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Can I have a request? Hc for RFA members and Saeran and V, how would their and MC's Halloween look like? Would they sit at home watching horror movies? Or maybe go on a party or Trick or Treating? HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 💜 (psst u r very pretty) Luv ~

(yes! Sounds great!! And thank you so much!!
Ps: sorry if these are shorter than my normal T_T it’s halloween, and it’s my really good friends birthday, and I want to have time to make sure they have an amazing one. So, this may be rushed, and I’m sorry.)

• He’s definitely going to make you two out to be one of those couples that have matching costumes.
• of course, he’ll let you pick out what it’s going to be~
• Once you’re all suited up, he’s dragging you out for trick or treating.
• Even if you guys are “too old for it”
• Free candy, I mean. Hey.
• “just one more piece, (Y/N)!!”
• FU-
• You’re gonna be spending the rest of the night taking care of this boy~

• No doubt about it, bOOB COSTUMES.
• You’ll be the right boob
• He’ll be the left.
• children are gonna loVE IT
• “Luciel, I thought you were a catholic?”
• “I am!! There’s nothing wrong with a natural female body part~ although, I just didn’t have to dress up. You have pretty ni-”
• “luCIEL!”
• He’ll take you out to a Halloween party, and make sure you two dance the night away~
• Makes boob puns all night long.
• Or just puns in general.
• he even gets you some PUNch. Hah.

• “Why?”
• Okay, so he’s not into it.
• You had to BEG him to dress up with you.
• Eventually he just gave in, since he wanted to make you happy.
• but whY
• However, when you step out into his sight..wearing a sexy kitty costume..
• If you’ll consent, you two will be having quite the fun night in the bed room~ hoho
• Or if you’re not into that..
• Movies are fun.

• Well, like Jumin..she isn’t exactly into it?
• But she’s a lot quicker to accept the fact you wanted to dress up with her.
• originally, you were just going to mess around with her.
• “Jaehee!! We could be scissors for Halloween!!”
• The blush on her face..lord help this sweet girl.
• She began to become a stuttering mess, making you practically double over in laughter.
• “Jaehee, I was just kidding! You can pick our costume, baby girl~”
• Once your costume is all picked out, the two of you just go out for a nice dinner, and a lil horror movie. Cuddling each other when you get scared, of course.

• Get this: Halloween Ball.
• That’s right, you two are going to be the best dressed, and the most complimented.
• Definitely the best couple there.
• In fact, he thinks you look just so god damn stunning..that he actually enters the both of you in a costume contest!
• Which, considering his looks, and your’re busy the hottest people. So, of course you win.
• By the time you get home, you’re all worn out.
• so, you get the uncomfortable costumes off, and proceed to cuddle with each other the rest of the night, just watching whatever halloween specials you could find.

• He was wishing you a happy Halloween all day long~
• In fact, the both of you were wishing it to everyone else, as well.
• As RFA’s party planner, you managed to gather a shit ton of guests for tonight’s party.
• that’s right. The two of you were going to host a Halloween Party in the normal RFA party spot.
• You guys ended up raising a ton of money! Far more than you had ever gotten at any previous parties.
• V even set up a little photo booth for the guests, taking pictures of people in their costumes, or even just with their friends.
• By the end of the night..there was only one picture left to take..
• And that was the one he wanted to take with you~
• It was a Halloween that the two of you would be able to cherish for a long time.

• What
• What is Halloween
• Why are there zombie children outside asking for candy
• W h a t
• He’s so confused. And this made you confused at his lack of spoopy knowledge.
• When you figured out he was clueless, you couldn’t help but laugh, flipping your porch lights out.
• You knew that you needed to teach this boy everything you knew about the ways of the spoop.
• You explained to him what Halloween was for, getting out two large pumpkins, and setting them on the counter.
• “…what are these for..?”
• “We, are going to be making jack-o-lanterns.”
• “what the hell is that..?”
• “Watch and learn!”
• By the time you finished up carving your pumpkin, he was actually getting pretty into it.
• He loved watching you carve your pumpkin, so, why not have a little fun with it, himself?
• His s u c k e d, Tho. Sorry not sorry.
• But that’s okay. TRY AGAIN NEXT YEAR!
• Now, you just couldn’t wait for Christmas to come around~ oh how the two of you would enjoy that one!

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slides in for the kiss thing

First 5 asks get a kiss / / @dungeonmastcr

T H R E E  D A Y S later. She spent the weekend in a state of E U P H O R I A. Replaying that evening in her head over and over. The bed is M A D E, her clothing is P I C K E D  U P. The little voice hums that beautiful song. Jubilant and confident, but she has something important to do. It took a few preparations. Washing the dishes, having dinner ready– freshly cooked and wonderfully prepared. So much time in S O L I T U D E gave her time to learn a trade or two. What else had there been for her to pass the days? Things are just beginning, and she’s ready now more than ever. F A T H E R enjoys the dinner, he’s impressed.

Can you please take me to Mike’s? I just need to tell him something…but in person.

The answer makes her stomach L E A P, she nearly sprints out the door just barely zipping her coat. The car ride feels two minutes two long. But that house, it sends a  W A V E of emotions through her, the memories come flooding back.

      Why don’t we call you Eleven?
El for short.
             Night, El.
…Night, Mike.

A knock, a B A S H F U L demeanor, “Is Mike here? It won’t take long.” Surely she is an unfamiliar sight to the maternal figure. A friend from school, she will argue. Full proof perhaps. That brilliant face stands before her now, and her cheeks fill with color at a substantially embarrassing rate, “Hi, Mike.” Hands are shoved into thick pockets of a winter coat that’s two sizes too big, her right hand clutches to something tightly within, fingertips S H A K E with anticipation, “I didn’t…get to thank you for…keeping your promise.” The voice trails off, the eyes avert suddenly, glancing the motherly gaze in the background– she watches the two teens like a protective mother hen, “…The Snow Ball?” The most M A G I C A L night of her life to date, her first real taste of F R E E D O M, “So I just wanted to…say thank you.” That nervous hand is outstretched now, grasping his hand gently– it’s so warm in comparison to hers. She will drop the trinket into his palm, but she won’t let go just yet, “He said you can come visit. If you wanted to.” It’s now or never. The heart aches for the tension to clear, but prying eyes challenge her to be B O L D. The A L P H A won’t step down from any challenges today. She nearly tugs him out of view, to the left of the doorway. Up on her toes and their lips will connect by the softest kiss. Two souls I N T E R T W I N E D. She isn’t so cold anymore. But so quickly she draws back with a sigh; heavy breaths form a fog before her.

Because his car will H O N K in the distance. It’s enough to make her chuckle, maybe it’s a little funny. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest move, or the most private location, but good lord, the moment she heard that voice: I’ll be down in a sec! She couldn’t resist, “G’night, Mike.” Slowly she will back away, looking over her shoulder three times to meet his eyes.

One thing is certain, when he dares to look down at his hand, he will likely be able to see just how much love went into making that silly bracelet out of yarn and beads.