little daisys


What can I say? That meme is just fucking hilarious

Idea/suggestion/whatever you wanna call it by @meowthvevo


incorrect Framework quotes 


This is damn brilliant! 😂 (And schoolboy Poe is giving me some dirty thoughts, all disheveled like that…🙄🙈)

Since originally posting this, @littlechmura, the talented artist who created these images, let me know that she has a Tumblr blog in addition to her page on DeviantArt. (Be sure check it out by clicking on her name above. Her stuff is great!) And here is the original post of these drawings which were commissioned pieces:


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘The Return’


For Women’s History Month, we’re joining our @nmaahc in sharing #HiddenHerstory, stories of women who have often been overlooked throughout history.

In this photo from the museum collection, Daisy Bates meets with seven members of the Little Rock Nine in her home. Bates played a significant role in the integration of the Little Rock Central High School in 1957, despite the death threats she received—one through the window of her home.

Bates, who was elected president of the Arkansas NAACP in 1952, was inspired by the Brown v. Board case to focus on education.