little cupcake:)

Code Red!

So, apparently my father wasn’t satisfied with my amount of privacy so he decides to find my tumblr, and he did. He says he isn’t following me but just knowing that he saw what I post anonymously about my private life like what I choose to call my caregiver and such just pisses me off extremely. If you guys have any words of wisdom or stories that tell me I’m not alone, please share because it could really help me get through this. Share your own experiences so others can see they aren’t alone either!

Dear littles!!

If he doesn’t make you feel small
Leave him.

If he doesn’t make you feel loved
Leave him.

If he doesn’t make you feel important
Leave him.

If he doesn’t make you feel special
Leave him.

If he says he likes clingy but doesn’t even bother to reply to your clingyness
Leave him.

If it feels one Sided
Leave him.

If he’s not around when you need him
Leave!!! him!!!!

You deserve much more. You deserve someone who makes you feel like you’re their world! Being a little is having a daddy that would priorities you.
Being a little is finally getting the love you lack and need or crave! Yeah you submit to him but it doesn’t mean should let him hurt you however he wants or step on you like you’re a piece of worthless thing!!
It’ll hurt when you first leave him but after you do I promise you you’re able to get a better daddy!! A daddy who actually deserves a princess just like you!!

Daddies need cuddles too
  • Daddy was having a particularly hard day and wasn't feeling that great
  • Me: *flops down on bed and opens my arms* I think daddy needs cuddles
  • Daddy: *nods and crawls up to me and puts his head under my chin and wraps his arms around me*
  • Me: *wraps my arms around you* Best stuffie I could ever have
  • Daddy: Aw really? *snuggles into me a bit*
  • Me: Yes of course *snuggles more and kisses his forehead* Daddies need to be cared for too