little dancer

little dancer comparison instagram accounts

pretty much like…

omg who did this move better!1?!1 briar nolet in her solo dangerous or mackenzie ziegler in her solo mouse trap?1!!/11!??   *EDIT* for sum reAson im getting h8!?1 😡 so discleamer i guessee- thiER is a SLIGHT age diferEnce.”

🤘🏼 yo my crew ✌🏼 !!! who do you think did this move better?!1!1? sophia lucia in her solo arwens vigil or kalani hiliker in forever young? i think sophia did better casue kalani’s knees are bent 😬 !!!!1 but dont worry i am still #gay4kalani !!!1! *EDIT* h8rs r saying theSe aRe tWo differNt dancE moVes?1!?! buT i run a instgram ac0nt about dance sO i no thEy r tHE saMe moVe!!!!111!!1!”

**if you cant tell, i am being satirical


Remie Goins - Harlequinade

honestly the cleanest junior ballerina that I have ever seen…her training is impeccable. And she’s so cute!!!


Decided to make an ld account so I could talk and reblog stuff about dancers/dancing without it getting lost in my main blog (which is littleslicesofmelon btw so if I’ve followed you with that account I’m not a stalker promise) so I thought id ask you guys to reblog this so I know who to follow but also maybe tell me your fave dancers? Just to start a convo - I’ll follow back obvs! 😉