T collection Zoro/Sanji

Ohoho. Me and my Hogwarts affections. I’m just going to go ahead and rec the entire collection. I can neither say it’s complete nor incomplete, for the ficlets included are complete, but in a universe that leaves room for more. With that said, it was last updated in 2013 so, yeah, your call. Wonderful though, just, wonderful. Sanji is in Slytherin and Zoro is in Gryffindor, and there are howlers involved.

Sweet Talk by pennysparkle (4k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

Such a neat premise. Sanji is the grumpy phone guy at this restaurant, and Zoro, a regular that always orders delivery, seemingly appreciates that. I don’t usually go for Christmas fics, but this one was well worth it and totally won me over damn you.

Convenience Store Blues by pennysparkle (1k) Rated T complete Zoro/Sanji

I apparently binged this author or something idk. Third one in a row, you deserve a medal or something. I would love to see more of this. But it’s beautiful on its own as well, and by beautiful I mean completely and utterly entertaining. Sanji works part time at a convenience store and Zoro tries to bully his way into buying beer. Sanji’s not having any of that. 

Wrong Number by Stark_Black (3k) Rated G complete Zoro/Sanji

I did not expect Daz Bones to make an appearance. I never expect Daz Bones to make an appearance. But Daz Bones makes an appearance. And he apparently gives Zoro the wrong number, so when the poor little mossbaby is left stranded at a club with some tipsy girls, he’s left only with a phone number that belongs to our charming Sanji as an escape. I’m loving these anonymous phone fics. Let’s see more of these in the future, yeah?

By Heart by kongaragirl (cosmicApproach) (1k) Rated G complete Zoro/Sanji

Cute. Zoro seems to know Sanji’s measurements well enough to induce some light teasing. The girls are out to buy our cook a new suit, and Zoro’s the man to surprise them. I like the subtleness here, just enough that you understand their relationship without it being blatantly suggested. Tasteful.

one for the money, two for the show by donutsandcoffee (2k) Rated G complete Zoro/Sanji

YES. This was embarrassingly brilliant. I love it. I grinned. Probably unnervingly so. I mean, like seriously, just go and check the summary out, that alone should please you. Usopp (my darling little boy) pulls a prank on barista Sanji, and a good percentage of the guys visiting the shop slip Sanji their number because of it. 

Lupine by dollcewrites, itsmylifekay (11k) Not Rated collection Zoro/Sanji

So this is going to be a collection. The first one alone is pretty long woohoo. As you can probably infer from the title, there’s going to be some werewolf action going on. As usual, I say I’m not really into something (werewolves, vampires) and dollce and itsmylifekay prove me wrong. I’m excited to see where this goes, and from what I can remember this one wasn’t explicit, for those of you that want a hint at the rating.

Blue Crush by featheredtips (3k) Rated T complete Law/Luffy

So I heard there might be fillers before Zhou, idk the authenticity of this, but if so, then I better steel up my lawlu feels to help ease my poor zosan heart. And this fic is just the way to go. Surfer Luffy, umf, grumpy Law, umf, some embarrassing wipe-outs, umf. I never knew I needed instructor Luffy until feather came along like thank you, thank you for this glorious revelation. There’s actually something quite nice about Luffy excelling at something that Law can only fail terrible at (and seeing him be amused by such the little devil). Also, the author is a sweetheart, I love sweetheart authors.

My fics

sometimes dean gets overwhelmed. benny’s strong enough for both of them.


They’ve both learned to notice it in small warning signs. Most days are good, when Dean laughs and sings along to the radio, loud, and bad. Good days include sparkling eyes and Dean jumping Benny as soon as he gets home from work, peeling off his jacket and kissing him senseless if Benny’s not too tired and up for it. 

Good days are Dean playing with their son Gavin, a darling little boy with blond hair and bright blue eyes like his papa. He has freckles too. How they got so lucky, neither of them know. But he’s beautiful, and Benny’s favorite days are when he steps into the kitchen to see food plastered over his son’s face, and Dean pouting at the child when he gets that same food on daddy’s favorite shirt.

Good days are fairly often. Those are the days they love the best. They go out to the park, they play in water fountains and make dinner together on Friday’s. 

They all wish those days could last all the time. But they’re only human, and it’s inevitable when it catches up to them. Especially to Dean.

The bad days come with gentle warnings, small, barely noticeable. They wouldn’t notice at all if they hadn’t trained themselves to watch out for them. They refuse to have the same incident a year ago–that memory that Benny refuses to remember–when he came home to find Gavin knocking on the bathroom door Dean had locked himself behind, sobbing and unable to stop.

The warnings signs are noticeable now. Dean laughs a second too late at a joke Sam makes on their weekly Skype call. Dean entirely misses his favorite song on the radio, doesn’t even notice until Benny turns it up louder and makes a point of mentioning it. 

Sometimes, the signs are bigger. Dean stops cleaning the house. It’s a chore they like to share together, but Dean had never been able to stop himself from tidying up the worst of it. Benny realizes something’s wrong when he comes home for the third day in a row and Gavin’s toys are everywhere, crayon coloring the walls–something Gavin knows better than to do–and not a single dish put in the dishwasher. 

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Part IV: Once Upon a Time characters with their Disney counterparts (with the Wizard of Oz thrown in for good measure)

anonymous asked:

considering dave likes ded stuff i could see him going diving often?? like, he lives near the beach and to entertain himself he goes diving for shells and stuff and one day while he is like pickin up a sand dollar or something he looks up and sees merboy karkat like a lil ways off mindin his own business and dave is floored bc wooAH sea dude out here or like what if karkat was stuck in some seaweed and is wrigglin around like "fml" and daves goes to help him out

oh gosh imagine like,, karkat kind of being an outcast in his little pod of merpeople (bc u know mutant blood and all) and hes kind of stuck in this lagoon bc they migrated without him or smtn and hes just like ffffuuck and he ends up snagged in like kelp or a fishing line and theres no one to ask for help and he just basically wants 2 give up like this is it deaths sweet embrace im fkn done for

The story Kubo-sensei decided to share was nice to hear because (I assume) it came directly from him (the only thing we’ve had since the manga ended, (not including, “To Ichigo, Rukia, the whole Bleach cast, and everyone reading here. I offer my gratitude for 15 incredible years”) and I’ve been desperately wanting to hear something, anything from him, Even a “Yo” would’ve left me screaming by this point.

Now, I don’t hold any resentment, I don’t even have a bitter attitude towards the man, I still like him quite a lot. How this may be received…well my fandom is more than a little kind when respectfully treated, even in a difference of opinions, but I expect some, ‘two faced,’‘you’re lying,’ ‘you only care about your ship” comments from…other fandoms.

HOWEVER, (there it is detractors)…

This new found attention directed at Bleach is, at an Olympic-level stretch, almost cheaply sweet.

Now let me be the type of honest that makes some people uncomfortable.

Bleach. Fell. Off.

It got dethroned, it’s crown got smashed, it’s previously enough-to-fill-the-oceans fandom degenerated to a maybe-we-can-fill-few-hundred-swimming-pools fandom, and it fucking blows.

Legions and legions are mad, are pissed and not because they feel entitled to Kubo’s creative processes, but because they had faith, and a lot of it.

They believed Tite Kubo was a phenomenal writer and they were fundamentally proven wrong.

15 years of trust and commitment and love and support and belief in the faith that Kubo is amazing, Kubo is the best, Kubo knows just what he’s doing, Kubo made this legend and will find a way to keep it a legend. They believed that, okay, even if the two belonging to the ship I love so much don’t get to have each other, the story aside from that will be good because of Kubo.

That faith got fucking spit on. That sting when we were told “5 chapters remaining” turned into a burn when we saw that there was nothing apart from a ship and a ship war to fall back on. That burn turned into a cancer when we learned that this, this is what Kubo-sensei “always wanted”.

Let’s do the only comparison between manga I can stomach.

The Naruto fandom had a heavy artillery of unhappy fans spitting spite at the ending of that legend, yes? Nasty war on that front, we can all agree.

Yet, why is that fandom still booming, why did the anime get to finish, why was the possibility of a sequel even remotely plausible?

Because despite what you may feel about ships, the plot was resolved well enough. The next generation held promise.

You could find happiness in the goodbye. Was it perfect? FUCK NO. Was it presented in a way that you would undoubtedly find something to keep believing in, something to fall back into some type of peace? FUCK YES.

The characters stayed. They were preserved and resolved. The clans, the main characters, the influences, the antagonists, the children, the elders, all of them stayed true.

Bringing this back to Bleach and…we don’t even know (literally we have no fucking clue) where the damning vast majority of our characters ended up.

The only thing that was solid about Bleach is that we knew who the canon couples were. That’s it.

That’s why we fight so much, we lost everything else, but arguments on our ships keep going, because hell they’ve always kept us passionate (and deep inside we want to stay passionate). Why stop now when there’s nothing else?

I’m sure we would all be a lot happier if we got to talk about the Vizard, or the Karakura gang, or Halibel, Nel and Grimmjow, or the Shinigami, or the Quincy, or Urahara Shōten crew, or the Zero Division, or Isshin, Masaki, Ryuken, and Katagiri, or the thousands of other things we can wonder about, but no longer have the option to understand.

And guess what the catcher in the discourse is? We fucking can’t. We have less than shit to go by, we don’t even know if some of the characters we love are breathing.

Ichigo doesn’t get his Shinigami like Naruto got his Hokage or Luffy will get his Pirate King. Ichigo gets the rotting of a legend on his shoulders.

Rukia got herself a half-ass title of captain and nothing to show for it. She got shafted something brutal. She has to bare the brunt of the rot as well.

What the fuck does Renji do? Whose lieutenant is he? Did he reach Byakuya? Who the fuck will ever know.

Orihime didn’t get to live out even one of her 5 lifetime dream jobs. She didn’t get her all defining moment with Ichigo. She got an apron and a first-name basis.

Uryu is alone and doing something we haven’t been shown he has a single iota of interest in. He didn’t get to be part of that rag-tag team he wanted so bad.

Sado is alone and doing something against his identity and moral compass in some remote part of Japan. Far away from the only one he promised to fight for.

Call me delusional, bankrupt in morals, call my mentality trash, but I can’t believe that this is what the man I looked up to for 8 years aspired to.

And not in the “Oh, this is such a shock.How could I be betrayed like this! How could he do this to me? I can’t believe I was wrong” kind of way. I’m made of steel, this was nothing.

I mean this in the most hopeless, resigned way.

I do wish this announcement got me to feel something more along the lines of pathos instead of logos, but it just didn’t.

I was pissed about the fact that people turned this into a shipping issue instead of a fundamental problem about the general manga (meaning my statement would have to include shipping one way or the other), I was confused with a weird sense/understanding of how highly the IchiHime fandom view themselves (that was certainly a trip), I was skeptical about the newest development.. but that was it. No core-deep, heartfelt emotion past through me.

Though, it’s an odd thing to me that instead of putting this story in his final chapter or the coveted “extra material,” he instead decided to use a social media platform with primary attraction in the West to lead an Eastern-based story to conclusion. If he wanted everybody to know and if he wanted to find this darling little boy, why wouldn’t he put it into the one source he knew everybody would see? The manga.

Why through a platform he left (twitter is at base, a shit storm where the worst forms of all people out come to play) because of the hate his characters, himself, and his story got? Twitter should be not be the measuring stick or expectation barriers of anything.

I get that he felt he still needed to do something, but if it was so harsh on his mind, I can’t understand why he didn’t talk about this boy immediately like he did about the one holding Ichigo’s namesake somewhere in the real world.

I still love Kubo. I hope he finds out who this boy was. I hope he can talk with the boys family and remember why he loved Bleach once more.

But you would be stupid to pretend Kubo managed to love Bleach in the end as much as he did in the beginning.

Remember the sketches in the beginning of every chapter, his little notes to us,  telling us about his need to diet, almost feeling his tears of joy when he found out a precious baby boy held the name-sake of Ichigo (because Ichigo was Kubo’s baby boy no less), his unusual involvement in the sketches of the anime, his all-consuming involvement in Fade to Black,  calling Rukia his daughter, the scalding hot burn to those who told him they hate Orihime, saying he wishes Rangiku were his big sister, the omakes, the constant color pages,  how Ichigo was carefully (and unintentionally) crafted to have been the greatest, most unorthodox heroes to ever grace the world?

You could feel the passion,you could feel the excitement, you could feel he was happy.

I know his health would essentially halt that, but did any one you actually manage to feel any of his happiness or …anything besides an empty sort of gut feeling that ‘I just need to finish’ shine through?

He felt empty I think.

And maybe all of this is true, maybe this is what he’s always wanted… or maybe this was a way to try and comfort some fans.,coworkers, etc. who were scared for him and what became of Bleach, maybe this is press by the skeevy company he worked for, maybe this is an attempt to stop his sad/angry fans, the professionals wondering where it went wrong, the certifiable columnists, the disappointment of those representing his work, the fuck up monetary-driven Shonen Jump with all the disrespect in the world declaring Bleach a “gag manga”, etc.

Maybe this was a way to calmly end it all because his health was killing him and nobody cared to help.

Whether this is heartily true or a concocted business method to preserve the prestige of Bleach and Shonen Jump, you can’t tell me this is how Kubo wanted the biggest piece of his life, his legacy, and what will be remembered of him after his death to be.

No one can ever convince me that Kubo-sensei wanted this for himself or any of his characters. You can’t logically tell me is where Bleach was going to go. His characters, his babies no matter which way you look at it, he can’t have wanted them to get to this.

You realize he told flat out us how many times he felt like giving up and pulling the plug… does that seem in any way a healthy and happy mentality to live by?

Even if the letters willed him along it was only to a point of “let me just finish’ not “let me keep going.” The story he was producing, he told us it made him feel like a failure, that he himself felt his quality was only going down…

I’m so worried about him and we can’t fucking do a single thing to help and it kills me.

Everything post Bleach seems like a a fix-it recon mission and Kubo-sensei’s words seem like a miserable apology and a hope of comfort.

I can’t feel any happiness from him now, I can’t even feel relief. He had to end and cut and butcher his 15 year lifeline because his health failed him.

Shipping put 7 dimensions away. This can’t be what Kubo fucking wanted “since chapter one.”

I still think Kubo is great, now I just want to know that he is okay. Everything else I can deal with myself.

I’m grateful to him. He gave me Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Uryu, Sado, Renji. He gave me the humans, and the Shinigami, and the Fullbringers, and the Quincy, and the whatever they may be and I adore him for that.

I think he’s sad.

If one day can change a life, 15 years can change a universe.