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Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: You try to dissuade Dain from attacking the elves and the battle begins

Previous Chapter: Chapter 17

Next Chapter: Chapter 19

“Are you alright, y/n?” Bilbo asks as he ushers you away from the gate.

You hated how much this journey had changed. Had you known that things would end like this, you wouldn’t have joined. You would never put yourself through this misery again.

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Fíli's role in Bofa

I guess everybody knew this was coming beause hey, it’s me.

And this needs to be done because I see a lot of people complaining about, ahem, certain scenes and I think to really understand why it actually works so very well and makes so much sense, we need to talk about Fíli’s character developement in this movie.

So, obviously, lots of spoilers and Fíli love under the cut.

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Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

Chapter Summary: Thorin gets picked on by Dain and gets the big brother run down by Bilbo

Previous Chapter: Chapter 20

Next and Final Chapter: Chapter 22

AN: 21 chapter down, two more to go. Kind of sad and happy at the same time, you know? ALSO THIS IS KIND OF A FILLER CHAPTER AGAIN

Thorin enter’s the healer’s wing. It had been a month since the end of the battle and you were starting to gain back all of your strength. All of your wounds healed nicely, except for one. The one slice you got from an orc when you weren’t paying attention.

Of all things. You got shot in the arm with a poisoned arrow, stabbed in the abdomen twice and your body couldn’t handle a little slice. You were absolutely livid.

Thorin pauses as he sees you laughing with Dain.

You had multiple visitors over the course of your rehabilitation. Dain had been the most constant one and it made Thorin jealous to no end.

It was quite obvious to him that you and Dain got along well. Too well in fact. He had never seen you smile so much when you with Dain and he knew he shouldn’t be jealous since Dain was married, but he couldn’t help it.

You turning to him with a smile on your face breaks him from his reverie and Thorin smile back.

“Cousin! I was just telling y/n of when you used to run these halls naked!” Dain exclaims, letting out a bellowing laugh. You join as well.

“I bet it was a very nice bottom,” you say, giving Thorin a wink.

He could definitely feel the heat on his face.

“I bet it won’t take you long to find out,” Dain says and you let out another laugh as you notice Thorin’s face going even redder.

“Where is Oin? I would like to ask him if I could move you to my chambers,” Thorin says, glaring at Dain as he gives him a cheeky wink, “that way, you could be less bothered by troublesome dwarves”

Dain laughs again.

“The only troublesome dwarf is you,” Dain quips and Thorin huffs before turning and walking out to find the healer.

Dain yelps.

“Leave him alone, little foot. He’s been through enough shit as it is,” you scold.

“Aye and he’s going to go through a lot more if he wants to court you.”

Bilbo smiles as he watches you and Thorin from the doorway of Thorin’s chambers.

It took a few days for Thorin to convince Oin to let you be moved to his chambers. He was very adamant on letting Thorin know exactly how much care you need and that, under no circumstances, he should not be doing very… vigorous activites with you for a while. That made the both of you blush tomato red.

Bilbo waves as you turn towards him with a smile on your face. Thorin turns to look at him as well, smile gracing his face.

His two favorite people in the world were smiling and he couldn’t have been more happy.

“Walk with me Thorin?” Bilbo asks and Thorin nods before pressing a kiss to your forehead and leaving. You just shake your head and bury yourself into the covers, needing to get some rest.

Bilbo and Thorin walk down the hall, away from his chambers. Bilbo sighs before opening his mouth to speak.

“Y/n is my world, Thorin. She means alot to alot of people. I mean, an elf saved her after riding a skinchanger. That has to mean something,” Bilbo says.

Thorin raises his brow at the hobbit before him. Was he really trying to threaten a dwarf king?

Thorin voices the question and Bilbo rolls his eyes.

“To me you’re not a king you are a friend. A friend who I’m about to give permission to cour the light of my life so if you could just shut up for five minutes that would be great,” Bilbo says irritably.

Thorin laughs out right. Now he knows where you got some of your feistiness from and Bilbo probably didn’t even realize it either.

“I will eventually return to the shire because that is my home and I know for sure that y/n will not. I want you to take care of her, Thorin, because she is the only one I have left and if I get word, and trust me I will get word, that you have treated her unkindly, I will come back to Erebor, skin you and take y/n back to Bag End. Is that clear?”

Thorin looks at Bilbo seriously.

“I have multiple people breathing down my neck about how I treat her. Especially Dain. I promise you, Bilbo Baggins, that I will treat her with the utmost care and if I do misstep I will throw myself in the dungeons of that I am sure,” Thorin says.

Bilbo pauses to look at him. He had never seen Thorin more serious and that said something.

“You better be sure of that Thorin Oakenshield.”

“I never back down on my words,” he replies with a smirk earning a laugh from Bilbo. That wasn’t what he said two months ago.

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We Need More Dain Love

I love Thorin Oakenshield and all, but can we give Dain a little more dedication posts/icons/gifs and stuff when it involves all the kings? I mean, he was left with a dead king, broken kingdom, scattered people, and he still managed to bring Erebor out of that and to a greatness even better than King Thror’s rule.

I’m just saying, we mourn Thorin Oakenshield, but we forget how AMAZING a king Dain Ironfoot was too for Erebor.

Dís headcanon that involves Dáin:

No matter what Tolkien canon actually says/implies, I will always believe that this is the actual truth and that Dwarves don’t have a gender binary like Men do and therefore don’t adhere to gender roles or patriarchal systems of inheritance as Men during this age do.

Anyway. The throne is passed to the heir apparent, and inheritance is based on seniority in that the eldest child of the monarch is offered the throne first. If there are no children, the throne would then be offered to siblings, then siblings’ children, then cousins, and so forth. So when Thorin had no children and since Frerin (the next eldest) had died, the throne was offered to Dís. Dís refused and inheritance was passed to Fíli, the eldest child.

When Thorin, Fíli, and Kíli died, Dís, now first in the line of succession, was offered the throne again. To this she said “Look what this throne has done to my line,” and refused again. So the throne was passed to Dáin. Despite her refusal to take the throne, Dís was active in court and was a close advisor to King Dáin.

I have to admit that Daine is my least favorite Tortall heroine. She does a lot of awesome stuff, I can’t deny that, but on some deeper level, I just never really got her. I feel like I get all of the deep driving motivations of the other Tortall heroines:

Alanna: “Heroes, like Alanna the Lioness. Warriors who find dark places and fight in them alone.” (Squire) “I just want to be a warrior maiden and go on adventures.” (In the Hand of the Goddess) Alanna is the legend. She’s the lone knight who battles the great evils of the world, both human and magical. She’s driven by a need for adventure, for glory, for challenge and triumph.

Kel: “You are the Protector of the Small. You see real people in the humans and animals overlooked by your peers. There will always be work for you.” (Lady Knight) Kel is the idealist. She’s the leader, the organizer, the hard worker. She is driven by a need to make the world a better place for everyone, especially the downtrodden, helpless, and overlooked.

Aly: “I’ve decided that my work is having fun. Somebody needs to do it.” (Trickster’s Choice) Aly is the trickster. She’s the spy who runs away from home out of boredom and decides to stay when she stumbles into a revolution. She is driven by a need for excitement, intellectual challenge, and the satisfaction of her curiosity.

Beka: “The Lower City is mine. Its people are mine – its children are mine. If I find them that’s doing all this kidnapping and murdering, they’d best pray for mercy. Because once I get my teeth in ‘em, I will never let them go.” (Terrier) Beka is the loyalist. She’s the policewoman willing to do the dirty work to defend her laws and her people. She’s driven by her sense of duty and the roots that connect her to her people and her home. 

Daine: ??? She’s the Wildmage, of course, and she loves animals. She’s an orphan looking for a found family while still seeking out her lost parents. She loses her temper spectacularly in The Immortals, but in The Protector of the Small, she is a calm, comforting presence. But what’s her ultimate driving force?

An interesting side note is the title of Daine’s series: The Immortals. That’s the only Tortall series title that doesn’t tell us much about the main character. Alanna is the Lioness, Kel is the Protector of the Small, Beka is the Provost’s Dog; even Aly is the Daughter of the Lioness, which does capture a lot of her identity as the younger and more feminine counterpart to Alanna who shares Alanna’s love of adventure and excitement. The Wildmage, as Daine’s title in the books, doesn’t allow me to fully grasp Daine as a character, and The Immortals, as a series title, tells me very little indeed. Daine has always felt nebulous to me, a collection of awesome moments without a clear common thread. After reading her books many times, I’m still not quite sure what she stands for.                                                                                                            

I know a lot of other Tamora Pierce fans say that Daine is their favorite heroine, so I’d like to hear from you guys—what do you think makes Daine tick? What is the essential part of her character that I’m failing to grasp? If you had to pull one quote from any of the Tortall books to sum up the essence of Daine, what quote would you choose?