little cupcake:)

~to keep my mind off bad things, I color~
@necrophagism here’s my coloringsss hehe

Iz not da best but I stayed in the lines (mostly) hehe

The card/note in the back was for daddy.. posted it anyways because I did put a lot of time (and crayons) into it so..

I’m a very loving little I wish I could find a caregiver to match me):


Little/Caregiver Ideas!

- Each of you go to Build-a-Bear and make your little/cg a personalized stuffie! Maybe even add a scent or a voice line! Now, when they’re sad, or lonely, they have something to squeeze and hold tight! [maybe even spray it with your cologne/perfume]

- Story time! Long distance or just sleeping in different places, skype/voice call y our cg/little and have story time! This can easily put your little to sleep, and it’s a great way of making a CG feel like they’re involved in their little’s life

- Make a personalized spotify playlist for your cg/little! Fill t with songs that make you happy, or make you think about your significant other! When they’re sad, lonely, or just bored, they can tune in and feel closer to you!

❤ Why I regress ❤

I regress because…

🎀 It helps me overcome my Anxiety.

🎀 It helps me feel cared for, and feel like I matter to someone.

🎀 It helps me deal with stress.

🎀 It helps me cope with past trauma, and memories I wish to forget.

🎀 It helps me to remind myself, I am loved, and I am valid.

🎀 It helps me escape my mother. (She’s caused some of the past trauma, and a bit of my self esteem issues.)

🎀 It makes me feel safe, and happy.

🎀 I get to have the childhood I missed out on.

🎀 It helps me over all enjoy my life.