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Ṣ̟̫̲̜̝̜̻́A̛͕͔̫Y͇̦͙͕̘ ̷̰͇͎͔͡G̷̘̻͔̺͜͢O̶̰̜̼͓̫̲̪͞O̵̱͙͔̪̟̥̮̳D̨҉̱̮̕B̝̕͠Y̴̤̜̟̱̱͓͓͢E̴̶̱̠͚͙̯͕

So this is what I spent my time doing last night. Not very often I make this kind of thing. But the last drawing sort of sparked this idea that wouldn’t leave my head. So I drew it. >>; If it’s not your cup of tea, I understand. But when you gotta draw…ya gotta draw.

At this point I’m really hoping @therealjacksepticeye will see this because I am so proud of it. If anything, I hope the community enjoys it as much as I had fun making it. =)
  • Me : You know daddy you are a complete package
  • Daddy : Yeah? how come baby girl?
  • Me : *points at daddy's tummy* this is my bed for me to lay on, *points at daddy's chest* these are my pillows, and *snuggles daddy's arm* this is for me to hold on while i sleep
  • Daddy : What about this one? *strokes daddy's part*
  • Me : *giggle* oh that's my paci. Heheheh
  • Daddy : *laughs and kisses my head*
When I'm in Little Space be Prepared for

• strange noises
• lots of cuddles
• tantrums over silly things
• a little for a shadow
• whining
• clinging
• a Teddybear’s picnic
• pillows and stuffies everywhere
• blanket forts
• Disney movies
• lots of animated shows
• random outburst of giggles

  • Daddy: You need to stop coloring on my papers.
  • Me: But it says I wuv you.
  • Daddy: Yes, but this is for work.
  • Me: But it's pink.
  • Daddy: Yes, but princess-
  • Daddy: *sighs*
  • Me: And here's a buttarfly!

do not force your headcanons on others.

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????

“Go to Bible School to Get a Husband,” and other things you shouldn’t tell little girls

“Go to Bible School to get a husband.”

→ How about, “Go to Bible School to deepen your relationship with Christ?”
→ Why not, “Go to Bible School to explore intellectually what you have felt emotionally/spiritually?”
→ What if we said, “Go to Bible School to seek out God’s leading and calling on your life?”

     2. “Be careful not to cause your brothers in Christ to stumble.”
→ How about, “Be careful to surround yourself with men/women who build you up and don’t tear you down.”
→ Why not, “Watch out for the men/women who view your virginity as the validity for you to be a part of the body of Christ.”
→ What if we said, “Protect yourself from men/women who blame their lust on your body.”

     3. “It’s okay, Jesus is your boyfriend.”
→ How about, “You don’t need a boyfriend to make you valuable to the Kingdom of God.”
→ Why not, “Look for your worth in God’s love for you vs. finding your worth in the love and acceptance of a significant other.”
→ What if we said, “You are still living in relationship, even if you are ‘single’. You are in relationship with God, yourself, and the people around you. Romantic relationships do not trump the importance of these relationships.”

      4. “Guard your heart.”
→ How about, “It’s okay to be soft. Do not fear your own tenderness, God has not given you a spirit of fear.”
→ Why not, “It’s not your fault. Guarding your heart doesn’t always save you from bad stuff happening.”
→ What if we said, “We all make mistakes, it’s okay to feel this hurt, God is with you in this hurt.”

      5. “Wait for the man you will marry.”
→ How about, “It’s okay to hold off on sexual activity, but don’t hold off on living your life before you (potentially) meet the man of your dreams.”
→ Why not, “There’s more to focus on than waiting for a future mate.”
→ What if we said, “God has good work for you to do now that you can’t wait on.”